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Because if you know Christ, your life is always better than somebody who doesn’t know Christ. Just think how
you would like to have some of the problems you have, and not know Jesus. So even though we still have problems right in the midst of all that we are more than conquerors. And you know why? Well welcome to the program today. I’m so glad that you could joins us. You know we’ve been working toward
helping people understand that they can study the Bible. And we’ve made
some real progress with lots of people and I think that some of you are really enjoying getting
into your own Bible study and realizing that you can do it. So I’m going to take some time today and
occasionally to just do a little Bible study with you out of
specific chapters or specific areas of chapters that I feel are
really important or that have really impacted
my own life. And so all you really need to do
this Bible study is a Bible a notebook some listening ears
and hearts and the Holy Spirit walking alongside of
us helping us understand the Word of God. So take some notes if
there’s any way that you can. If it’s too late for you to do that today, then maybe you can re-watch this online and you can do it at that time. We’re going to study today, Romans 8:26-39. And um, there’s just some very there’s actually I have 11 points out of just these verses. 11 things
that we can specifically learn out at these verses. First, it says, “So too
the Holy Spirit comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness.” So the first thing that
I wrote down here’s the Holy Spirit strengthens us in our weakness. That’s the first thing
that we can learn today. My goodness, how wonderful is that? We all have weakness. We know that. I have weaknesses, you have weaknesses. Is there anybody in here today that doesn’t
have any weaknesses? We all have weaknesses. And the enemy would like us to believe
that because of those weaknesses we are unable to do certain things. But the Bible clearly teaches us that
God strengthens us in our weaknesses. And it’s through the Holy Spirit who is with us all the time. When Jesus
left the earth and ascended on high He said you’re really better off that I
go away because I’m going to send you another Helper, a Comforter to be with you and in you all the time. Then these verses
begin to talk about prayer. And you know, I think prayer is
really important to all of us, at least it should be. Because prayer is actually one of the
most powerful gifts… privileges that we have from God. It’s a privilege to be able to pray. It’s not something we have to do. We don’t get brownie points with God when we do. It’s a privilege. And when you think
about that you can go to your heavenly Father asking for absolutely anything who wouldn’t want to pray? But I think
here again the enemy tries to convince us that we’re not praying right. We’re not praying long enough, we’re not saying the right thing. Maybe
we’re not in the right position. Have any of you ever, even though you’re
committed to prayer, the enemy tells you those lies that
while that wasn’t right, you didn’t you know about I mean I’ve I went
through that in my life. But these Scriptures kind of
debunk that whole theory because it says that, “the Holy Spirit comes to bears us up in our weaknesses for we don’t know what prayer to offer
nor how to offer it worthily as we ought to.” And I’d
really like to stop right there just a minute because I think that many times God puts things
in our heart that He wants us to be bold enough to
ask for and yet the enemy comes right behind and says
well you don’t deserve that you’re not worthy of that help. I mean
look at how bad you acted just yesterday. Who do you think you are to
pray? And so I just really focused on this
this morning even when I was reading this that the Holy Spirit helps us offer our
prayers worthily. Not that we’re worthy in ourself, but through the teaching of the Holy
Spirit we can learn that when we come to God we need to come boldly to the throne in the name of Jesus. We
don’t pray in our own name but we pray in the name of Jesus. So the
second point that I wrote down is He teaches us to pray accurately. I love that. So you can rest that when
you spend time in prayer, just this morning had to remind myself of this. I was walking around my room praying,
sitting in my chair praying. You know the enemy will still
after all these years whisper to me, “Oh you’re not praying the
right thing.” Or, “You need to pray about this or that
you don’t really need to pray about this.” “You need to be doing something
else or what about this?” And I relied on these verses. Nope, the Holy Spirit is with me. He’s praying
through me because I’ve invited Him. Therefore I
believe that this prayer that I am praying is an
exactly perfect prayer I’m saying exactly what I need to just
enough not too much and God hears me, not because of the name of Joyce, but the name of Jesus. And I think we could stop right
there and just say, Oh boy that is really good.” Because we all
really need to just be able to… I mean what’s the point in
praying if your going to doubt the whole time you’re
praying, that you’re praying right, or it’s even doing any good. And I really
think the enemy does come against people in this way. And I’m
sure there are many of you watching by TV right now are other devices and you’re like,”Boy that’s me.”
