Azazel Leader of the Watchers – Book of Enoch- Gary Wayne – Genesis 6 Conspiracy-NowYouSeeTV


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100 thoughts on “Azazel Leader of the Watchers – Book of Enoch- Gary Wayne – Genesis 6 Conspiracy-NowYouSeeTV”

  1. KJF TV says:

    Azazel is not lucifer

  2. EliYahu isnotme says:

    What name did he inherited ? His Father's name.
    Being made so much better than the angels, as he has by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they. HEBREWS 1:4
    Which also said, Ye men of Galiyl, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same YAHUSHA, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven. Then returned they unto Yerushalayim from the Mount called Olivet, which is from Yerushalayim a Shabbath day's journey. ACTS 1:11-12
    Then shall YAHUAH go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle. And his feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives, which is before Yerushalayim on the east, and the Mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the Negev. ZECHARIAH 14:3-4

  3. DR J WINGS says:

    More Satanic bullshit, I say..
    Let God arise and his enemies be scattered, I say..
    I'm a scorpion and serpent stomper…
    Laugh at the devil or he will laugh at you!

  4. Gangerolf says:

    Im sorry for my previous comment about me beliving u were stoned lol @Jon Pounders. I heard you alot more since I made it and now know its just your "dialect" and how you sound.. I was compleatly rude and ask that u forgive me.
    God Bless you and those involved with your show. you guys make a real good work on biblical topics 😀
    Im relistening to this show now cus I thought it was so good the first time I heard it.

  5. ericlogos says:

    And godriel is the actual name of satan ( which means adversary) that's why when you pray to god- you can figure it out.

  6. ericlogos says:

    You look like a rapist interviewing a pedophile.

  7. Leanna says:

    Shemjazza is his angel name Azazel is his Demon name. (both are his masculine aspects) He is light and dark. He also has feminine aspects but I am unsure what they are. Or if he even uses or identifys with those aspects.

    Also certain levels of angels had the power to shapeshift into material form back then. Animal or human.

  8. The Watcher Chronicles says:

    I can't for the life of me understand how gullible most of you people are. You can see Venus pass between the Sun and the Earth with the naked eye. With a polarized lense you can see Mercury also. It is clear as day that all the planets revolve around the Sun. The following theories are all psyops with the intention to divide and conquer the church:
    Flat Earth
    Moon landing hoax
    Mars hoax
    Glass dome firmament
    All of which are designed to make Christians out to be stupid, gullible, religious extremist nuts.
    When the Antichrist comes out into the open with his star fleet and carries astronauts, politicians, and scientists into space, to the moon, and to Mars, you people are going to cause all of Christianity to look like what Atheists already claim it is: a book of fairy tales written by a bunch of introvert hermits. Millions of believers will lose faith and accept the Antichrist as the Superior being of the Universe. And why not? After all, he will have disproven the silly religious nut nonsense of a flat, circle with corners and a glass dome Earth in which the Sun is small enough to revolve around the Earth, but yet has plannets which revolve around it; two of which pass between the Sun and Earth and the rest of which revolve around the Earth every night yet around the Sun once every several months to thousands of years. OMG the ignorance and gullibility of you people.
    These guys pushing these theories are psy-op agents setting you all up for your own demise. You are all houses built on sand. The Holy Ghost is the teacher of all truth and would never inspire men to spread doctrine which would ultimately disprove God as the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, when Satan himself disproves your foolish notion of a flat, glass domed Earth, people will have no choice but to follow him. You fool have no idea what you are doing.

  9. Nicolas Beyl says:

    How Come you get that info? The watchers, the hydra

  10. B'Chayil Ben Dan says:

    One small comment. It is Ah-zah-zel', not A'-za-zel. At Yom Kippur, there were 2 coats. Lots were cast. One was used as a sacrifice for the sins of the Kohen-High Priest. The other was designated as Azazel and was for the corporate sins of Israel. A scarlet piece of cloth was torn in two and one piece was tied to one of the horns of the scapegoat. The other was placed at the doorway of the Temple. The Azazel was then taken to a rocky cliff where it was pushed off. Its body was dashed to pieces. Miraculously, the scarlet cloth at the Temple turned white, signifying that G-d has accepted that atonement for the sins of Israel.

