Awesome Books with Musical Hooks – Katie Grace Miller

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Hi teachers! My name is Katie Grace Miller and I want to
introduce to you a book that I have written called Awesome Books with Musical Hooks. It takes children’s literature and brings
it into some really great lesson plans for you to be able to teach your children different
musical elements such as rhythm, dynamics, timbre, melodic direction, tons of really
great stuff. Your administrator is going to love it because
what administrator does not like the idea of you reading to your students but on your
side not only are you reading to them and getting some great fluency in, but you’re
also teaching them the musical elements that are in your standards. A great visual CD comes with your book so
the work is already done for you for the visual aspect of all of the lessons and one of the–one
of my favorite lessons that’s in this book is Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson. She does a really great bear series as you
can see. I’ve also brought with me Bear Says Thanks
and Bear Stays Up for Christmas. And in this book, she does really great repeated
refrains and rhyming words. And with each repeated refrain, with this
book you have “Bear snores on,” and we say that in very short, staccato notes with the
childen every time that it comes up, and they get to say “Bear snores on.” But then with the snoring part after those
short sounds, we then do a really long snore. [snoring sound] The kids really get a good
concept of short versus long. You could do the exact same thing with Bear Stays
Up for Christmas, with “bear stays up” and then do a really big yawwwwn, and stretch for the long
sound. And then for Bear Says Thanks, perhaps you
could do a MMMM because they ate so much for Thanksgiving. Lots of different ways that you could do this,
and you could continue to bring it up throughout the year to reinforce the long and short. So I really hope that you get a lot out of
this resource, and I look forward to hearing about all of your really great stories from
your own classroom.

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