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  1. blissfrombooks says:

    Haha. Really enjoyed this! I have to decide what books to let go, too. I'm clearly running out of bookshelf space.

  2. Dale Bernardo says:

    I'm just wondering if you ever dream of becoming a librarian. Working on my bookshelves makes me feel that arranging books is my destiny. Haha. I'm a pharmacist though 😂

  3. Karkat Vantas says:

    For that one book you didn't want to get rid of because you liked the cover, just keep the dust jacket.

  4. Kate says:

    I think that she would told you to keep only books you love. 🤓📚

  5. tanish mehta says:

    Jesse please make a video on rearrangementof books you were talking about!

  6. FlameZero.x says:

    I always use the same system when sorting out books which is asking myself a few questions and for me it works great:
    For books that i haven't read yet:
    1. Reading the description; do i still want to read it?
    ->yes! I'll keep it
    ->no! 2. Was it a gift and i would feel bad if i gave it away?
    ->yes! keep it
    ->no! off it goes

    for books i have already read:
    1. Do i want to read it again?
    ->yes! I'll keep it
    ->no! 2. Do i have other sentimental reasons to keep it?
    ->yes! I'll keep it
    ->no! off it goes

    I never feel bad for giving away books bec it feels like giving them a new life

  7. Kate says:

    Keep only books you really love and want to read it again in the future.
    I sold 70% of my books and for this cash I got new books.
    Now I have on my shelves 50 books I love and want to share them with my family and friends.
    And about 60 books I didn't read but I know that I will.

  8. Carly says:

    My problem is I have heaps of books that I potentially want to unhaul but I want to reread them before I do just to be sure… but my TBR has like 150+ books on it so I'm not gonna be rereading anything any time soon and uh… yeah. rip me

  9. Jillian Loves Books says:

    My whole goal of developing a library is having something to pass down to my kids, if I ever have kids. So everything I keep, I think to myself: "Is this something I could actively recommend to someone else and feel good about it?" When I'm on the fence about donating a book, I think about the fact that someone else will come across the book, love it, and give it a better home than I can. I get that it's hard to let go, but if the book isn't getting any use with you, you might as well donate it to a library so some person can discover magic in the book that maybe didn't work for you! Plus, you're contributing to a good cause that benefits your neighborhood!

  10. Cheer Up Jihyo says:

    My rule for unhauling. If I gave a book 3 stars or less anf its not part of a series I either love or am currently reading.. Its gotta go. So my shelves only have favorite books and them and I love it❤️

  11. Kuro Neko says:

    Read the 3rd book from the Iron trails series it's the dealbreaker of the Series. You either really want to read the rest know or you totally hate it. I don't know anyone who was unsure after that book.

  12. Dakshayini Ganeshraj says:

    I'm never going to unhaul my bookshelf. If I got no space, I'll trick my parents into buying me new bookshelves. My books and I(even the bad ones)will NEVER be parted

  13. Zea Musico says:

    We gotta get those outta there!
    slaps table

  14. imasisara says:

    I have a rule of 3: did I love it? Will I reread it? Would I pay full price to get it? I'm not terribly sentimental about most things, though, so that does make it a bit easier….

  15. Arrash Nick Mazdai says:

    At least we got an updated unofficial bookshelf tour

  16. louisity says:

    On the spot unhauls. 👍
    The break up songs are witty!!! 👏👍👌

  17. Eden Wright says:

    Jesse. Get rid of Solo. Please hahaha

  18. emily cheetham says:

    Does a video on clearing out his book shelves
    Outcome= possibly getting rid of 3 books

  19. Olivia Nduta says:

    Read A little life. It is worth all those 800 plus pages. I mean it wrecked me but I will recommend time and time again .

  20. Emily Glover says:

    3 is a start, it may be small but it still makes a difference📖😁

  21. ayush dubey says:

    Just give me those books man

  22. Rosemary Park says:

    How do people get rid of books in a series? Should you at least keep at least one? For me it's mainly because of lack of space for books.

  23. Dhor16 says:

    Halfway through the video and Jesse is yet to actually get rid of a book.