And so a lot of times people get so discourage that they don’t even want to
pray it all. Then he goes on to say um that he helps us offer the prayer worthily as we ought… “But the Spirit Himself goes
to meet our supplication and pleads in our
behalf with unspeakable yearnings and groanings too deep for utterance.” Now you know that may be a little bit hard for some people to understand but let me just simplify it for you today.
And I think that if we’re really trusting that the Holy
Spirit prays through us, that He knows the perfect will of God
and that we’re depending on Him to strengthen us in our weaknesses, I think
even if I’m walking around and I’m feeling like overwhelmed and I go “[deep sigh]” I think even that according to what I’m reading uttering a
groaning something I don’t even really understand
still the Holy Spirit knows what’s behind that
what my need is I don’t have to put it into a perfect
little rhyming, eloquent prayer that sounds very
religious I can just go, “[deep sigh]” So see, a lot of your groaning all day long but you’re groaning in the wrong way. And so, God wants us to do a holy groan not an unholy groan where we think that
you know we just we just need to say, “God, you know what I
need. I’m depending on You to turn this into something that’s really going to
bear good fruit.” And then He goes on a verse
27 and Altius Realty he searches the heart
some man knows what is in the mind the Holy Spirit was intent is because the spirit
intercede and played before God and a half up the Saints according to and in
harmony with God’s will so every time we start to pry we need to
sign up a father in Jesus name I come to you
through the Holy Spirit I’m trusting at the Holy Spirit is
aiding me and helping me and I know that I can’t
pray a perfect prayer but I believe the Holy Spirit is gonna
take my per and he’s gonna fix it all up before it gets to your ears and when you hear it you’re going to
give me the exact right thing that I need now verse 28 should be why are very
favorite verses in the Bible I know it certainly is mine
and and my husband’s way is that all the time it says and we are sure to know that God
being a partner in their labor so I think that you know he’s basically
saying that prayer sometimes is a labor it’s an effort it’s not like
a big works trip but we have to make a commitment to do it that him
being a partner in our labor all things work together my that’s good all things work together and are fitting
into a plan far good far good to and far those who are called who love God and are
called according to His purpose so while while so we can say that no
matter what happens to us no matter how bad it may same if we will
continue to do three things: Friday love God and won his will pray the best of our ability. through the Holy Spirit trusting him to
help spread the right way Friday love God and won his well pray love God and what his while he will take it and
God will make it all workout for good isn’t that wonderful
that is very comforting to me today and I hope it is also very comforting to you now first 29 for those in the
forenoon up homie was aware and love beforehand he also destin from the beginning for
ordaining them to be molded into the image %uh his son and share inwardly his
likeness that he might become the first born %uh
many brother you know Jesus didn’t beat wanna
be the only one that led to resurrection life when he was raised from the dead he
wanted to be the firstborn among many others who would believe in
him and also live out that resurrection life in there every day life and I was
reading on something this morning that somebody
else wrote about these chapters just want to say if what else I could learn to to share with
you any mention this person he said Yelp we were predestined foreordained
predestined doesn’t mean that it automatically gonna happen it basically means that that’s God’s
Will from the very beginning and if we will cooperate with that then
we’ll see that happen in our lives soul he in eternity past he
already made his mind up the kind of life he wanted us to live and then he called us into that life he’s already made a decision that he is
justifying us in making us just as if we had never say in so we can live that kind of right just
peaceful joyful life an he has also already in eternity future glorified us which means that we
are going to manifest all the excellencies of God if we stick with God we have got nothing
in front of us but an amazingly wonderful of some life and opportunity and it’s all by the grace the mercy and
the goodness of God and we have been destined not to be a
mess all of our lives we have been destined not to have more
problems that we can count but we had been destined to be molded are transformed are changed into the
very image Jesus Christ of some so number five is
we are destined to be like Christ they make sure you’ve
got these down number one the Holy Spirit strengthens us in our weakness number two he teaches us to pry
accurately number three he prays perfect prayers
far and through us number four all things work out for my
good as I pray love God and what God’s will and number five we are destined today
like Christ the other thing I morning everybody to
understand is that really you know not today I’m teaching you how
to these verses but you can sit down with some similar versus ask the Holy Spirit to help you get a
notebook get a translation of the Bible that you
can understand an the Holy Spirit will teach not you might
even get some things out this that I didn’t get but my point is to
show you that in this half-hour time that we have together
just a half-hour there’s 11 things that we’re going to
learn by studying for a half an hour that are going to help us all throughout
our day and the rest of our life yeah I kinda
