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Bullying, and just general aggression
online, are one of the things that teenagers experience in social media
environments. The troll is taking some enjoyment out have upsetting someone else on the
internet but before you came to understand about free speech on the web
is that we haven’t clearly delineated makes the
tough decisions cyber bullying is a very popular
customers sometimes we see killing going on on face the walls bc nasty comments
argued include and comments accents let me find
that young people often don’t categorize a lot of online aggression it goes on
house willing and open up refrigerators dramas it’s easier for you and give the
loss of the goes on onlineshoes minimize its impact on there’s a term called the online this
inhibitions back which says that people are less
inhibited online because you can see the first met her talking to you there really is a sense of that
protection haha anonymity that allows people to give
rise to the senate aggressions teachers from places like space for where every
identity is tied to their real names there’s still a lot of questions to be
tax i don’t think it is not about anonymity as it is about these distancing fact
computer screen in front of you alarm went off line boeing are often part of
disdain social science magnet somebody’s getting
slowly face-to-face mohali fiscal may also be experiencing crushing online
most young people face to face believes is more stressful and have more
emotionally and quote-unquote cyber bully and focusing just on cyber
bullying ignores a whole range of other dynamics online the young people might
find really typical and really participate the tragic cases teen suicide really
complicated we do know that in number of these pieces the young people involved had asked her how many work supported so
rather than telling teenagers they shouldn’t be putting content online i
think it’s about supporting young people in their day-to-day life is not just
about regulating their behaviors essentially trolling is about disruption a terrific temps too frustrate misfortune fury eight uh… chosen
target can run the gamut redirecting someone to unanswered image
or video clip for example rick astley seventy you well all the way to going after the friends
and family of murdered teenagers and everything in between in the mid two thousand strolling began
to take on the specifics of cultural connotation or something kinda fun
charles and the hotbed was what stands anymore something then if i’m trolls claim to be
motivated by what’s called walls correction of laugh out loud implies
amusement that they can trolls believe that
nothing should be taken seriously if you take something seriously thing you deserve it one of the most
problematic forms of trolling is memorial castro filled mostly sendiri
materials onto based but very few pages devoted to the recently deceased this is
three guys off that stuff all traveled the north of here over the
fifteen year old girl destroy dot our way in may and new page because as here hope for invented the internet
anyone that’s s_l_a_ under trolls are implicitly
critiquing e_t_a_ narrative surrounding these stats
specifically people who are regarded as three forests strangers to the deceased to post
condolence messages on the base the page is a lot of them are helping strolls are
targeting those people his first interests tests patrolling fetal tissue would set the rules of the game set fundamentally asymmetrical but that
courtesy is not extended to the target the target does not give us a it is
often very exciting and very and are usually very damaging played yet also has the potential of
opening up dialogue that otherwise it wouldn’t be open up and regardless of
what the tro was actually trying to accomplish it has the ability to make
people think what do these behaviors in what they say it about the contract
which they arise how does this fit into a larger cultural
brown year has been amazing development for
free speech in general this has toppled government’s this is helped elect
presidents but anytime you give anyone the ability
to speak there’s always the chance that they could abuse that ability free speech means something very
different online that does offline when you’re talking about speech offline
you’re usually talking about these interference with the speech by the
divergence but when it comes to just private censorship was the first
amendment provides is just the benefit of history online service writers to
have a lot to learn from supports struggling with these issues when they
set their rules for big dick example of the innocence of muslims case the video
was put up online prompted protests throughout the arab world and certainly cannot envy campbell at
all they had to decide in the moment value of the video has a provocation for
further discussion without legitimate danger to life in living that the
reaction to that that it will engender there’s this dear fiction that equates
free speech with speech without criticism that he is not only bronx
somewhat antithetical to what the first amendment solid balanced think the most
productive solution will always be making people understand how their words affect you so solutions
on and then we have to recognize that the people were trying to protect by
forcing people to reveal their true names online are often the people there
speaking anonymously online thing convicted who is gay enters in a high school where
that revelation would lead to physical abuse for him you can take the example
up a victim of domestic violence you can take the example of a dissident fighting
against foreign government where there is anyway because the government is that
we find them and kill them i don’t think there’s anything about the internet
returns on two people people i have seen more about each other
whenever you confront that speech you have to think about why is that person saying what they’re
saying the future speech online is largely going to rest on we decide to
govern what goes on the web i refer to trolls as agents of cultural
thank gestion you can look at what the chills are
doing and extrapolate out what larger trends are going on and so it’s not
necessarily about trying to fix the internet it’s not taking a long look at the
culture in which we live in in our values and see how those playhouse
intact people’s faces like unit in cases of free speech online who makes the
tough decisions right now is resting on the corporations and while they’ve been
very careful to date there’s nothing structurally that lets them from taking
a different approach in future

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100 thoughts on “Bad Behavior Online: Bullying, Trolling & Free Speech | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios”

  1. James says:

    The Internet is not governed, nor should it.

