AUTUMN BOOK HAUL (audios, e-books and more…) [CC]


Hello! It’s Reija and it’s time for my
Fall book haul, which is probably going to be a bit long because I have a lot of
books to talk about. I have audio books, I have ebooks and I
have physical books, both library and bought books. So let’s get cracking. First
up, I want to talk about my audiobooks because a couple of months ago I got
into Audible and I’ve used my credits to purchase a few books and I’ve also
bought some books from the Audible sales. So I’ll just run you through the few
books that I have bought. And I bought Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman,
because after listening to a lot of Tea and Jeopardy I really like Emma
Newman’s humor and style and I haven’t read any books by her. And during World
Con Kaitlin suggested getting into her audiobooks because she narrates her own
audiobooks. And then I got the Upside of Unrequited and Simon vs. the Homo
Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, both of which I’ve already listened to. And I
actually enjoyed Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda a lot more. I just
thought that the Upside of Unrequited wasn’t quite as original and kind of
used the same format so… But they were okay. Nice for wish fulfillment. And
lastly I bought Red Shirts by John Scalzi because this is a Star Trek
satire. I’m not sure how I feel about Wil Wheaton as the narrator because if I’m
thinking about an iconic voice in the Star Trek Canon I tend to think of
characters like Data or Geordi LaForge or Worf and not Wesley. But you know…
tastes. And I also bought the Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. Laini
Taylor has been pretty big on booktube a lot of people I follow have
recommended her books so when I saw the audiobook pretty cheap I jumped at it
and got it for like three dollars or so. So those were all the audiobooks and let
us move on to the Kindle books which there are quite a few because I’ve
recently got into Kindle as well and I’ve been loving it because the books
are cheap and I can fit a lot of books on the Kindle. It’s amazing. My commutes
are saved. So just today… so this is going up tomorrow which is Friday and this is
Thursday… just today there was a humble bundle with a lot of science fiction and
fantasy books and I bought the first tier of that humble bundle for a dollar
so I could get a Nalo Hopkinson book. And I got five books with that dollar so
that was pretty amazing. I will leave that Humble Bundle link
down in the description so you can check that out as well. It’s available during
this week so if you have the money then please go and check it out because there
are some delicious finds there. But let’s move on. I bought Falling in Love with
Hominids by Nalo Hopkinson, which is sci-fi. And then I got In Calabria by
Peter S. Beagle, which I know nothing about but I would assume it’s maybe
fantasy? Probably. Not sure, but I’m eager to find out. Wicked Wonders by Ellen
Klages and the Third Bear by Jeff Vandermeer which I’m assuming might be
either sci-fi or horror. I haven’t read much by Jeff Vandermeer.
I’ve only read the Annihilation which is like survival and sci-fi, so I would
assume it follows into a similar category, but I have not yet read it. Also
I bought the Invaders which… which is a short story collection.
And these were all in the Humble Bundle so I didn’t … I don’t know much about
anything. I only bought them because I wanted that one Nalo Hopkinson book. And
then I bought When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi which is the November pick
for the discord booktube server book club ( please join…) and I’m currently
reading it and it’s mightily emotional. It’s depressing, heart-wrenching and
uplifting all at the same time which is kind of insane. And then I have All
Systems Red which is the first one in the Murder Bot Diaries and I got this
for cheap. It was like $3, so yay! And I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about
the Murder Bot. I think Bree from Bree reads books and Thomas from SFF180
have all mentioned it and I’m all for Murder Bots. And then I got Of Fire and
Stars by Audrey Coulthurst. This was a daily Kindle deal for like 1,99 dollars at
one point so I jumped at it because female female romance and princesses.
Sign me up for that! And then I have the Red Threads of Fortune and the Black Tides
of Heaven by JY Yang who is a non-binary author and this is their silk
punk novella duology. And I’ve been wanting to read them for quite a while
now and I bought them as soon as they were published for my Kindle. And then I
have the Ballad of Black Tom by Victor Lavalle. This was talked about by Victoria
from Books and Things and it is a kind of retelling from one of the most
racist stories H.P Lovecraft ever wrote. Like the author wanted to retell
the story because they enjoy Lovecraft but as a person of color how
they navigate that fandom and the fact that Lovecraft was a raging bigot.
So that’s really interesting. And then I bought the Rest of Us Just
Live Here by Patrick Ness, which is basically a book all about the NPC’s or
side characters in a fantasy universe so that’s pretty interesting. And then I
have the Sorcerer of the Wildeeps by Kai Ashante Wilson, which I also want to
read very soon. And it is a fantasy story with mostly people of color as main
characters. And lastly I bought the History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera
which is a YA, LGBTQ+ novel and I’ve been wanting to read a lot more LGBTQ+
books recently, and this was a 1,99 dollar deal on Kindle at one point so I jumped
at the chance to have it. And if I like any of these books a lot, I will most
likely buy physical copies at some point, which brings me to the next agenda; all
the physical books that I need to haul. Okay so here the physical books that
I’ve acquired. First my library books and the ones I’ve bought during this Fall.
Let’s look at the library books first. First I have 4 3 2 1 by Paul
Auster. This was long listed for the Man Booker Prize and it’s basically a look
at four alternative lives that could be led by this one person. And I thought
that the premise sounded really interesting and I want to try it out
even though lately I’ve heard some mixed things about it.
Next I have the second volume of Monstress which I’ve already read and I
quite enjoyed. I feel like in the second volume the story is finally starting to
reach its like own pace and it’s starting to be a bit more unique which I
really enjoy. Then I have the first volume of Courtney Crumrin by Ted
Naifeh and I’ve already read this one as well and I quite enjoyed this one also. I
really liked all the short stories. It’s kind of unusual to see a short
story format in graphic novels. Usually they follow a kind of longer character
arc. I picked up the first volume of Sunny by Taiyou Matsumoto and I hear this
is a kind of slice of life series and I can’t wait to read it. The art style
looks very unique and kind of sketchy and I really enjoy that.
And then I picked up the whole six volume series of Wet Moon by Ross
Campbell. This is an older one and I’ve wanted to read it because it really
tackles body positivity and LGBTQ+ themes and depression and self-harm.
I have heard that it tends to kind of glorify self harm but I still want to
read it and find out for myself so I picked up all six volumes. The second one.
Third and fourth ones. And fifth and sixth. And the final library book that I
loaned out is Incal by Jodorowsky and Moebius. And this is the Finnish
translated edition and I’ve wanted to read it quite a while because this is a
classic and Mobius especially is one of the great franco-belgian comic
authors and artists and I wanted to get into his work for quite a while and I
thought that this edition was a good place to start because it collects the
whole comic book into one covers. First I bought Mythologia Fennica which is
kind of a dictionary type book about all the Finnish gods and folk tales and
folklore and all the poems that people used to sing about creation and
all the myths. And this was first published in Swedish in the 1700s and
Elias Lönrot had this book with him when he was collecting poems for the
Kalevala. And it was published in Finnish
for the first time in 1995 and I’ve wanted to own this forever and now they
came up with this beautiful edition. And also the end pages are gorgeous and it’s
in this very thick and cream-colored paper so I really love this edition. It
looks divine. Next one I have is the Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge.
And I’ve heard many good things about it. I especially like that it’s illustrated
by Chris Riddell and I hear that it is kind of a middle grade fantasy story
/ historical fiction set in this kind of creepy weird place where there’s
this tree that thrives on people’s lies. And I really love the different
illustrations. One thing I don’t like is that this version… the copy I have, it’s
very stiff. It doesn’t really open properly. As you
can see, you really have to work at it to get it to open. And then I picked up Star
Wars from a Certain Point of View for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. This
is a short story collection focusing on all the different kinds of side
characters and unnamed characters that inhabit the Star Wars universe. And I
don’t normally pick up anything that exists in a huge franchise such as Star
Trek or Star Wars. I tend to go towards like original work by authors and I’m
always kind of skeptical about going into franchise books. But this sounded
really interesting and there’s short stories by Ken Liu and Nedi Okorafor for
example, which I’m really interested in. And I like this idea precisely because
it focuses on unnamed characters and kind of extras and side characters so
that made me want to pick this up. It sounds really interesting. And I’ve
always wanted to know what happened to the logistics officers on the
Death Star. And the final book in this hall is Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie
McLemore. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this. This is kind of
magical realism, fantasy and I hear that it has awesome bisexual representation
which is actually one of the reasons why I picked it up in the first place. But
just look at this cover! It’s embossed it’s so beautiful and it’s green when
it’s naked. This is just beautiful. And I actually also like the end papers which
look kind of like this recycled paper with a kind of grain in it. Just divine.
And there you have it. This has been my Fall book haul. It was a huge one! Thank
you for watching and if you like this video please consider giving it a thumbs
up. Subscribe to my channel if you want to see more and I will see you in the
next video. Bye bye! you