  24. Mechanic Gopher says:

    Why is the order: Divergent, Allegiant, Insurgent, Four on your shelf, Jesse?


  25. Tokey mania says:

    Hello Jessie the reader I am tokey the gamer how can i get addicted to books

  26. 김하영 says:

    Get rid of them books Jesse!

  27. Dark Warrior27 says:

    Let go of Miss peregrines🤣

    No don't actually its also my favourite boom series..

  28. Pale faced beauty says:

    I know I'll probably get a heap of hate for this, but I couldn't get into game of thrones. Firstly they are all massive, they have over 50 different characters and family houses so I have to constantly flip back to where I last saw them and it's annoying. I find it hard to pass them along though because it's a popular series, all my friends adore it, but it takes up half a shelf and I don't really want to read the last 3 books. This series does not spark joy!

  29. Caro and Char says:

    Getting rid of books simply means getting more!!

  30. raneem alotaibi says:

    why are his eyes different color?

  31. Jaylen McCoy says:

    You should read the Narnia books

  32. Hannah Bowen says:

    If I have no desire to reread a book I get rid of it so someone else can enjoy the story. It’s not that I don’t like it, I want someone else to enjoy it. Think of it like that.

  33. Su Azim says:

    Bruh when you thanos-ed uncle Rick's shelf I was ready to
    l e a v e

  34. Dean Marino says:

    Marie Kondo is screaming and shaking her head

  35. The Mighty Quill says:

    My Percy Jackson books are old and ratty and beginning to fall apart, but they are NEVER leaving my shelves! Unhauling books is getting hard for me. I’m sentimental too, and because I unhaul a couple times a year I’m not close to having a pretty curated collection, but not much more room on my shelves 🙈😅 Hopefully I can whittle down my Unread books and find some I don’t like or won’t reread, or books have lost interest in.

  36. Shahd Rashid says:

    I feel like if you couldn't bring yourself to finish a book (ex: the book you showed in the video) u shouldn't keep it especially since you are always updating your book collection. You will never get to finishing your new books if you keep trying to read books you aren't enjoying. Or the opposite will happen and you will never get to reading your DNF books if you are trying to read your new books that you might actually be enjoying. So you could either stop buying books for the meanwhile (which isn't going to happen so go with my second option) or give up the unfinshed books or the books you cnt bring yourself to read.
    Maybe your giving yourself the excuse that it could be a new favourite. If you truelly believe that, then don't slow down the process and go read it. But if you are just using it as an excuse, then so what. There will always be great books in the world that we may never get the chance to read that could have been a potential favourite.
    Don't slow yourself down, keep going. 🙂

  37. Marisa C says:

    I get rid of any books that I don't think I'll reread.

  38. lucas says:

    if you didn't have a mini heart attack every time the camera landed on a book you like, then are you truly a reader?

  39. Laura M says:

    I'm pretty brutal when it comes to getting rid of books I no longer read, but if you're struggling to clear space on your shelves, I have a less brutal suggestion: take out all the books you are considering getting rid of, and put them in a box or a bag, and store them somewhere close to your bookshelves. Give yourself a time period, maybe a month or three months or whatever you want, and if you end up wanting to reread a book that is in the box/bag, then it can stay (taking it out and just reminiscing over it doesn't count, gotta reread it front to back). Any book that has not been removed and reread, gets thrown out into a charity shop. That way, you have room cleared from your shelves for new books, and you can still change your mind on any book you put in the to-go box. 🙂

  40. Jo Carter says:

    It might help to take everything off your shelf first. 😅

  41. Caitlin Cranford says:

    Keep the book sleeve, frame it, and donate the book.

  42. Prince Philip says:

    In my opinion you considering getting rid of a book is reason enough to get rid of it. Allow new and better books to come into your life!

  43. Maariya says:


  44. KatyBeth says:

    A defining feature for me in keeping books is I ask myself "Will I ever want to read this again?", and "Would I recommend/want to lend this book to anyone?" But then I don't ever expect to get those books back, so I'm basically giving them away.