  2. James says:

    The only people who should have control of content are the creators themselves

  3. Johann Minharo says:


  4. Treavor Calkum says:

    Well I Agree i was a victim to a cyber Bully Group Called Starfleet Dental who thinks they're Vigilantes against Sexual Predators but they're not they go in star trek online to troll and make people get banned every time they greef em and Star trek online became an unfriendly game becuase of Starfleet Dental and the Players who follow them so yea Starfleet Dental have no respect to any ones feelings but their own thats why im against cyber bullys

  5. Treavor Calkum says:

    I Lost My Enjoyment on Star Trek Online Thanks to a Goon Group Starfleet Dental and they keep saying their Good Guys which they Aren't and i hate the Devs not Dealing with em

  6. Mauro Pesce says:

    This is part of the Offobook serie so I assume trolling is an artform.

  7. says:

    Calling someone a troll is just another way to silence speech. If mocking the deluded, dumb and fraudulent makes me a troll, than I am a troll and proud of it.

  8. / says:

    But what gives you the right to impose your will upon other people?

  9. Mel Din says:

    The suicide victims? Seriously?

  10. Michael Truong says:

    like i said, if they didn't take every single comment about them so seriously it wouldve never gotten to the point where they would kill themselves. obviously everyone has been or will be bullied/trolled in their lives, it just how you decide to deal with it

  11. eidothea says:

    And you expect families of deceased victims to laugh along with the trolls who continue to call their kid 'whores' or 'gay'? Would you tell it to their face to get a sense of humour? No, because having a sense of humour does not mean that you don't defend yourself when someone make a baseless, ignorant insult about you. There is a line which what is defined as 'humour' crosses into malicious, bullying territory which should be called out on. Please let me know what your thoughts are on this.

  12. Michael Truong says:

    i dont think you understand what im saying. im not saying laugh at the situation that someone died because of online bullying, im saying to prevent it from happening, teach your children some humility, the problem is when you take yourself too seriously. instead of crying over yourself because youre overweight, gay, or whatever it is that people are making fun of, just joke about it, use it as an excuse show people that what they say doesnt matter

  13. eidothea says:

    Well, I'm glad we can agree that it is not a good thing to laugh at someone's death because of online bullying, and I do understand that it's important to have thick skin. However, as with the case with a lot of bullies, when you try to be the bigger person and show humility, they see you as a pushover and would see it as a license to say or do worse. I think we have a responsibility to tell bullies that what they are doing is wrong. After all, evil prevails when good people do nothing.

  14. dankdari69 says:

    I think there's a limit to what trolls should do. I'll only troll as a prank, like in minecraft or something, but ide never set out to ruin someones life!

  15. Oomles says:

    there's this thing called "having a heart", by any chance do you know where to get one?

  16. Oomles says:

    I'm seeing some serious people with cold hearts in this comment section…
    but to be honest, there's nothing we can do about cyberbullying and trolls. Jerks will always be jerks…

  17. BannanaOfDoom says:

    Theres a difference between going "WAA SHE CALLED ME FAT" and "WAA THEYPICKETTED MY SISTERS FUNERAL"

    There is a fucking reason why theres a block button.

  18. buymyfiat says:

    ingress ingressplay ingressplayvideo | Let's keep in touch.

  19. GayDicks420 says:

    To an extent, yes

  20. GayDicks420 says:

    Sure there is, you either don't go on the internet, or one page, or block that person.
    It just doesn't fucking matter.

  21. yellowklayman says:

    There is a difference between free speech and libel, harassment, and slander.

  22. LilZammie says:

    Turned this off when they took the video of the kid taking it to his bully out of context.

  23. slw2222 says:

    lol what the fuck is this shit "when we decide who governs what goes on the web" no one governs what goes on the web and no one ever will don't even bring those thoughts into words.

  24. realhumanbean says:

    stupid fuckin video. What an insipid, nonsensical drivel. All it's saying is don't troll online because you're hurting other person's feelings bwahhhhhh.

    fuckin cry babies.

  25. Rex says:

    Trolling is not bullying. When the person is trying to troll but gets to the point where he/she is harassing the user, that crossed a line and makes it cyber bullying. If you disagree otherwise, you do not understand what trolling really is. Trolls just act stupid but try to get people to believe they are really that stupid or ignorant and get the user all riled up. Trolling is really about getting a reaction, nothing more.