decided the other day that I want to start encouraging ever buy it let’s
learn at least one thing every day I mean surely we could do that less just
learn at least one thing every day are let’s be refreshed and one thing
every day that made we’ve already learned but we’re getting a little bit lazy it you know I might take a morning and just
study the power the words in my mouth or take a morning and just study the power of thoughts I wanna learn
something every single day because you know what
knowledge is power and for a lack of knowledge people
parish and the more we know about the good word
of God the more we can walk in victory now hope you’re ready for a good point
right now they cause this next one is all some what then
shall we say to all this if God is for us who can be against us wow so now you get to write down number sex goddess for us exclamation mark if
God is for us who can be against us you know if you’re
worried about the person at work that’s talking about you what does it really matter sense God is
for you if you’re worried about that person who
rejected you I tried to convey a message to you that
you were no good why are you getting upset about that God
is already said that you have special worth and
value because you’re his child and He sent His only Son to die for you
if God be for us come on I don’t know what might be
hurting you today RB bother you are upsetting you but you
know what even though you guys work for us here in a ministry we go through things don’t wait there
are things that happen we get hurt we get disappointed the
enemy wants to make us like we’re never going to overcome but I’m here today to tell you from the
wonderful word of God that God is for you and if God is for
you who can be against you you see there’s
nobody greater than God nobody greater than God he is the
greatest of all and if he stars and he is pill can be against us now first 32 is so exciting
to he did not with holder spare even his
own son but gave him up for us all will you not also with him freely and
graciously give us all other thanks so if God did not even withhold his own son
which was the greatest than he could ever given I’m sure the
hardest thing he ever had to give then what else do we have to worry about
to be concerned about what is it that you need the day that
you think God would withhold from you do you need a job if you gave me this Sun they can get you
a job do you need strength DNA to overcome
something from your past the innate healing do you need peace of
mind do you need to have your broken heart
healed you need to talk to God about something
concerning your children you know what we don’t have to fear God has not given us a spirit of fear
but have power and love and a sound mind now fair will
present itself to you but what it does you need to decide now wait a minute goddess for me is already
a predetermined that I am gonna little resurrection life just like jesus did gods for me and he did not withhold his only son so
why would he withhold anything else that I really need can we get a hold of that today number
seven God provides everything everything in all capital
letters everything that we need my momma hard to believe you can get this much
good news in 30 minutes ed number eight is coming up next and it says and it’s taken from verse 33 who shall bring a charge against God’s
elect when it is God who justifies that issue
puts us in right relationship to himself who shall come forward and accuse or
impeach those whom God has chosen well God to acquit us and who is there to condemn us well
Christ Jesus the Messiah who died are rather who was raised from the dead
who is at the right hand of God actually pleading as he intercedes for us cell while we have so much
trouble with guilt condemnation don’t like feeling bad about ourselves you know condemnation pushes you down makes you feel bad but true conviction from the Holy Spirit let you know that
you did something wrong but it lifts you up out-of-date when
condemnation comes from Satan sometimes say nothing at work too hard
on most of us will do it for him we’ve gotten so good feeling guilty
about everything that we don’t even need any help from the devil people many times will load guilt on us you know a lot of times people are not
willing to let us let go love our past mistakes they’re always in
different ways hinting are reminding us what we’ve done wrong and kinda making us feel like you’re
gonna be paying for that for a long long time but the Scriptures are telling
us plainly that none of that comes from God when you feel that our if you feel that
today man if your feelin down in guilty in and condemned all you need to do is tell
God that you’re sorry Henry C the forgiveness it has already
been provided through the blood of Christ they repent be willing to turn away from that same
with God’s help and then you need to receive askin resale Eva that your job I maybe
four I’m pretty convinced that a lot of times
we pray and pray and pray about things and never stop and take the time to
actually receive them so if you’re gonna ask God for
forgiveness then why not take the time just take a moment as I know I receive
that I receive that as a gift from me and I’m forgiven now then when gilder
condemnation comes which the enemy will try to get back in you
have to remember that where there’s no saying there can be no
condemnation cell when Jesus forgives arson he
removes them as far as the east is from the west and he remembers them no more so I say very often we need to stop
remembering what God has for gotten we need to stop talking to him about
wait what he has already put as far as the east is from the west and
I’m very big on verbal out loud confessional the Word of God I
think it just helps renew my mind and I believe that it also disturbs the