  45. Marine says:

    😂 Literally me when I say I'm gonna clear out my bookshelves! Selecting a bunch of books and then… putting them all back on the shelves.
    Loved the video, it was really interesting! Your bookshelves are honestly goals

  46. Bookishly Confused says:

    I struggle so hard getting rid of books as well. Before I moved to this new town, I got rid of a hundred books, but now I don't want to get rid of anything even the stack I have compiled to get rid of. 🙄

  47. missnewvillage says:

    Loved the description of the untouchable shelf.

  48. Thalia Perales says:

    Teardrops on my books
    Lose books to love books
    The series that got away
    😂😂😂 this is why I love Jessie ❤️

  49. karen matta says:

    Jesse: complaining about his hands movements
    Me: laughs in italian 👐🏻 👐🏻

  50. Stacy U says:

    Jesse: makes a video about getting rid of books
    Also Jesse: only gets rid of three book

  51. Huffle Paw says:

    Memories aren’t in the objects we own

  52. Nadia Patel says:

    Clear those books!!!! Otherwise, I am gonna send the hulk…

  53. PiAlphaGamma says:

    you totally missed the point of I Never. as someone with a background in psychology and relationships, I Never represents healthy relationships at every age and stage, including parent/child and co-parenting relationships.

  54. S. Jay says:

    I’ll take em

  55. NeverAskedtobeMade1390 says:

    This may have been the most frustrating 13 minutes of my life lol
    I used to be this bad at getting books off my shelves. I used to justify every book I owned, but at some point, I had to be really honest with myself and what I could plausibly read in a year and even managed to get rid of books I had sitting around for years but never read. It does make me feel better knowing that the books I get rid of are going to places where other people can either enjoy them more than I did or give them a chance to be read when I couldn't possibly. One way or another, gotta make room for them new books!

  56. Galaxia says:

    idk if you're taking reading suggestions right now but Watch the Sky by Kirsten Hubbard and the Neptune Trilogy by Polly Holyoke are some of my favorite books that cause me to have DEEP THOUGHTS so yea 🙂

  57. brandon meacham says:

    Jesse. Someone has to say it: YOU ARE A BOOK HOARDER

  58. abbslife says:

    You are great :')

  59. Sana F says:

    Get rid of solo Jesse! 💕

  60. Cate Smith says:

    Chuck the Japan one

  61. Mia Pardoe says:

    Jesse I'm pushing you to get rid of those books you don't like

  62. Kirsti Flaten says:

    When you "Thanos snapped" the Riordan books away, I was about to go off on you. Luckily, it was just a prank. Rick Riordan should be cherished forever.

  63. Laura says:

    I feel you on the book cover thing, and I don’t think it’s stupid 😊.

  64. Laura says:

    And I disagree, three boks aren’t nothing.

  65. Saba says:

    So technically u are getting rid of the first book just cause your ex gave that and not getting rid of that cause ur ex gave that? Xd

  66. Ann Meds says:

    Why does it look so much like the fault in our stars, the cover

  67. MK Books says:

    I was so upset when I saw the Percy Jackson books disappear. I haven't read them (I feel like I missed the boat on those books) but they're so pretty to look at so I really enjoy getting to see them (and their bright, beautiful, colorful dust jackets) on your shelf since I don't get to see them on mine. Glad they're here to stay!

  68. Explicitly Me says:

    You know, the only thing I got out of this is that Jesse is a single pringle. He should hit me up 👀

  69. Grace Russell Russelk says:

    Jesse when you think about it your giving books you don't love to people who will love and care for them way more than you will.

  70. Anastasia Louis says:

    This is just like me trying to unhaul my books. I go through this debate every time. As for the book that has a cover you really like, keep the cover if it can be removed. Then frame it or make some art piece with it and get rid of the book. If the cover can't be removed make a photocopy or just take a picture of it, (I've done this myself with book covers and completed puzzles) that way you have a memory of it, but the book itself need not take up space on your shelf.

