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Bible Study on Prayer | How to Pray | Bible Study Journal Matthew chapter 6 verses 5 through 15 it
says and when you pray do not be like the hypocrites for they love to pray
standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others
truly I tell you they have received their reward in full but when you pray
go into your room close the door and pray to your father who is unseen then
your father who sees what is done in secret will reward you and when you pray
do not keep on babbling like pagans for they think they will be heard because of
their many words do not be like them for your father knows what you need before
you ask him this then is how you should pray our Father in Heaven hallowed be
thy name your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us
today our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we have also forgiven our
debtors and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one for if
you forgive other people when they sin against you your heavenly Father will
also forgive you but if you do not forgive others of their sins your father
will not forgive your sins I think prayer is something that people
overcomplicate sometimes when it really is very simple prayer to me anyways is
just my daily interaction with God and it’s not something that I necessarily
sit down pray for an hour and then go about my day but it’s more or less
something that I do throughout the day so for example when I Drive to work it’s
kind of a crazy commute and every time I get there safely I just say thank you
God for getting me here safely and you know that’s prayer that’s it it’s
heartfelt and I meant it and you know that’s all it takes so prayer is more to
me talking to God throughout your day prayer is an ongoing interaction with
God throughout my day verse five starts all off and when you pray so prayer is
something that we all need to do because it says when you pray not if you pray so
verses five and six is instructing us to pray in private we don’t need to feel
like we have to pray in front of other people or stand up in front of our
church and pray because when you’re praying
I’m not saying it’s wrong to pray in front of the church or in front of other
people but this these verses are more or less talking about your motives so if
you’re mostly praying to impress other people instead of having a heart towards
God and wanting to talk to God and connect with our God then you know
that’s not the point of Prayer the point of Prayer is not to bring more
attention to us but it’s really to speak to God and connect with him it says that
when we pray with the right motives God hears us and he sees what we’re
doing and he sees that we have the right motives and the verse says that he will
reward us whatever whatever you know that means it doesn’t always necessarily
mean material things because you know God can bless us with joy peace
happiness but you know God will see our genuine prayer and he will reward
accordingly either on this life or in the eternal life verse 7 and 8 when you
pray don’t keep babbling because people think that they’ll be heard because of
their many words don’t be like them your father knows what you need before you
ask so again this is going on to say don’t feel like you have to stand there
and pray for hours and hours I mean if that’s what you want to do and if you
feel like you know you want to pray of course there’s nothing wrong with
praying for hours but that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you know if you
say a two-word prayer that is less effective than one that is you know
going on for an hour long we don’t have to pray for a long time in order to feel
like we have to do that forgot to hear us we don’t you know it doesn’t have to
be a long prayer in order for God to hear what we’re saying and what we are
asking from him and I’m hoping that I’m explaining that okay another example is
if I’m going throughout my day and something happens and I do something to
send so maybe I say something to someone that I shouldn’t tell then if I’m around
other people obviously I won’t say it out loud because you know I don’t want
to look too strange but I will say it to myself in my head and I’ll just say god
I’m so sorry for doing this please forgive me I’m really sorry
I am trying to change and that’s it you know
or maybe I walking outside for work during my lunch
break and it’s just such a beautiful day I’ll just say thank you God for this
beautiful day like it doesn’t have to be an ongoing thing a set aside time every
day for prayer is great and if you’re called to do that then do that you know
and if you enjoy that time with God go for it I’m not saying that you can’t
pray for a long time but I’m also not saying that you can’t you know have a
two-word prayer and have that be as effective as an hour-long prayer verses
9 and 10 explain how to pray and it starts off with saying God in heaven
holy is your name so you start off praying with praise praise God
throughout your day and again I don’t want to sound legalistic like every time
you pray you need to start off with praise but it’s important to remember
why we’re here we’re here to praise God and we should be doing that through our
prayer holy is your name your kingdom come and your will be done so sometimes
I pray that not necessarily in those words but I’ll pray for something in
particular to happen in my life but then I’ll say but your will be done Lord if
this is not what you want then you will make that clear
I want your will in my life so I think that’s all that verse means is that we
should be praying God’s will for our lives this next verse is so important so
so so so so important at least to me and I feel like sometimes it can get easily
overlooked give us today our daily bread and this is important especially to
somebody like me because I like to plan and write things out and I have a plan
and if life doesn’t go according to plan which it absolutely doesn’t not all the
time at least it makes me very uneasy and I start to worry and what this verse
is saying it’s a really good reminder to me is that I need to focus on today when
I start thinking too far into the future and what this happens and what am I
gonna do about this that’s when I start to become overwhelmed and feel anxious
almost but this verse is saying give us today our daily bread so God will give
you today get through today focus on today it’s okay to plan for tomorrow but
if you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused you’re probably trying to
figure too much out focus your attention and scale it down on
today verses 12 and 13 it talks about forgiveness I think it’s interesting
that forgiveness is placed right in between scriptures that are talking
about how to pray because when we go to pray God wants us to have a heart that
is not holding something against anyone because when we sin we repent and God
forgives us immediately and God wants us to have that same measure of forgiveness
to everyone else now I’m not saying that people don’t go through hard things and
I can’t imagine what difficult things that some people who are listening to
this video right now have been through and huge for you know things that have
altered their lives that they have to forgive someone else for so I’m not
trying to dismiss it and say that it’ll be easy but what I’m saying is that it’s
possible to forgive someone regardless of what they’ve done through Christ you
can’t do it alone that’s the key you have to do it with God he can help you
he can be your strength to forgive that person and let it go and move on having
that seat of unforgiveness can cause us to lead in that temptation of sin
unforgiveness has been the seed of a lot of sin if you think about it for example
if somebody hurts somebody else and then that person retaliates that sin or me in
the past thank God I’m not like this anymore but if somebody hurt me then I
would go to my husband and I would call it venting when in reality that’s gossip
and that’s sinning and it’s better to if someone offends you let it go release
that and move on so that it doesn’t sit there and turn into sin like gossip or
you know whatever it is the easier it becomes to move on to really forgive and
move on with your life and I have a whole video on forgiveness so I’ll put
that in the cards but I really want to encourage you to watch that if you have
a really huge struggle with forgiving something or someone so that’s it I
really wanted to mainly let you know my stance on prayer and I
overcomplicated i just kind of let it be like an open dialogue between me and God
throughout the day and yes I do have moments where I’ll just sit down and
pray for a while but you don’t have to do that you know the scripture says it
you don’t have to do so just talk to God throughout your day that’s prayer thank
you so much for watching I hope this video helps someone out there and I’ll
see you next time bye

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