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Hey little porcupines what’s up my name is
Christa and today I’m coming to you with my 2019 favorites from July
through December So if you have not seen part 1 of this video I will leave that
linked down below for you guys to go check out. In July I ended up really loving The
Bride Test by Helen Huang this is an adult contemporary novel about a young
man who is autistic and his mother has decided that it is time for him to get
married so she finds a bride for him in Vietnam and they have a couple months to
decide whether or not to go through with a wedding and she has the secrets of her
own and this is just such a cute romance story I really loved the dynamic between
the two of them. I liked that there was sort of this like learning curve that he
had because he is autistic and because he doesn’t know exactly what to do in
terms of like having a relationship and being with someone it’s kind of like
exploring several different things while also juggling a cute story romance I
also loved that this isn’t super sexual if you’re just getting into romance
kind of like what I am then I think this will be a really great read I found
everything to be flawless honestly my favorite book for them August was the
second book in the Morgan Crow series this is Wundersmith the trials of
Morgan Crow this features her kind of after she gets into this magical school
in the first book and it’s all about her being there and also thinking that for
once she has finally fit in but instead she still hasn’t and trying to figure
out the trials of that there are people that are going missing in the wonder
Society and she feels like that has something to do with you with her and so
it’s kind of about that as well I really loved how whimsical this one got the
first book is definitely really whimsical but the second one I think
just brought it on it even more so because we are fully immersed into this
world we’re also getting a lot of foundation because of going to the
school we get a lot of rules and regulations and figuring out what it
really means to be a wonder Society member that I really particularly liked. Another middle grade book, there’s quite a few
on this list is the Trials of Apollo this is book one The Hidden Oracle this is a
middle grade a story as I said and it’s fantasy and it takes place right after
The Heroes of Olympus series where Apollo has been punished by Zeus and he has
become mortal and so this kind of features his quest into becoming
immortal again I think that it’s so funny getting to know Apollo as a god
but also as a mortal he has these problems where he tries to do something
in his mortal state but he can’t because he’s physically limited I love how
egotistical and self-centered he is in this first one he really doesn’t know
what it means to be a mortal and he’s not willing to try and it’s just so fun
and then part of me didn’t want to put rereads on to this like favorites list
just because they’re books that I’ve reread before so why would I put them I
looked at the books that I read in the last half of last year I definitely felt
like I didn’t read as many great novels and so I had to pick up a reread
for this one because I just don’t think that any of them stood out for me in
October and that is Dumplin by Julie Murphy this I gave a 5 out of 5 stars
all these I gave 5 out of 5 I mean you could kind of gather so this as I
said is reread for me and when I originally read it I gave it a 4 out of
5 stars I didn’t think it was the best work but I thought it was still good and
I definitely think that it’s still a good book I have come to appreciate and
cherish the relationships in this story particularly about friendships I think
that they really struggle and the main character Dumplin’ is sort of unlikable
I feel like she’s very antagonistic and she just wants things her way she still
just like doesn’t understand that there can be people suffering alongside her
and also just realizing the strengths that you bring to the table even being at
50 percent people will still be inspired by you. In November I ended up
picking up the The Dark Prophecy book 2 in the trials of Apollo series I love that
this one features like animal cruelty and especially animal experimentation
and war and what war does to people and I like that there are some LGBT
elements to it more at the forefront than in previous novels one of the main
characters Meg has a abusive godly father and it’s just so empowering
seeing women and seeing characters young characters going through this realizing
that their parents are toxic and realizing what that does to people how
stronger they can be if they just let them go and the abusive qualities of
that and just seeing people never give up on people
Apollo is really trying to keep Meg as a friend and that’s kind of something that
he still holds heart at the first book something happens and he still thinks of
her as a friend he still really wants the best for her and that’s all that
that’s all you need in a friend honestly then again in December I ended up
picking up a reread which was my favorite book of the month and that is
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling this is the seventh and
final book in the Harry Potter series this I think I liked a lot more than
the first time I read it because I realized the intricacies in this it’s
not just them camping as a lot of people I think perceive and I yes I understand
that it’s it’s a lot of them and not knowing what to do but I think as an
adult reading this I realized that they really didn’t know what they were doing
I think that in the movie adaptation you see him figuring out all these clues and
things because of seeing through Voldemort’s mind and yes that’s a quick easy
way visually in a movie to like speed it up but in this book they had to figure
out everything I think it’s just such a great story and
definitely if you haven’t picked up Harry Potter in the last couple of years
I highly recommend that you do I think it’s just something I think it’s
definitely a great thing reading as an adult to seeing like all
the different little things we miss as a kid so highly recommend these. alrighty
guys so that is it for this video comment down below what books you
thought were amazing in the last half of 2019 I will see you in the next one bye

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