  11. Merrimour The Red says:


  12. john pearson says:

    Why would gods sons the angels look like serpents

  13. James Shoemaker says:

    Azazel was bound in desert . The escape goat was named Azazel that went into desert. Where did Jesus go to confront Satan and defeated him in the desert.

  14. Tem Anu says:


  15. Matthew,Neufer Ruach of Yahweh says:

    Lucifer was a cherubim he was the anointed cherub that covereth

  16. OG TROLL says:


    Satan is a title, not a name.

    2. You need to distinguish which you are discussing, there's the satan in Job who does the accusing.

    This is different than the Serpent satan who deceived eve.

    Lucifer comes from the Latin vulgate.. Satans name is not lucifer, the original texts do not say Lucifer..

    Even with the title or name Lucifer being accepted. This being is a "Covering cherubim".. Making him top angel, Seal.of perfection…

    That being is not the same satan who deceived eve

    Eve was deceived by Gadriel according to enoch.. Who is lower in rank than Azazel.. who is a watcher, yes?.. So unless Cherubim are Nakosh and Watchers…
    Which we know from the bible they aren't serpents, then we see more than one satan

    And a distinction between the satan serpent in eden and the Lucifer of Isaiah..

    Ill continue watching.

  17. OG TROLL says:

    Shenyaza.. you must've watched Fallen with Denzel Washington..

    You already put too much faith in outsourced information that is not inspired by God..

    And too much focus on the enemy.. im very disappointed that this man is one of the leading speakers on this topic so far.. hes already used lucifer as a name instead of a title multiple times…

  18. Antman933 says:

    Holy cow that cough done blew my ear drum out 🙉

  19. FootPrintsUC says:


  20. Austin Beard says:

    great show

  21. Linda Combs says:

    This guy's is very knowledgeable but he keeps doing something weird with his tongue. It makes me think of a reptilian because we know that the tongue flicking can be an identifying trait. Angels and Seraphims was not born they were created by God like Adam and Eve.

  22. Michael Yale says:

    Crowely died penniless and phsycotic, wandering around. Karma got him, look it up

  23. Marie Jones says:

    satan by any other name is ….still satan
    our father has a spirit and so does satan, our father has children and so does satan….
    choose this day …..WHO ARE YOU?

  24. Jonathan Henderson says:

    Consider this from the apocryphal text, "The Apocalypse of Abraham":

    And I looked at the picture, and my eyes ran to the side of the garden of Eden. And I saw there a man very great in height and terrible in breadth, incomparable in aspect, entwined with a woman who was also equal to the man in aspect and size. And they were standing under a tree of Eden, and the fruit of the tree was like the appearance of a bunch of grapes of the vine. And behind the tree was standing, as it were, a serpent in form, but having hands and feet like a man, and wings on its shoulders: six on the right side and six on the left. And he was holding in his hands the grapes of the tree and feeding the two whom I saw entwined with each other. And I said, “Who are these two entwined with each other, or who is this between them, or what is the fruit which they are eating, Mighty Eternal One?” And he said, “This is the reason of men, this is Adam, and this is their desire on earth, this is Eve. And he who is in between them is the Impiety of their pursuits for destruction, Azazel himself.” (Apoc. Ab. 23:4-11, in: With Letters of Light: Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Early Jewish Apocalypticism, Magic and Mysticism (eds. D. Arbel and A. Orlov; Berlin; N.Y.: de Gruyter, 2010)

  25. JESSE B says:

    Azazel isn't Satan or Lucifer, he's ranked above both, he was so dangerous that GOD himself ordered Gabriel and Samiel to bury him underneath the earth until judgement!!!

  26. Rap it Twar says:


  27. Bill Woehl says:

    So, sometime, after the first and second generation of the nephilim, possibly the third, maybe the sixth, but at some point, the nephilim had gained enough human DNA to allow it to be included in the salvation of Yeshua?

  28. Bill Woehl says:

    Ok, so, assuming that Satan and YHVH were equal, just looking at which one does all the lying should tell these folks which is evil, why don't they see that if Satan has you lying about stuff, that he's the evil one?