  26. Yong Peng says:

    Since we are in the realm of internet slang, it's hard to say trolling is not the same as bullying with absolute certainty. Your definition of trolling could be very different from someone else's definition. This video did a very nice job of stating their definition of trolling.

  27. Equivalent TheIncredible says:

    Damn, PBS, why do you repeat after FOX in the "trolling" section?
    I thought, you were better than that 🙁

  28. Equivalent TheIncredible says:

    As of the isue of "free speech" – please, read the article "Condemning Censorship, Even of Werewolves" by ESR. There's an interesting approach to stomping one of the famous Internet douchebags out.

  29. David Last says:

    The U.S, Constitution. Or abridging the freedom of speech, When a person is threatened that is not freedom of speech.

  30. FairyZana7 says:

    Did this video just rick roll us?

  31. Butane Wolf says:

    and in future , people will need degree for internet 😀

  32. Happy Chunks says:

    Freedom of Speech gives me the right to verbally abuse others. No matter how mentally unhinged they are. I am given that right via Anonymity. It's a beautiful thing to torment the weak 🙂

  33. evadcock says:

    Would have liked to see the flipside mentioned and that of course being good guy greg.

  34. SD Trujillo says:

    Good video. Thanks.

  35. Jon Paul Cuellar says:

    The only thing that freedom of speech guarantees is that you are legally allowed to say whatever you want. You still have to face the consequences for your words.

  36. Jon Paul Cuellar says:

    Causing distress for the sake of enjoyment is animalistic at best, and it always amuses me when these animals try to speak like humans and forget that higher reasoning is what makes humans human.

  37. young boi says:

    r.i.p to all of those people who have been cyberbullied, trolled, and ended in self harm or suicide . whats wrong with todays society. i mean to all the teachers kids and parents that we'rew the only ones who ever fantisize about a normal world??????

  38. Dan Smith says:

    U mad

  39. SurtrWorldburner says:

    free speech (no matter its use) is not a priviedge or an option, it is a right to be used or abused as a person sees fit. IMO. that being said, I dont support or agree with intense bullying. But you cant just say its not allowed i believe you need to support those being bullied in this way and create an environment where people wont want to do it even though they can.

  40. dawnofworld says:

    To an extent it can be highly revoking.

  41. Lazauya says:

    So they DO know what they are talking about?

  42. DeployTheGarrison says:

    Ugh do u retards know what trolling actually is? It's actually a lot different from trolling trolling is simply when u prank someone on the Internet does playful pranking do emotional damage in real life? Nope. Everything they talked about in this video was harsh cruel bullying not trolling. Dumb shits.

  43. mimiklaranathalie says:

    Depends on the troll, really.

  44. mimiklaranathalie says:

    I think you mean "what trolling actually WAS". The rick rollin' and similar trolling was playful pranking, nobody got offended by that (mayhaps a little annoyed but nothing more). Today most "trolling" is in fact extremely disruptive and most often aimed at annoying and pushing people down, NOT having a laugh. It's frustrated people who are craving attention and found a place where they can easily excuse their adolescent and disruptive behavior as "trolling".

  45. mimiklaranathalie says:

    severely annoying and pushing~* Go play a few games of League of Legends and you'll get to experience the "trolling" that is actually going on these days.

  46. DeployTheGarrison says:

    Ok gimme an example of what a cruel troll would do.

  47. Patsy Hoolahan says:

    Our new episode has an internet troll on via skype. He didn't know we had his mother in the studio LOL! He was actually kind of cute.

  48. miketv says:

    free online speech elected Obama but not Bush?
    It's weird how people like to rewrite history for those 2 guys. So, the internet didn't exist until 2008….got it.

  49. miketv says:

    ….annnnd they just blamed the Benghazi attacks on a video. That confirms it: this video is bullshit propaganda. Fuck you for officially selling out, PBS.

  50. HerpErik says:

    Hilarious. I thought the same thing, and then I realized that it didn't say 'Benghazi'

  51. Ivan McNotusingmyname says:

    An example of trolling is when I'm leaving the theater after seeing The Hobbit, saying "Dumbledore was a very weak supporting character" and getting people to believe me. This worked, by the way.

    Calling people names, racial slurs, cussing and other forms of vocal harassment does not equate to trolling. It's simply being a dick, but people didn't know what to call it and therefore began misusing the term "trolling".

  52. Eric Stevenson says:

    I seriously think 123 people are trolling.

