Best Self-Improvement Books – My Top 5 So Far


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6 thoughts on “Best Self-Improvement Books – My Top 5 So Far”

  1. Improvement Geek says:

    Summary of Atomic Habits by James Clear:

  2. David Sauceda says:

    Have you read, the END of PROCRASTINATION?

  3. Ryan Lawless says:

    All great books. We read in similar circles. Chip and Dan Heath have a lot of great titles that you might find interesting for 2020 if you don't mind me making a recommendation. I think you'd probably enjoy their books based on what you covered.

  4. Raul J. Gomez says:

    Man good sleep is good and hard to find for me. I’m such a light sleeper. Atomic habits sounds good. I need check out if they have the audio version. Nice edit man.

  5. Erica Joy says:

    This was an awesome video! Thank you for sharing!I'll definitely check those books out😁✌❤⭐

  6. Mr Tree says:

    Another great video! Hi Oreo!

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