Devils atmosphere he doesn’t like to hear the Word of God you must remember that when Jesus had
been tempted by the double for forty days and forty nights
he said it is written and spoke the Word of God so I’m not
just coming up with some foreign weird idea here if Jesus spoke the word got
out loud then why shouldn’t we so when the enemy comes against us with
guilt and condemnation we need to remember it’s not from God Romans ice is not from God because he’s
the one who justifies it’s not from Jesus because he’s the one
who died for us and his right now at this very moment
seated at the right hand of God pleading intercession for every single
one of us of is not God and is not Jesus then he left it’s gotta be either me
doing it myself army letting other people do it art has
to be the devil doing it to me to his lies and
deceptions the devil is a liar the trade is not in
him so and I need to sign all my sins
forgiven and this feeling that I have a guilt is a lie and I don’t receive now first 35 official ever separate us from chrysler
out just suffering an affliction and tribulation are calamity and distress or persecution
or hunger destitution apparel are sorted is so important we
don’t let anything separate us from the love of god that’s found in Christ Jesus
in a lie because knowing that your love makes a strong knowing that your love gives you
confidence you hold your head up in need put your shoulders back and you don’t slump around all day feeling like you’re
just the tail end of everything God loves you and you know what I’m kinda feel right now that may be
there somebody that I’ve never heard that before we might think well how’s that possible
in today’s world bought to be honest it’s very possible I’ve had
lots of people tell me I never had anybody tell me that God
loved me made you spend all your life then got
mad at you are being afraid of God well I want you know that
he loves you and He desires and intimate relationship with you and we’re gonna put a number up on our
screen at the end of this program and if you do not receive Christ as your Savior please call us and let us pray with you
and talk to you about what it means to be born again Jesus is waiting to come have a personal relationship
with you he loves you very much don’t ever be
separated from the love of God in John 15 it says abide in the love of
God and that means live dwell remain and stay and the love of
God so even if you have a problem you said
were gone I believe you love me if you get disappointed and things
didn’t work out the way you want them to God I believe that you love me even if
somebody rejection you say well God I believe that you love me and you will
never reject me and if God be for me who can be against
me if God is on my side home shall II fair and I love verse 36 even as it is
written for the ice a queer put to death all the day long where regarded in Canada sheep for the
slaughter yet amid all of these things we are more
than conquerors more than conquerors again surpassing
victory through him loved us so just make sure that we have all this
right number eight is condemnation is not from God number
nine is nothing can ever separate us from God’s love and now number ten we are more than a conqueror now what about this sometimes we look
like sheep being led to the slaughter I kinda like that because to me it’s
indicating that people who don’t understand faith and
trusting God if they’re looking on in our lives
sometimes it may look to them like we’re just like
sheep being led to the slaughter you know because you just kinda
submissively waiting for God to deliver you and it can look kinda strange but he said
right in the midst of all of those things delicious I somebody yeah I was having a
terrible bout was some kind of sickness or disease and they’re happy their peaceful and
their Desai and I’m trusting God to take care of it we have somebody looking on that may not
make any sense to them they’re like oh how can you be peaceful how can you you know your your lives no
better than mine well I’m sorry but really it is a
because if you know Christ your life is always
better than somebody who doesn’t know Christ just think how
you would like to have some other problems you have not know Jesus so even though we still have problems right in the midst of all that we are
more than conquerors and you know why and I love this this is what God put my
heart that that means a long time ago to be more than a conquerer remains that
before you ever get the problem you already know I’ll that in the end
you win and I love that so that allows us to
live without fear I don’t have to be concerned about what
may happen tomorrow or what might happen this afternoon ur you
know all those things because I already know that God is with me and he’s far me at the Holy Spirit is gonna
strengthening my weaknesses and that God loves me all the time and
that I am more that a cocker oh my gosh I can hardly
believe what we’re learning here in just 30 minutes this is amazing and
then number eleven last one and it goes on to say for am
persuaded beyond doubt I’m sure that neither death nor life nor
angels nor principalities nor things impending and threatening our thanks to
come nor powers nor height nor depth or anything else in all creation will
ever be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord that’s number eleven be deeply rooted in the love God you know a tree that has
deep roots does not blow away in a star and the
Bible tells us to be routed and grounded in Christ and to be routed and grounded in his love I hope today
that you know by faith how much how very much dodd love you god bless you thank you for being with
us today and remember study the word on a regular basis well the

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