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Hello Friends! It’s Me! Just kidding! It’s your favorite french youtuber! But this is my disguise. (Or is it how I really look) Today, we are going to be checking out some spy hacks. So you can spy on you neighbors, your crush, your father with secret job, your dog. These will help you sneak from level 0 to 100 real quick. Take a mustache outline. Trace it on some Felt. Cut out a fake felt mustache. This is only the most disguise able disguise out there. (Mhm sure it is… _^_) WOW! Nobody will know who you are. You could literally rob a bank, and nobody will have clue! Thank You, for providing all thieves out there with the spy hack. ( OwO )/ I don’t think, this is a very good hack…(T^T) Those aren’t even real sunglasses! What was the point?! Tying a string to the hat. I’m gonna give this hack a 2 out of 10. I can still tell who you are! Is this the Krusty Krab? “NO THIS IS PATRICK!” Dish soap and glitter…? (_-_) And we’re gonna glue it together shut. Scan hand for entry. WhOa! I know it doesn’t actually scan your hand. But it looks pretty cool. (UwU) And you can feel really cool entering your bedroom. Like let me scan my handprint. Or you can, trick your little brothers or sisters. Its so easy! Its literally like a ziplock bag, with glitter and soap. And they’ll be like touching it trying to put their hand in. And get access, to your room. Then they’ll start crying, because they realize they can’t come in. Wow! Your disguise looks ridiculous. She sewed her weave to her hoodie. Um, excuse me ma’am. Pretty sure hair is supposed to come out of your scalp. And not your hood I mean, what if it blows off. YOUR DISGUISE HAS BEEN COMPROMISED! Okay, we got some plywood, and some corks. And a fork? I’m gonna glue the fork. Alright. WHOA! So, it’s a secret compartment! In a drawer! Where you hide your money or your secret diary. And then, just put all the utensils above it. WHOA! This is where you hide your death note. But, I really like this idea. Like this is some actual spy stuff right here! What if there’s no clean forks, and then your arch nemesis takes the last fork. Which happens to be the secret key to getting under the drawer! And then finds your diary Then reads it! And then post all your secrets on Twitter! So, this is how you make a secret message! “See you in Bella’s?” What’s Bella’s?! So, we’re just gonna cross off a secret message. OHHH What! That’s CRAZY So, you write your secret message. Scribble it out in another color. So nobody knows what you wrote! So, you’re gonna use a transparent plastic sheet. The same color that you scribbled it out with. So, they scribble it out in red. And they use like an orange sheet. It was like close enough. And then, when you put it over. I had no idea about this. That’s, That’s pretty interesting! OH-NO! Somebody knocks my satchel out of my underarm. OH NO! ALL THE BOYS IN THE ROOM SAW MY TAMPONS FALL OUT OF MY PURSE! You know, This could have been avoided, If I just zipped it up. But No, We’re gonna take things to the next level! I’m gonna clear out a tube of lipstick And stick my tampon in there. WOW! Next time, someone bumps into me And my bag is unzipped and it falls on the ground They’ll only see lipstick! That’s very normal for a girl right?! This so dumb! I cannot with this! Hide your secret USB In your lip balm. WHEW! I wonder what was in that?! Calm down It was just her homework. GIVE ME YOUR PHONE! HOW DID YOU UNLOCK MY PHONE?! I’ll tell you. So, she waited for her to fall asleep Put her finger in some ink. It’s a fingerprint ring. So, there is multiple steps to this. Alright, gonna put some glitter on it to make it look like a real ring Ohhhhhhh So, you have to take some kind putty Or like, let hot glue dry a little bit But not dry all the way So, I’ve heard about this! I don’t know if it actually works. So, there are several ways that you can actually do this. Like take somebody’s fingerprint, and like slide it over. I don’t know if it actually works though. You know what I have a glue gun. Let’s test this out! Okay, I got bottle cap. And my glue gun. And we’re gonna put the glue All over the cap. ❗BE CAREFUL WITH THIS❗ Because I have burned myself Way too many times with this. And today Will not be that day! Alright, (Blows) So I unlock my phone with my thumb. Oh, that’s so hot, That’s still hot! Oh, Thats really hot! oh-no We’re gonna wait a sec. You really got to do this at just the right moment! Like it’s either too hot Or it’s hard And the fingerprint won’t go through It’s getting there A few moments later~ (UwU )/ Alright we’re gonna get a really good thumbprint going over here Let’s see if this works! ……………………….. It’s not even recognizing it as a thumb! It’s even warm. Not recognizing it as a finger! (T^T ) Doesn’t really look like a thumbprint. I’m gonna try it one more time. Okay, that made an actual thumbprint! Like, I could actually see my fingerprint in this. So, let’s see if it works. ……………… It’s not even turning on or doing anything. Wow, I really wanted this to work But, I guess now you guys know that it does not. Does you phone unlock with your face or fingerprint? Comment below! Which one’s better? I like fingerprint. I don’t like face recognition. I feel like anyone can just take your phone And then, hold it up to your face. Wham-bam unlocked ma’am! This is how you hide your phone inside a book! Alright, I would want to know how this was done, because, it seems like it way too much effort. I guess people use for either cheating. 