  29. Skullgrin's Reviews says:

    There’s a big problem here if these giants and angels existed. Where the hell are there fossils or bones. Usually the internet is filled with photoshopped hoaxes. Still never any real bones. This gets annoying after long enough since to believe the biblical perspective one would have to assume somehow that every scientist, and archaeologist was somehow evil and a liar. How could they hide gigantic bones so easily? Someone would have whistle blown it and you can’t convince me hundreds, of scientists, historians and archaeologists are all evil liars. So I have something important to lay down here, there’s no credible evidence to prove these angels and giants ever existed. Usually the only source is the biblical folk tales. I personally think these stories were made up. Also what is the logic of god killing the giants with a flood. If god wanted to commit a mass genocide a morally questionable act even for god. Wasn’t there much more effective means? We know the ark couldn’t have possibly held all the animals. Many also say the ark is actually an allegory for the sun flying through space. Honestly I mean o can see how the angels might have been dimensional aliens who were given the right to own earth as property. That is if they really existed. But if so where’s their bones or their hybrid children’s bones at the very least? I cannot believe scientists lied about the discoveries on our planet. Personally I’m an atheist but this subject interests me because I can at least conceive of the idea that maybe there’s a way this could have happend. Personally I don’t beleive the book of Enoch is nothing more than a fable but I can beleive humans evolved from apes naturally and that aliens could have shown up later on and might have experimented on us. But how do you factually prove something like that? How do you even prove god exists? I think these myths are interesting because I can see a timeline to religion and culture which fits with biblical tales. Even if I think the tales are mostly myths and allegories. I suspect something does affect our species evolution and cultural advancement. But I can’t claim to prove any such idea as a fact or truth.

  30. Shaniya Suggs says:

    He was the devil he the top angel of the group of 200 u here that the tuff devil even tried to go back to god he knew God is powerful n it's know one that he has to worry about that can beat him he is the on n only God period them evil devil's knew the rath of God would be mighty n they tried to duck that part just like us want God to keep us here taking care of us letting us live forever without doing the work of God we not here to hurt fight down each other we all one ppl come from one God can't get to the son unless threw the father period it's only one God we need to serve Jesus the only way we getting to heaven doing everything that bible say nothing more nothing less we can change wat happen to us the destruction that's coming to us all not just me all we can stop it by loving Jesus 1 n each other after we have to care wat happen to ppl we have to care if others eat all these big food places that will not give free food to the ppl that need it but throw it away come on all these ppl that live on the side of a multi million dollar building in the city it's know way they should be living like that know home know food n ppl will work by like they not there stop it n then the reason of them not helping is they need a job we need a heart God is 1 remember u want to change wats to come repent to Jesus Christ know other God n mean it with ur heart don't have bad blood with no one I mean know one let go bad feelings n all n u will see God only want the best for us Jesus never sin a day of his life but he gave his life up to be beating just to save us that's the mercy of our God n remember it's only one God Jesus was the flesh the son of God that's y he spoke my father n God was the spirit that was in that body see God can't die wen Jesus was on the cross he died cuz he was flesh but God couldn't that's y it says so God loved the world that he gave his only son to deliver us from evil that had to be someone that love us n that's the mercy our God has

  31. Bruce Eipperle says:

    Lucifer was never a name for Satan until St. Jerome mistranslated the word in his Latin translation of the Bible. Look at the usage of the word Lucifer is translated from in every other verse that it is used in the Bible in a Strong Concordance & then look at the definition provided in the Hebrew dictionary. It is obvious that Jerone botched Isaiah 14.

  32. Jamie Campbell says:

    The cats name was Azazel,,,,I heard Michael Heisser defunct the scapegoat thing handily , Shin-yaza , not shimy aza well that’s the phonetic rule you connect the consanent with the vowel in this case the a y being a consanent so yaza but I may be wrong but that rule stands out but gooood video

  33. Ryan Gilmore says:

    What did you mean by gnostic moles?

  34. Arthur Edwards says:

    Please please tell me some where in the Bible does it says that Lucifer and Satan is the same being? There is no verse in that me bible that says that. Where Also in the Bible does it says that Satan was or is a cherub? And where in the Bible does it says that Satan was in heaven with God the all mighty. And you can’t use Rev 12. There is much truth to this video but there are a lot of mistakes and just adding things together cause one thinks it makes sense and it logical. The scriptures are Holy and inspired by God with mean the word is spiritual and not logical

  35. roylikesitlikethat says:

    shemi aza or " I am aza"
    I am Azazel.

    Elohim the creator. the created bears the "El"

    Micha el
    Rapha el
    Phanu el
    Gabri el
    Your Angels that you want to be with.

    Azazel the Azaz the assassin.

