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OK. Books? Check. People to talk about books? Check. Cheese? [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, readers. Welcome back to Six Picks. I’m Emma. And I’m Abbe. And today, we are
thinking about book clubs. It’s the beginning
of a new year, and so we’re thinking
about what our book club is going to read all year long. And so we wanted to give
you some great ideas for your own book club. [HARP SCALE] My first pick is The
Idiot by Elif Batuman. This is a book that
you and I both loved. We really did. It’s a very heartfelt
and sneakily funny story about a young
woman named Selin. It follows her on her first year
of college at Harvard in 1995. And I think the
coming of age story and Selin’s quest
to find her identity will really spark a
conversation at book club. My first pick is My
Sister the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite. This book follows two
sisters in Nigeria, and sisters always have
each other’s backs, except this pair is
a little different. The eldest sister is
always cleaning up her younger sister’s
messes, except her younger sister is a serial killer who
is constantly just, whoops, killing her boyfriends. This book is darkly comic, and
we guarantee that your book club will absolutely devour it. My next pick is A Wilderness
Station by Alice Munro. This is a collection
of stories that spans 30 years in
Alice Munro’s career, and it reads almost like a
survey course in her writing. Her writing is so beautiful,
and compact, and intricate. And I think that short
stories are always a great choice for book club
because if, like in my book club, you have a
lot of delinquents, they can read one or
two stories and still participate in the discussion. My second pick is Those
Who Knew by Idra Novey. This book is a thriller. It’s very suspenseful
and centers on Lena, who is older now but
remembers a dalliance she once had with a senator during
her student activist days. She has a hunch
that the woman who’s been introducing him at
rallies is being taken advantage of by the senator. And she wonders whether or
not she should come forward with the information
that she knows about this very powerful man. My final pick is Black Leopard,
Red Wolf by Marlon James. I’ll be honest. I picked this book because I
want my book club to read it. It is the first in a planned
trilogy by the Man Booker Award-winning author of a
history of seven killings. And it has been dubbed an
African Game of Thrones, which I totally get that
as a touch-point, but it’s also entirely
its own thing. And if your book club
sometimes has trouble stepping into different
genres, I think this is a great way in because
Marlon James has such a wonderful literary pedigree. But he’s also doing something
cool, and speculative, and fantasy sci-fi. My final pick is The Dreamers
by Karen Thompson Walker. Now, you know I’m obsessed
with Karen Thompson Walker’s first book, The Age of Miracles. And this is also a
gorgeous, speculative novel. It’s sort of like a modern
Midsummer’s Night Dream. It takes place in a sleepy
college town in Southern California, when a first year
student goes into her dorm, falls asleep, and
cannot be woken up. She can’t be woken up
by her roommate, Mei. She can’t be woken up by
the paramedics or doctors. Everyone is extremely
confused by what is going on. And then a second student
starts falling asleep and can’t be woken
up, and a third. And soon, doctors are realizing
that these people sleeping have really increased
brain activity. They’re having wild
dreams, but of what? I won’t spoil it for you, but
this novel will definitely make your book club discuss what
really goes on while we sleep. And of course, the most
important part of book club is choosing the books. –snacks. [MUSIC PLAYING] Do you think we
left anything out? Let us know in comments below
or tweet at us, @ReadItForward. And for more great book
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