Best Kept Secret to Sell Books Online with or without Amazon and get the Best Price


hey this is Phil from the RescueTips
channe. As many of you know we reveal hints and tips little-known
secrets from top eBay and Amazon sellers and this week is
no exception we recently came across a valuable tip
for all those that sell books weather on Amazon, Ebay or other sites and those of you that merely have books just lying around
collecting dust they can be worth much more than you
think in a moment I’ll show you how to easily check what they are worth, get the best price for them
and even sell them right now for a good price without even bothering
to list them. Well stay here because this is going to be
a tip you won’t want to miss. later in this video I’ll show you where
you can find this website but first let me show you what you can do here
it’s a free website that allows you to search for any book title by ISBN number which most books display
on the cover simply type the number into the search
box here include the hyphens click the sell
button and it will sought through its database of potential vendors that are ready to buy your book right
here and now at a firm price I just typed in the ISBN number of a
text book that my daughter no longer needs and this site tells me that I already
have vendors that will pay up to forty seven dollars and twenty
five cents and I do not even have to pay the shipping other offers are included here and I can
choose which one to sell to the buyers are all vendors that
purchase for resale and each book but it has its own set of
rules and price a rating system is maintained for each one similar to eBay’s rating system which is
helpful in choosing which company to sell to there is a rating system and feedback for
each buyer to help you determine which one you may want to sell to just
like on eBay… but before you consider selling your
book you’ll want to check how much Amazon
is currently selling it for you can easily find this information out
on the same site just click the option to view info from
Amazon now we get a better idea of what it can sell for should I decide to list there are sell it right now without
listing… this site also lists the history of buy back prices as well with this information you can make an
informed decision and a nice easy profit there is an FAQ that tells us that payments are usually issued within one to three
days after the vendor receives the book and it answers other questions as well I
haven’t tried selling through the site yet so I will proceed
to sell my book to one of the vendors listed here go through the procedure right now here I’m offered 27 dollars and 25 cents and I
will accept it let’s finish the process now I’ll fill out my
information and choose that I want to send through
FedEx since I can track it they don’t have to
pay any shipping charge I will print the prepaid label and send it off hey if you’d like to know how fast the
vendor pace at how this all works out just add a
comment here and I’ll check back later, even if you don’t sell them decide
it’s a valuable resource for anyone who to sell books the site here is book Scouter dot com you can even
download the app for the Android phone and or scan
the ISBN number whether you sell through the site or not, to it is a valuable resource for any bookseller if your book has stickers attached then you
should remove them before shipping that’s not always easy but I will make
another video showing the best way to remove them if this video was helpful to you please
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5 thoughts on “Best Kept Secret to Sell Books Online with or without Amazon and get the Best Price”

  1. Beck Duer says:

    I've already used the mobile app to check prices on 3 books and went online to sell one. Thank you for this valuable info!

  2. RescueTips says:

    Thanks for your comments Beck, I'm glad this tool is working well for you too. I just got back from my local FedEx office to ship the package I describe in the video. Looks like I'll be flipping books too. BTW, if you haven't done so yet, please subscribe for more helpful vids

  3. TVBit Classic says:

    Good info!

  4. J. Armando Castaneda says:

    Great tip!

  5. Peter Sinclair says:

    Great tip. Will tell my chum who can hardly sit down for books in her house!

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