  53. miketv says:

    um…there were NO protests over the video. Not in Benghazi, not in Iran, not in Morocco, nowhere.
    And yet PBS still insisted that an online video "prompted protests across the Arab world,"…. which, of course, is a White House lie. And then they spent the next few minutes focusing on that video's supposed effect. It's a lie designed to reign in dissenting voices.

    What are you – a PBS shill? The secret's out…we know PBS will always throw itself on a grenade for Obama. Just like MSNBC.

  54. Studio Daydream says:

    im so sorry I laughed when the picture said "I caught the train… to heaven LOL"

    I'm sorry but that's funny

  55. mr bob says:

    trolling is not bullying, but its merely a pathway to bullying and its worst than bullying .because hurting peoples feeling is worst than hurting them physically.

  56. DMCAServicesBureau says:

    WARNING: It has been determined your comment contains prohibited hostilities against PBS, and negative sentiments against the Obama Administration, presenting a clear violation of YouTube Community Guidelines.
    Any additional comments posted to this video which contain anti-government slurs, racial insults or use of vocabulary that disparages Israel/Zionism, will be flagged for removal, constituent to and solely pending review by YouTube staff, on the basis of prohibited hate-speech and/or abuse.

  57. amberbydreams1 says:

    I take it you have never had to deal with years of trying to rebuild your psyche because of emotional bullying?

  58. Cody Howard says:

    Trolling is not bullying. When you get bullied, you don't have the option to leave or escape. In most cases the bully is physically superior to the victim. But when you get trolled online or get pranked called, you can leave. You can turn off the damn computer or end the fucking call. This is the difference between trolling and bullying, you fucking Internet Nazis. If you are emotionally weak enough to feel offended by being trolled online you shouldn't be online

  59. Debaucheerful says:

    Bullying is a real thing and an ugly expirience, but cyberbullying? Really? Are all these people living in a magical world of Walt Disney or they just never leave the safe walls of their houses? Because world outside is pretty rough. If they can't handle internet, where you are 100% safe, how can they handle real life?

  60. booloop says:

    Hmm we'll then there trying to stop trolls but there so many of them and there all just dumb because they think they can post something on youtube and get big from making fun of people well some have and that's not helping the situation

  61. Staffofstuff says:

    Depends on the context, and how it is delivered.

  62. Who's that guy says:

    3:36 truly epic lulz!

  63. Actingskint says:

    Rodney , you are either incredibly stupid or just looking for a reaction. I would suspect you do not have a girlfriend , when you express such narrow minded sexist opinions. I agree that men are often physically stronger. But when it comes to mental toughness,women have the advantage. Yes some women find abusive and sexual refrences offensive.But i suspect what they really find offensive are bigots such as yourself.

  64. Derrick Smith says:


    One of Bill Waggoners finest. BWC 4 lyfe!

  65. Jessie Woodard says:

    Where trolling originated it wasn't in good fun, and nobody was laughing with you.

  66. Monir khan says:

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  67. oita neagra says:

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  68. John Doe says:

    It always amazes me these experts who know so much about social media where in their early 20's by the time it came out. Get some younger folks on here to talk about social media, cyber bullying, trolling, etc. And they will likely be much more accurate. Internet culture is not as simple as these "experts" imply.

  69. metronome says:

    Hahaha cyber bullying is dumb, just turn off your fucking screen

    killing yourself over a few "u mad bro's" shows how weak the new generation is

  70. josh6738 says:

    i don't lol at rip people i troll other players on red orchestra not to already dead people besides i don't troll all the time once in awhile i probably will troll but not alot and i do say im sorry and then i stop   

  71. Jayne Hathaway says:

    it's not just teenagers. Adults are some of the worst bullies…if you take a stand on, or express an opinion on anything, you're going to be attacked.

  72. Christopher Graham says:

    Now,The Medical Doctors will create a new Mental Disorder called "B.B.O""

    "Bad Behavior Online" and stuff that disorder with the 20 mental disorders.

