Beloved penguin hot air balloon destroyed


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8 thoughts on “Beloved penguin hot air balloon destroyed”

  1. Tony Martinez says:

    Puddles was murdered. My prayers to his wife and child.

  2. NM Resists says:

    Insurance claim?

  3. Felipe Mendez says:

    Can puddles be remade.?

  4. Derick Lopez says:

    That's fucked up

  5. xsailor85 says:

    Should have thrown that piece of crap of a human on the fire.

  6. Joshua Lighttt says:

    I will miss puddles

  7. pir8prod says:

    If it happened in California, the arsonist is already free.

  8. Jicari Hickory Hill says:

    Hes gonna wish he was dead… destroying a balloon is seen the same as destroying a helicopter or airplane… its a FEDERAL crime…

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