  36. The Gothic Mystic says:

    It's strange, that "adonai" is a slanderous term for them to YHWH, but it's another name for God to us.

  37. Sir Ric Webb says:

    Was Lucifer not a chereb… Is that what the bibles say he was….
    The chereb that covered… The anointed chereb… I mean…. A chereb led a 1/3 of the heavenly court astray….
    Right.. Chereb?

  38. Dr Snooz says:

    The reason the Watchers and Satan keep fighting is to make God's eventual victory as costly as possible. The more humans they can take with them into perdition, the better. Because we are made in the image of God, it pains Him when we are lost.

  39. Shamus Nightfall says:

    Planned parenthood is actually satanic. They will abort babies and use the bodies for their practices. Why do you think that a “Christian” country like the USA is divided on the issue and Liberals push that narrative.

  40. Badd Mann says:

    That story the snake is the father and God is a liar and a deceiver aka lucifer all religions pray to GOD Lucifer jesus didn't tell u to join any religion he told u to come out of her…why would a snake want them to know the truth ..and they realized they were naked…they were being raped …everything need to be put in perspective.they were not kicked out of the garden they left on their own in disgust

  41. That Guy says:

    Satan and him . most likely the same guy scapegoat. just a other name accused of all Sins that way over the top to accuse 1 fallen angel . isn't most sins started from pride ? any ways LA LAALALALAL this video was Smurfy lol

  42. Kati Diddnt says:

    I have thought for a while that all mythological beings were definitely demons and fallen angels. All of them from every culture. ALL OF THEM.

  43. Mercy On Us says:

    Where does he get all this other information? It doesn't say. So how can we go check it out ourselves?

  44. Kati Diddnt says:

    I have issues with identifying as Christian anymore.. It's like what it is it a mix of Judaism and paganism.. I only feel comfortable identifying as a Torah observant follower of the way. Before Rome got a hold of it. So many men claiming to to be so pious, but then flip out one because I won't send them naked pictures… Like what?! Even this dumb guy that posted on my video of my husband… Said atrocious things. I had to report him after blocking him didn't even do anything.. I'm sick of that kind of Christianity, and the prosperity doctrine and supersessionisim… Gah!! 😩😡

  45. Joshua Poore says:

    I thought I had caught every Gary W episode with you guys, but this was an awesome repost/find for me.

    Definitely first episode you had that I have seen, with a real life Ninja Turtle cameo!! That was awesome man, God Bless in Jesus's Holy Name. Your son's gonna love that memory one day!! Lololol. Peace to NYSTV and Gary Wayne!

  46. Tito Pabon Jr says:

    Azazel was the leader of the 200 watchers, He was under Lucifer in the pecking order. Once they left their 1st estate and took wives of all they chose! Their horror was 4 them 2 corrupt ALL flesh! God let this go on for almost 1700 yrs! When Enoch read their petition ( because they had offspring with the daughters of Cain, killing the mother in the process!) They were denied and saw their kids kill each other and then GOD sent the Deluge 2 wipe the slate clean! Only those in the Ark survived. His genetics were without blemish.

  47. Brendan Hall says:

    When he gets to Enoch building the pyramids – hallucinating. Stargates – now he is into science fiction.

  48. M M says:

    If you believe in God you shouldn’t believe in Guns
    Don’t say I don’t care about myself but I care about family children and innocent people??!!
    In time of Noah God taught him and his family how to survive and pass the flood .
    The Guns and weapons should be only in hand of government.not in the hands of all people,you are talking about fallen angels and Azaziel and what knowledge he got about God and his mighty,but still he did with other angels to do big sins against God’s will .
    Gun in your hand both you and your Gun are tools of Azaziel he can do through you what he want
    Live in peace and leave the protection of yourself and others to The God .

  49. Mage Pker6 says:

    Azazel is a fallen angel. Also known as a demon

  50. Mage Pker6 says:

    These atlantis conspiracy theorys are DEMONIC alot of concpericy theorys are here to decieve you

  51. David Lewis says:

    JESUS ALREADY WON!!! How cans satan win??? He already lost

  52. Ravn Wolf says:

    pronounced oz-ah-zell Azazel why can't anyone goyim/gentiles usually seem to pronounce the hebrew right? oye vay!