🚫WHICH I DON’T RECOMMEND 🚫 Or like smuggling your phone inside somewhere Haha When your crush says she likes to read. So, she’s thinking y’all are having bonding time reading book together on the couch No the dude is watching sports On his phone! Wow! Typical guy! A lying football watcher! I’m just kidding! Not all guys are liars. But NOT ALL GUYS ARE THIS SMART! HA! OH! This is another way to do it! So, you could take lipstick and tape! And get your man’s fingerprint! He will never suspect a thing! OH! And then wrap it your finger! OH! Let me see who he’s been texting! Haha! Her face. DID HE REALLY TEXT HIS MOM! HOW DARE HE! Who knew this whole time! You had a secret compartment in your hair brush! So, you could just hide money in there! When the school bully comes up to like UM GIVE ME YOUR LUNCH MONEY! You just be like “I don’t have any lunch money, All I got is a hairbrush!” NOW SHOO! Before I brush you! That’s actually a really good idea! You could also use that like, at the beach. Like hide your valuables in there, Like hide your money, Hide your car keys, Ain’t nobody gotta think that brush has something valuable inside. I mean this is my first time seeing this, and I’m like, MHM! MIND BLOWN. Hide your $100 under the sole of your shoe. That way you know, you won’t loose it. I mean you might forget about it I’ve done this so many times where I try to hide money in places where I feel like I’m not going not going to lose it Like when I don’t bring a bag or something. But then I always end up forgetting about it. But this is actually super smart Like if you’re going to a concert You’re going somewhere where you don’t want to bring a bag. I mean, that’s why I wear a fanny pack. It’s easy! You’re hands-free. You don’t got to put money in your shoe, But I mean, if you have too, This is a great idea! YOU LEARN SOMETHING EVERYDAY ON THIS CHANNEL! Okay, now we hiding money in a juicy fruit. (Laughs) Imagine somebody asks you for some gum, And then you completely forgot you stuck $100 in there You’re like “Yeah Sure” And then they take it And they don’t tell you about it Or even worse, they start chewing on $100 Thinking it’s some good old Juicy Fruit! Oh! How the tables had turned But it’s like, why go through all of that effort where you could just put it in your shoe. Unless you a sandal type of guy. There’s another way you could do a secret message with a lemon So, take lemon juice, and draw your secret message Oh! WOW! That is creepy af! OH MY GOD! I feel like you should do this, like prank your mom! Like take a brush, and lemon juice And do it on your laundry. Write a secret message and then why she goes to iron it, it’s like “I see you!” And you just stand there behind her, like “when dinner gonna to be ready?!” Oh This is a cheating hack! OH! Its like, you take all the answers and equations and math problem from you homework. Tape it! Cut it out! Put it in water so it gets rid of the paper! WHAM-BAM YES MA’AM! You got and elaborate cheating scheme that’ll probably get you suspended! If you get caught! I think that’s really elaborate. I mean, I am just now learning this Like trick with the tape Like how when you put it on water and get rid of the paper, like it transfers off! Am I the only one that thinks that’s really cool? Cause it’s literally like you can make a transparency! Oh-no! Look at this criminal, He left a chuck mark from his shoe! We’re gonna make it so you don’t have footprints! To make an outline of your shoe, And then glue straps to it. You know very simple nobody’s gonna know. (Laughs) Oh my God That looks ridiculous. I mean, if you want to go in go out real fast. And not have anybody know I mean, you could also take of your shoes. That’s also an option. But if you want to get all extra, technical with it? There you go! (^w^ ) Secret agent double-oh-seven! Oh-no It’s so secret, we’re gonna burn it! What they rub the ashes on on their skin?! Ohhhhhh! So they basically took soap, broke the secret message on their arm with soap. Let it dry. And then rubbed the ashes from the burned paper on their arms to activate the secret message. I mean, I feel like powdered sugar would work just as fine, but go off! I don’t know where or how you would ever use this. But like, now you know! Okay so, a cooler version of the footprint which by the way sucked. So, you’re gonna take that because they realized that it sucked And then, you can make animal prints This is creepy! I know that they’re using it for paint right now But if you do this and then walk outside on the snow or like have some like Bigfoot claws?! You’ve got hella scare people Like in the snow or in the mud! So, you see a self filled with books, but they’re really filled with secrets! Since when is a self full of books just that? A shelf full of books. No uh-uh There’s always like a trapdoor Secret something, secret compartment secret drawer, secret snacks They act like “oh I just love reading!” NO! You love hiding secrets! From your family, and/or the police! So this how you do it! Wow! Just print out a very HD image of a bookshelf of books. I mean, this is the budget way to do it. But if somebody doesn’t have their glasses on, it could totally work! Take a shoebox Put some tape on that that bad boy! OH! it’s got to be the double sided kind And then, put your fake books around the shoebox. Now you can hide your wallet and passport in there! Oh my God! That looks so fake! I feel like this like sticks out unless you’re going to put it on the very top shelf. Then, nobody’s gonna notice it. Also, the best place to hide your snacks in a fake bookshelf because ain’t nobody gonna look there. I think it’s still pretty cool hack. It’s still creative Stocking your crush like Y’all really gonna use a spy umbrella? When it’s not even raining! So they have these umbrellas that have like a transparent section where you can see through the umbrella without having to lift it But they’re like “NAH!” Spy on your crush with it and broad sunlight! Glueing some mirrors into a ziplock box. Alright, this looks elaborate! This looks very elaborate. Oh Whoa! You can see past corners without without going through the corner! Where was this in Call of Duty? This is the spy box you need in your life! I am living for this. 12 year old me would have made this in a heartbeat! So I can spy on people and they’ll never know! I mean it’s like, what’s a silver box doing looking at me? You can also honestly take your phone and then turn on the camera, and then have it looking somewhere and it looks like you’re just taking pictures or looking at your phone. But you’re watching what’s going on. I feel like that’s a more modern way to do things. But anyways, that’s all for today! I hope you guys enjoyed this video! Comment below would you actually try any of these. Which ones do you think were the coolest? If you guys enjoyed make sure too SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE! And make sure you turn on notifications you know when I upload! Click Click! And subscribe to join the Wolf Pack! OWWWWWW! I love you guys so much thanks for watching! Bye Guys

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