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Hi! My name is Gabriela Martins, and this is my channel. Why do you always take the table? You realize I can no longer eat there, right? Simmons! Simmons! So now it’s 9:12pm I don’t know if you can hear the dogs outside but it’s 9:12pm, and… I have about 7 chapters left in my story but… I think that will be about 15k? Maybe 20k. And I don’t feel like writing it. I am deeply unmotivated Act 3… Act 3 is not amazing and… I feel like even though I’ve planned for this I know exactly what happens I have the outline for each of the next cheven– “cheven” Seven chapters Anyway Has this been studied before? Like how we reach a certain point in our stories and we absolutely can’t seem to find any
motivation to keep going? It’s not great. but I’m recording this video because I’m
convinced that I can finish this story in the next couple of days and it’s only
by sharing, you know, truthfully how it feels like that, you know, that I can feel I’m giving you like a genuine, um, I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. You see, like, why am I writer? I… what am I doing? I wrote about 100k (LOL) I have three beats left and I’m going to get something to eat and then see if I can get one more chapter down Wouldn’t it be really cool if I managed to somehow finish this tonight? Oh I admit– I want cheese It’s here. I admit that I’m very motivated to finish this story already because I had an idea for another story but, you know and I can’t do two stories at the same time. Can you do it? I absolutely cannot. I feel so lost if I do that. So I really wanna do it. And I haven’t even allowed myself to tell my friends about it so what I did was ’cause I negotiate with myself a lot I made this deal with myself I can only brainstorm or talk about this new idea after I am 100% done with the first draft of my
Middle Grade. So we’ll see how that goes I’m not gonna edit this out Have you ever had Brazilian beans? (so that includes bacon of course) and cheese? It’s the best. You know I hadn’t started this vlog and writing today with the ending in mind But now that I’m looking at it and there’s definitely a lot to do I’m like what if I pull an all-nighter? Don’t watch my channel for healthy tips on writing This is definitely not healthy But, you know, um My cats are playing I don’t have to do anything for them Also! Look what my grandma gave me Isn’t this the cutest? There’s a pair of earrings too but I’ve
already taken them off. I have a hard time with earrings. Okay! I’m gonna write! No! She attacked him. I have to remember to look at the camera I wrote 600 words a little bit of comedy before the big finale I’m yawning already it’s 10:20pm I’m not doing this with like a word count goal but another k down Ugh, look at this disaster it’s so cute oh, are you gonna bite me? you gonna bite me? You wanna fight? You wanna fight? Fight then … why…? You know that when you almost make yourself cry writing a scene that it’s not terrible This is so hard I’m sleepy it’s 11:50pm but I have reached 44k and I finished this chapter
so there are five to go now and I’m actually really proud of the
ending of this chapter so I’m feeling a little bit more hopeful also I’ve written 4k tonight, which is good but I’m gonna push it for a little bit more So what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna write probably the most emotional– No, it’s not the most– but like, the most emotional until now because it’s about to get even more real I am about– I’m gonna write this next
chapter then I’m gonna make a break eat some chocolate and then I’m gonna write another chapter I think. they are already asleep. Fitz was snoring very loudly Yeah, he’s back. They’re sleeping. Ok, you know what I gotta admit I can’t write any more words today so I’m going to bed and I’m looking at myself, not at the camera Good morning! It’s like 9 a.m. I woke up like an hour ago but I was in bed with my cats Simmons is back I’m going to write a bit At least start the chapter ugh, so beautiful and then I’m gonna eat something Can you imagine like doing this everyday?
Like waking up and writing every day Couldn’t be me Two chapters to go
and I got super emotional writing this chapter so I think I’ll be a mess for the next one So I’ve cried a lot but it was a really good chapter to write I definitely feel like I’ve exorcised
some demons of my own writing it Oh my God I already look a bit of a mess I’m very glad right now that I
don’t put on makeup for vlogs You know like when you cry but it’s good? it’s like good crying like it lifts off this weight from your chest I really really hope this story can make
others feel like that especially kids I really hope children can read this one day after many, many revisions and that it can make them feel supported. GUESS WHAT! I finished it I finished the first draft of my Middle Grade and like there will be a lot of things to fix Revisions will be ruthless and intense and a problem for future Gabhi because present Gabhi is going to celebrate This story means so much to me–
let me just put this here Ok. This story means so much to me I can’t believe I get to call my mom and tell her that I’ve finished it that I finished the first draft The skeleton is all there
the bones are all there I’m really happy but more than happy
I am a little shocked and surprised and and all of the words with the same meaning
that you can think of This was my… my third novel of the year
which is like a pretty good thing alone like I feel pretty proud of that already
I feel pretty good But this was my first ever Middle Grade I hope the first of many It’s such a personal story for me it’s so close to my heart and Yeah. Congratulations to me! I finished the first draft. I had a feeling you would be here. Hi buddy! Hi! Mamma finished her draft! Is this the celebration you will give me? Okay. He wants to sleep.

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5 thoughts on “Author Vlog | I FINISHED MY BOOK!!! [CC]”

  1. Meditative Soul says:

    You got it, girl. Take a breather, have some tea or coffee or whatever or take the day if you need to. Sometimes we need to detach for a while for the creative juices to get flowing and the motivation to come again. (since I know you did finish… Congratulations!!)

  2. Carolina Florez says:

    This vlog is such an amazing surprise!!💜💜💜💜

  3. Elisa Lucchetta says:

    Always super proud of you ❤️❤️❤️ Both for your sincerity about the whole process and for actually finishing this!!! You're awesome! (I also love your necklace….and the bits where you type idk why but I find that super soothing)

  4. Liselle Sambury says:

    That's kind of a fun system to not tell anyone about the book until you're actually done, good motivation! And congrats!!!

  5. fictionalives says:

    congrats omg!!!!

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