  53. legend91678 says:

    Cern is The Active Component in Bringing stronger demonic entities into this Reality. Through Various Means of Pyshics

  54. Kenneth Fears says:

    The book of Enoch teaches, Semgaza was the leader of the 200 Watchers that left their places in the heavens, not Azazel.

  55. Tommy Espinosa says:

    Yes… good stuff…

  56. dustin james says:

    Okay this guy went from The Book of Enoch which is an old warning text 2 speculation and conjecture. We have no evidence of dinosaurs did they ever existed this is just something that man pushed on the people as a marketing ploy and something to help them with the Big Bang Theory.

  57. Aaron Billings says:

    It was Azrael and that was the name of the cat that Gargamel had anybody in their 40's that grew up poor or in the country where there was no cable and you got 3 channels on there TV from an antenna on the roof and your parents would let you watch the Smurf's for an hour before they kicked you outside for the rest of the day

  58. Heide Hilbert says:

    Why did the Catholic Church remove the Book of Enoch from the Bible? I wonder if I get an answer to my Questions.

  59. JD Eíre32 says:

    Could someone please tell me why there was watchers to watch over us in the first place? Thanks

  60. Angie Jefferys says:

    what is your problem? why do you insist on the name of a demon? conspiracy? this is scripture.

  61. Patrice Padilla says:

    It's awesome to know that our loving FATHER created ALL Beings with FreeWill & the same consequences rule in the heaven like on earth

  62. Connie Hatten says:

    It's satanic! The Book of Enoch is satanic esoteric occult knowledge! KABBALAH.

  63. Connie Hatten says:


  64. Just Amy says:

    How do they know all these things?

  65. Dr. G.S. says:

    No! It Was Semyaza

  66. jmb112875 says:

    Azazel was not the leader; Samyaza was. Though God charged all the transgressions that all the Watchers committed on the head of Azazel.

  67. A Bit Of Everything says:


  68. Person Man says:

    Yep. That’s what I thought. Crickets to my original comment. Let’s just follow around what’s hip, slick and cool, let’s not discuss any of the problems with the book of Enoch. And don’t be asking me what they are if you don’t know. You can read and think for yourself just like I did. I’m sick of all of these terminal followers. Think. Test all things.

  69. 59vaughn says:

    What is His name and what is His Sons name…???……look at the Old Testament, Torah writings, Hebrew writings to see "lord", "god" are not names for the Creator or His Son….many scripture tell of the displeasure associated with refusing to acknowledge the Creator by His Set-Apart Name….while these topics are of conCERN….the first and second commandment clarifies any associations to these others….appreciate the awareness but proceed with caution….or rather recede with haste….for the world seeks these for ill gains….

  70. M. Glenn Baxter says:

    Sorry you deliver great information but to say the serpent was a real serpent is plain stupid. Satan is a parable and not some living snake. Eve was wholly seduced with the sperm seed of Lucifer to create Cain and the sperm seed of Adam created Able. Like a female dog can birth puppies from different male dog in same litter so it is possible in a human female. This explains the Reptilian bloodline in Rothschild that is passed down in the Ashkenazi Jews. ASH = BURNING SULFURIC ASH + KEN = KENITES IN BIBLE + NAZI = GERMAN BLACK KNIGHT TEMPLARS

  71. Ren Ren says:



  72. Shane.thomas Miller says:

    But it took way way longer than a hundred years for us to get to a hundred years ago man we are the colmanation of these and all other civilizations that we study we are all them balled up into what we are its the natual and unnatural course of things people in general we including me love a mystery so much so that we will make thing out of things that sometimes are just what they are and another problem for me is that everything we know is based of some other man or woman cause I'm not sexest lol theory i mean where does the knowledge of why we call grass grass come from if you think about it everything we know we know because that's what we are told that's what it or that is but who said that's what it is how do we know that it is indeed as its said it is?whybis it that all these historians and big wig scitech guys sound so unintelligible

  73. David Scott says:

    Last supper john records satan entering the body of judas

  74. Julie Stamiris says:

    HI GUYS, Thank u for yr vidoes, they all amke sense as ive been reading the book of giants re; enoch, nephilim watchers etc.. i dont know if u know that crowley is the father of babara bush, the x presidents wife.. she looks exactly like him and we had a president who was not only skull and bones but slso ties to occult.. crowley is still venerated in hollywood and all the politicians love him.. unfortunately.. he was beast 666, so says he… thanks for yr info…GOD BLESS U IN JESUS CHRISTS NAME…

  75. Mary Parker says:

    It's not Azreal. It's Azriel.