  73. SilencedDestroyer says:

    Trolling is an "internet prank". Frankly if and when I troll I hope to get a laugh both sides. I remember getting trolled because I was acting like a "Try Hard" and everyone had a good laugh in the end. Frankly if you want to avoid being trolled leave the game or mute said players and block them. The problem with these "troll victims" is that they don't do this and instead rage. This makes it funnier for trolls that you act like this. If you are trolling someone to make them rage, make sure they're already "ragers" (players who get angry over a certain game and act aggressive toward others). Still tell them it's a joke in the end. If your a eager and being trolled don't threaten anything, otherwise they'll keep trolling you. If you troll someone to crying or get them in trouble by getting their parents involved or just follow them from game to game, it's cyber-bullying. This is where I explain why trolling is an internet prank, you do it to a person once. You don't keep trolling that person…

  74. The artist formerly know as Eots /BrAiNwErKs says:

    sticks and stones fuckers

  75. Brending Klout says: @Air Time Heating & Cooling The Last Great Men @Cora Memorial Foundation @GET OFF MY LAWN @Myspace @Myspace UK 

  76. Mcgilla says:

    Are you kidding me? Memorial trolling? How the heck do people live with doing that!? Upright disrespect, spinelessness and lack of feelings. My god

  77. Cookie master says:

    stop the cyberbullying it's not worth it

  78. DanielTimothyFilms says:


  79. FannyPackZack says:

    Pbs is three letters. God is also three letters. Pbs rhymes with cbs. Cbs is a tv program pbs is a tv program.

    Sign up for christian health and bettering your soul body and mind @ www.pbsisgod.c0m/christianitytransformme2god420mariJ/user

  80. FannyPackZack says:

    O they bullied me on interwebs now im gonna kill myself cus potato brain. If u cant handle being bullied on the internet then maybe you shouldnt bully anyone in real life. Think of who these 'trolls' are. Maybe the one you shit on in the lunch line at highschool,no big deal tho right

  81. mikalsi says:

    My friend thinks griefing is trolling so he destroyes my stuff in minecraft

  82. American guy says:

    I have an idea for those type of bad people: Sue those evil Internet ruining monsters for $9987543114578 and sue them to the point they will never go near a computer again

  83. Nick Nancy says:

    I'm a (non-psychopathic) troll, and I've been "bullied", if you can call it that, online. However, I don't find this offensive. I can simply block these people… I'm not getting depressed at someone's rude remarks.

  84. the boss says:

    i want to see the end of bullies on youtube , if you defend a victim thaystart on you , i dont give into bullies , i pitty them in fact but not every victim is as strong as me,

  85. Elliot Rodger says:

    Fuck the system fuck the people fuck the police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Teemo,The Swift Scout says:



    This is a retarded video

  87. DiamondCraft Productions says:

    why do people troll? for a laugh? do they have feelings for the people they are trolling? no they dont and thats why i hate it because they dont care about you and when they post it boom life ruined… stop trolling

  88. Quite Complex says:

    Trolling is not bad. It's a prank. Bullying on the other hand is bad because you are actually intending harm and it is no prank.

  89. Swag Yolo says:

    Wtf is this video just turn off the machines

  90. Pringles Chips says:

    Trolling is not just a prank. The term prank gives it no justification either. Pranking someone is making a person upset or conflicted just for the crude entertaining joy of said troller/pranker. Its the strive of someone's unhappiness to be honest, there is no good outcome…

  91. Chocolate Charlie says:

    trolling is for fun and is not bullying

  92. thezombiekiller 115 says:

    It's pointless to bully

  93. Jh T says:

    What's sad is that it's your own Toxic Family members,,which behavior has gotten worse ever since Social Media was created…you can be moved far away from these toxic trolls and they will still find a way to fuck up your life for leaving them…..clingy phychos that study every move you make… You don't even have to have a FB page,,,and they will find other relatives or even your own kids and friend them to find out your business… And even turn your own kids against you…social media has done nothing but ruin lives and get people killed,,,too many people using it for evil,, to lure kids,,stalk,set up and accuse… Trolls like to ruin everything including what they are ruining for this whole country because of jealousy and hate,,,everyone caught up in sabbatoging one another,,,, idiotic families that do that type of shyt to one another, wonder why and how they keep adding more poverty to the family,,, instead of supporting one another to succeed,,they rather hold you back and punish you if you try to leave them…Trolls will be caught…all they have to do is investigate the exchange of conversation between everyone to see who started what….some people are just stuck on stupidity..

  94. Tragedy Swiftz says:

    If you take something seriously you deserve it? WTH?🤔😠

  95. iiSanin says:


  96. David Ansty says:

    The fact is people almost never respond to polite comments. It's human nature. If you want to be completely anonymous and almost never get a response, don't troll.

  97. Federal Bureau Of Investigation says:

    Can you please fix your subtitle

  98. spill the tea says:

    Someone once told me to cut and that she will send me a razor and she told me to die but I did fight back tho 🙂 and you should too if you're getting bullied don't let them walk all over you!! ❤️❤️

  99. sergiooh97 says:

    But hey, all of that is free speech. So it’s ok, right?

    Millennial pricks.

  100. James Lambert says:

    We must not tolerate the trolls.

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