  71. Amy Patterson says:

    Totally just subscribed to your channel because of the Marie Kondo joke 🙂

  72. Marine B says:

    Good luck with your books ! I can't get rid of them if they are on the bookshelves, so I always take them off (all of them, in the same time), and then 60 books go on to a new life 🤷‍♀️

  73. Katarzyna Łysiak says:

    I nearly had a heart attack when I thought you were getting rid of Rick Riordan! SO glad you didn't:)

  74. OutOfMyMindElf says:

    You could always get rid of the book but keep the dust jacket.

  75. Nicole Bookish says:

    Good step! The way unhaul books is if I consider unhauling if I rated it 3* (not a good rating for me). If it was 1 or 2 * I almost always unhaul automatically. If I bought it full price i give it to a friend as a present.

  76. Jaime Leigh says:

    I let out an audible gasp when he thanosed the Percy Jackson shelf. My heart couldn't handle that Jessie!

  77. avery M says:

    Boi when you snapped the Rick Riordan books away😳😲😰

    No please no

  78. Bella Bells says:

    I love the effort he puts into his videos. You could tell he REALLY only wants to serve the best of his content.

  79. Bella Bells says:


  80. Book Ally says:

    Yes I like that you go through the process with us!!!

  81. Julia Gaylard says:

    Jesse taking all the RR books off had me shocked🤦🏻‍♀️

  82. Trover says:

    Divergent series books gotta go man

  83. Juliet Gore says:

    The thing you didn't think about was that you could give them to GoodWill so people who like to read but have a small budget can find books

  84. Jennifer says:

    Every time I watch your vids I feel inspired to read my books. 😆 even if I just finished a book or am in the middle of a book. Also. Makes me wanna buy books.

  85. Ericka W. says:

    I remember seeing a book unhaul challenge floating around a year or so ago, maybe try that out and those prompts will help decide what books to want to get rid of.

  86. Jade McLean says:

    I read the book The last leaves falling in the school library and i was uncomfortable with the ending as well it made me feel upset and thinking that it shouldnt be in the school library

  87. Alicia G says:

    I just wanted to know what books you removed. Not a long video where you think about removing books and then..don't.

  88. Jessica Richards says:

    I like to think of my bookshelves as something that represents me as a reader. If there is something that I don’t like, then that book isn’t helping me see all the joy books bring me. I hope that makes sense. Hope you find a way to make room for all the books

  89. Strawberry cheesecake says:

    My trick for getting rid of books is to:
    1. Sell them- gives you money for new ones.
    2. Don't throw them away, but give them to the library instead. Mine was all over my old manga collection, and now teens can enjoy what I've outgrown.

  90. bookworm1213 says:

    Hmh… I really liked 'The last leaves falling'.. I thought it was a pretty good book xD

  91. Kinej 55 says:

    I swear my heart stopped when you got rid of Rick Riordan’s books😂

  92. Samantha Gillespie says:

    I’ll stack the books I’m considering getting rid of into a box and let them sit until I’m annoyed enough with their existence to get rid of them

  93. Finn Willis says:

    what do you edit on

  94. Tales4natalie says:

    I read A Little Life about 3 years ago and it's still a book I still think about.

  95. Oluwafadekemi Odu-onikosi says:

    do not get rid of a little life
    people love it
    you probably will
    watch this, please
    I mean just watch it

  96. Laura Kapp says:

    dont get rid of books just get more bookshelves

  97. Ιωάννα Χτζ. says:

    I almost had a heart attack when you snapped Rick Riordan's books away. I was like : He's adopted. Percy being like: Mr. Jesse I don't wanna go. And then Jesse being like: BOOOM you lookin' for this? And then I was like: Thank the gods you didn't get rid of the dam Rick Riordan's books!

  98. BookLoversUnite says:

    This should be retitled "here is a bunch of books I dont like, but am still going to keep"

  99. Sofi Sofi says:

    I think 3 books are ok, as long as you had second thoughts about the others. (on the other hand, I understand your disappointment, you made no room for me ones in the end. I feel you, this happens to me pretty often)
    And of course Jesse, a pretty cover is definitely a very good reason for keeping a book!! Hellooooo!! 😁📙💙

  100. Dragón guardián de los Libros says:

    I can't believe jessie give 20 or 30 minutes of his life for a Ricky's joke

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