  76. Felicity Ray Self says:

    I am glad I watched and listened to this information. The info was highly interesting even if the guest was monotone and sleep inducing in his speaking pattern.

  77. Georgia 1977 says:

    Shemyaza was a completely different angel than Azazel. Azazel and his children brought nuclear weapons to humans to use to destroy the 1st world.

  78. Veritas Invictus says:

    I saw Semjaza as the leader of the watchers according to Enoch and hadn't known who was the more powerful of the two. That he is Azazal is something I hadn't considered.

  79. Tabla Smagdarina says:

    All Celebrities Entertainers Actors and Politicians are COVERED with Demons
    that Manifest in FACE-FORMED Structures that can be Filmed and Photographed
    (See my Channel)
    With OVER 27 Thousand Clear Photographic Picture Evidence Of Reptilian Serpent Lizard Demons Nephilim Seraphim and other Disembodied Holographic FACE-FORMED Entities (facebook)

  80. mary bernstein says:

    Iggy Azalea

  81. JK Campbell says:

    Jesus himself said you had to go back to Moses to even understand his words! Christ “IS” the LIVING TORAH and the word Torah was corrupted by Satan to mean “Law” and it NEVER meant Law, but it meant loving instruction!

    Yeshuah will fulfill EVERY JOT AND TITTLE. He already fulfilled Passover and the next feast is the “feast of firstfruits-the first resurrection” following with the feast of tabernacles and the last being the feast of end gatherings. Mankind being a “free moral agent with an immortal soul” is another lie from Satan! I don’t know about the fallen angels and Nephilim, but it’s clear that Yahweh will save ALL mankind in three portions of leaven/feasts as outlined in Torah, each man in his own order on his appointed 8th day! The blinders (the devil’s lies) are going to be taken off people’s eyes and they’re going to SEE the FULL TRUTH of who Yahweh/the Father FULLY IS! Satan won’t be able to twist Yahweh’s character anymore!

  82. Terrence Lynch says:

    You made a statement that the angels think that Satan and God are equals I don’t think that’s a true statement because they know God made them and they know God made everything so how could they think that there equals that just makes no sense to me whatsoever

  83. John Daugherty says:

    Our own government has armed the drug cartels and ISIS and they want to take our only defense. The hypocrisy is staggering.

  84. Michael Tureckie says:

    Nice flashback 🙏

  85. Jerry TheSeekerOfTruth says:

    Then who was Gadre'el?
    I thought he was the leader.

  86. Roman Sidonis says:

    I wonder did this take place after the revolt in heaven? I too have gotten confused whether Semyaza and Azazel were the same, because the book of Enoch states Semyaza clearly came up with the idea but it was Azazel that taught man warfare, weapons making, antimony, cosmetics etc So were they once the same or different creatures? Two if this took place after the revolt would that mean at at time an angel can chose to walk away from God at any time?

  87. Marc Sound says:

    You lost me at "Dinosaurs"

  88. Maalick 777 says:

    I am pretty convinced that Azazel is Apollon/Apollo/Abaddon. Leader of the watchers and Bound in Tataros by Raphael till the apocalypse.

  89. Laurie Hatten says:

    Boo!!! Book of Enoch GNOSTICISM!!!

  90. Colleen A says:

    I do have a question.. When we are talking about dinosaurs and other things existing on earth before Adam and Eve, are things dying during that time? Death is a consequence of sin so was their sin before Adam and Eve? If so that doesn't line up with scripture.