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5 thoughts on “AUTUMN BOOK HAUL (audios, e-books and more…) [CC]”

  1. Anna says:

    Nice haul! So many great books, many of which are on my TBR.

    I also finally joined Audible this fall, and the first thing I did was buy all five books in the Split Worlds series. Because of Emma Newman's voice! Unfortunately her narration isn't quite as lovely as Tea and Jeopardy, but it's relaxing, consistent and nice to listen to. I wasn't originally going to read the series, I got it only for her voice 😀 so it was a pleasant surprise that I actually liked it.

    As for Wil Wheaton, I guess you know he narrates all (or most?) of Scalzi's books, so I couldn't imagine anyone else narrating Redshirts. It was kinda fun, even if lots of people think it isn't that good.

    I'm two chapters into All Systems Red, I've already laughed several times, really liking it!

  2. Abigail de Niverville says:

    I just bought the first volume of Monstress today! The art is what really drew me in.
    I'm a huge fan of ebooks. I'm constantly watching the site for good deals lol.

  3. Maija Reads says:

    The rest of the Courtney Crumrin series has longer arcs, it's just the first one that is short stories (which is the reason why the 1st isn't my favourite, but necessary for the following volumes). I'll drop you a DM on Twitter sometime this weekend about loaning out the next three!

  4. Codyline says:

    Oooh Redshirts! One of my absolute favorites. Idk about the narration though, I basically read only e-books. Bear in mind, it has "codas" at the end after the main story which isn't exactly related and it's kinda eh. (imo)
    Is that kindle 5? I think I have the exact same cover. 😀 I'd love to get the entire bundle, but it's a bit much for me. :/ And oh man, The Lie Tree is gorgeous.

  5. avakeda says:

    Can you please provide the link for the book club? Is it on Goodreads?

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