August Book Box Club Unboxing!


Hello everyone! I am Ashleigh, and today I’m going to be doing
my first book subscription box unboxing because the lovely people over at Book Box Club asked
me if I wanted to do this, and I very happily said yes because I see a lot of their work
on twitter and instagram and it’s always something I’ve been interested in, but I’ve not been
won over by the idea of a subscription box yet, so I figured this would be quite an interesting
thing to do. And I am very excited. Oh. We have a visitor. He’s made his reappearance. Oz. Come here. Good boy. So this is the August box, which I believe
has the theme of Tech Tribes, and…yeah. Let’s just open it up. I’ve already undone the bottom of it so – just
to make things easier. But…when you first open it it looks like
this. This envelope says “open me last” so that
is what I shall do. And then we have a thing saying “Tech Tribes”
and it has everything on the back, so I’m not going to read that. I’m just going to dive straight in. And there is a lot of erm…paper that I’m
hoping won’t go all over my carpet. I may need to hoover after this. Erm. I don’t quite know what to do with all this. Do you want some paper Oz? Do you want some paper? Enjoy. So Oscar can play with that. Oh no Oscar you don’t eat it! OK this is going so well so far. But this is what we have when you get rid
of all the paper bits, and the first thing I see is – oh – falling out of my hand. It’s Star Wars related. I think this is a bookmark. But it just has a tiny little – if it wants
to focus…there we go – a tiny little BB8 saying “beep boop”, and this was created by
Rachel Norline exclusively for Book Box Club. So…I’m going to open this up. This is a magnetic bookmark, it’s got the
magnets inside so you just hook it over your page and that is your bookmark. Oscar is really loving the paper things. I will just mention as well, I’m not a huge
fan of scifi, so this box would be a bit hit and miss for me whether I get the references
or not. But there have been a fair few scifi books
which I did end up loving, so I’m hoping that the book that comes with this is one of those
books. We shall see. Next up we have a coaster which I think is
a reference to The Lunar Chronicles because it says “broken isn’t the same as unfixable”
and “Marissa Meyer”. I’m going to have to get it to focus on this
every single time. But yeah. Coasters are always helpful. Next up we have a necklace which says “Jinxed:
A feline baku for the unashamedly bookish”. That is really cute. I think we all know by now how much I love
cats, so that is adorable. We have what I think is a sticker which says
“girls can code”. I don’t know what this is a reference from
but it looks hella cool and I don’t know what I’m going to stick it on, but I will find
something because I really love the design of that. We have some socks! They are adorable. Oh my god. Let me have a look. These are from Joe Cool and they are so cute! Look at the design on them. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of socks,
and my hands and feet are always freezing so these will come in handy. I feel like it’s Christmas. *bubblewrap popping* It had to be done. We have a mug! I love mugs! So this is exciting. OH, the box is tipping up. OK so this – oh my god. This is so cute. I don’t know what it’s a reference from so
I will find out. But this mug is just a tiny illustration with
a girl and a black cat and there’s an aeroplane flying over them saying “we build the future”. I adore this! This is so cute! So that’s the girl and the cat with the “we
build the future” part. Oh my god. I absolutely adore this. And I’m constantly drinking tea, so…this
might just be my favourite thing in this box. We have a blue theme going on. I’m not picking up that paper again because
it’s going everywhere. * more bubblewrap popping* Oh I thought this
was the book but it’s not! It’s a sampler. This is an exclusive chapter sampler of Colour
Me In by Lydia Ruffles. The thing at the top says “what if we got
lost together?” And…yeah. I’ve never heard of this before but I am super
intrigued. It says on the back “The Catcher in the Rye
meets Turtles All The Way Down in the breathtaking new novel from the author of The Taste of
the Blue Light. Arlo is lost. He’s tired of the acting job that made him
famous, and familiar black weeds are crawling in his mind. When tradegy – I can never say that word – when
tragedy strikes he runs from everything he knows, 5000 miles to the other side of the
world armed with only a sketchbook full of maps. There, he meets fellow traveller Mizuki, and
finds himself increasingly drawn to her. But what is Mizuki searching for, and is it
truly possible for Arlo to outrun his pain?” That sounds intriguing. I’ve never like, had a sampler of a book before
so this is quite exciting. We also have some random things in the bottom. So this is a bookmark for Jinxed, which is