  91. SahMai says:

    This book that this dude has written should be in the TRASH! The real truth appears in the "Holy Bible" where for one, crimes against children are rampant; the most notable being the evil "God" Jehova making a living blood sacrifice of his son, [child murder] which is the entire theme of the Christian mass/service; a simulated living blood sacrifice, proving who he really is. The Illuminati want you to believe that they worship Lucifer but in reality they worship the God of war! All WARS created by the Illuminati Through their Chief Archon!
    This world is run by the Queen of England on the quite! Elizabeth Saxe Coburg Gotha is under the control by the CHIEF ARCHON JEHOVAH THE GOD OF THE BIBLE! AND HIS ARCHONS! The "secret rulers of this world" the evil spirits! That's why they have Jehovah's name in a pyramid on most churches.
    That's why the freemasons use the name Jehovah and the bible in their sick rituals! The god of war and evil! According to the GNOSTIC SCROLLS Jehovah is the CHIEF ARCHON and has been running the world right from the beginning with his spirit creatures Archons he created!
    Exodus 15:3—The Lord is a man of war. .
    Psalm 18:34—He teacheth my hands to war.
    Psalm 144:1—Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacloth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.
    Psalm 137:9_ A blessing on the one who seizes your children and smashes them against the rock!
    This is the god of eden Jehovah saying! Isaiah 45:7 (King James Version):
    I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things!
    The entity who was trying to teach mankind the knowledge of good and evil was not Satan or devil. The Serpent was someone labeled evil by those who were taking over the human race. The Serpent was trying to liberate the human race from its bondage.
    Many references to God in the Old Testament were not God but were the Elohim. They were gods of war. Christ even taught that the God of the Old Testament was not his father.
    Evil cannot succeed without deception. This is why it uses the "good works" organization of Freemasonry to hide behind. It uses Freemasonry to control the world.
    And some of us know that the Queen of England controls the Illuminati freemasons!
    Many times in the past all the governments has lied to and has withheld information from the people. It has violated human rights laws. These traits match that of "God" in Eden. There is undeniable evidence which proves that earth is set up to empower those who control it and that they have evil intentions towards the human race.
    All the governments of the world, you may have noticed its behaviour exhibits the same as by god in Eden. There is no difference between the two!

    King James Bible
    The LORD [is] a man of war: the LORD [is] his name.

    The "original sin" was created to keep us away from knowledge,… THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE!!!!

    The god of Eden is misleading the entire "earth"!
    And this is why?

  92. SahMai says:

    Because of being steeped in, believing in, and living a lie, in the advanced stages of Christianity, the Christian takes on an artificial appearance and begins to look like the lie:
    The well-known pasty look with the smiley mask. The lie emerges in the physical self.
    Christians incessantly claim that "The Devil Deceives" "The Devil Deceives…" What they fail to see is that everything they accuse the Devil of is really the God that they worship, known as Yaweh/Jehova.
    Everything that the Christians accuse the "Devil" of, is really of their own God. This is proven in the Biblical scriptures:
    "A Murderer and a Liar from the Beginning"
    "Human Hating"
    "He Deceiveth all of the Nations"

  93. Brian Little says:

    I don't understand why GOD who is all knowing would need them to report back to him or when in the bible he asks Lucifer where he had been and Lucifer said be had been going back and forth from heaven and earth??? GOD himself said ( In the bible) all that was all that is and all that will be in within me. He may or not not mean this literally but I do believe he is all knowing so this leaves me wondering as other theories propose, are these angles or some other extraterrestrial or other life form who was mistaken for angles and GOD no matter how u slice it either they or the bible are wrong or maybe both.

  94. Brian Little says:

    And he says the human nature over came the fallen angles??? When it was them who taught Humans about war, painting of the eye lids for woman and pretty much most of the behavior that sent us into a world of sin??? So did they take on humam character or did they teach us this behavior??? Not saying he's wrong but I see so potential holes in what he is saying that Id like to ask about. He interviewer how about getting more involved and asking more questions instead of setting thers so much.

  95. Ronny Fowler says:

    I have wondered how much time passed from the creation of Adam and Eve up until the deception of Lucifer. And this is the first time I’ve heard it suggested that that could be the reason he chose a serpent.

  96. Lou Minati says:

    The Smurf guy is Azrael.

  97. Roberta Lee says:

    The sons and daughters of the gods, little "g" were called Demigods.

  98. Baby Boo says:

    Those other two videos that says click to watch are Big Distractions

  99. Eric Barbour says:

    The "bull cult" is now on wallstreet, just google the 'bull of wall street statue'.

  100. Niels Inderbiethen says:

    a lot of what he says is bs – the watchers were not rulers of anything – neither were they gods – they were rather angels set upon the clouds as "gods eyes" over the world…and as the earth revolved they would stare into the clouds and "see" different things happening on earth within the "reflected light" similar to scrying…they had a special gift of being able to "read within the light or read the light" and interpret the light like a modern tv set – hence they were called the "watchers" as they were spiritual beings with a "data shared connection to god" observing the goings on on earth…

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