the book that the necklace came from I presume. We have another bookmark which is this one. And it also has a map on the back. And then we also have an extract from Holly’s
Bourne’s newest book Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes? I love Holly Bourne’s Am I Normal Yet? series,
so I might actually have a look at this because I’ve not heard what this book is about, so
I’ve not really been paying much attention. Oh. And it opens up into a poster saying #KindnessIsContagious. Well that’s cute. There’s a letter from Holly Bourne on the
back as well. So yeah that’s pretty cool. And then we get to the book, which is wrapped
up so cutely and I just want to take photos of it but I’m also too excited to do that. I want to open so that’s what I’m going to
do. Let’s do the little unwrapping, and…that
already failed because – oh, no it hasn’t. We’re doing well. Let’s hide the string from Oscar – NO! Oscar’s seen the string. *meow* What is it? What you got? So we can safely say that this box provides
not only for readers, but also for cats. 10 out of 10, would recommend. Oh dear. This is what I’ve got to do for many hours
now. Just hold this string. Are you going to go play with it down there? ANYWAY, back to unwrapping this thing. I can tell you they wrap a lot more neatly
than I do because I’m really bad at wrapping gifts and things. Even if they’re rectangular. You’d think by now I’d be used to it because
I literally buy everyone books. But no. Let’s see if I can – it doesn’t want to come
out that way. I’m trying to pull it out so that – ayyyy. So this book – oh it’s the one that the necklace
is from! It is Jinxed by Amy…McColluch? McCulloch. McCulloch. I’m going to go with that one. Amy McCulloch. The author of The Potion Diaries! I used to want to read that when I was younger
and I never got round to it. But I did want to read it. So the synopsis of this just says “Tired of
your phone? Looking for the perfect companion?Then back
up your life with the cutest must-have accessory. Our bakus are state of the art robotic animals
that function as a smartphone, but make the perfect pet too. Visit your nearest Monchus store to upgrade
your life today! Lacey Chu has big dreams of working for Moncha,
the tech firm behind the baku phenomenon. But first she needs to get into the exclusive
Profectus Academy, and there’s no way she can afford to do that. Then Lacey meets Jinx. Jinx opens up a world that Lacey never knew
existed, including entry to the hallowed halls of Profectus. But what is he really? His abilities far surpass those of any other
Baku. He seems to be so much more than just a robotic
pet. He seems…real.” Well…that sounds…really quite intriguing. Animals and technology do not match up well
in my head, so I’m quite intrigued about this book. It’s not too long either so it should be quite
a quick read. And…yeah. Oh! It’s signed as well. I didn’t know that. Nice! So this is the book where the necklace with
the metal cat comes from. I get it now. And there’s a cat on the cover. Are you going to be my baku? Is this how this works? So I will just read the back of this just
to give you all the information on the products. So inside this there is the club house invite
which is a sort of book club. So when you order this you are given access
to this online book club of a sort so that you can all talk about the book, and the author
will also be joining that. So that is what I’m guessing is inside this,
let’s have a little look. Yeah so it’s got all the information on here
saying when you’ll get the email, and then just a little note saying that they hope I
enjoy this. So the artwork on this mug is by Alicia Jo. The coaster is a reference from The Lunar
Chronicles which I did mention before because I have read that series and I did really love
it. The robot socks like I said were from Joe
Cool, I will put his facebook here. So this sticker that I really liked was – if
it wants to focus on it, come on – this sticker that I really liked is Ada Lovelace? Ada Lovelace? I don’t know how you say her name. But that is who this is a drawing of, illustration
of. Let me get it to focus again. There we go. And this is created by Victorian Store who
are on redbubble. The BB8 magnetic bookmark is by Rachel Norline
Art. Instead of putting everything on the screen,
I will just leave links to everything that’s on here down in the description box so that
you can go and check it out yourself. So all in all, I think this box is really
quite good. Considering – I can’t remember what the price
of it would be as of right now because, like I said, I was sent this box which was incredible
and I’m very grateful, but I will put the price of what this would normally be per month
on the screen right now. But, considering – Oscar’s still playing will
all these little blue paper thing – but considering you get a book out of it, which is usually
eight or nine pound, there’s twp extracts from other books, three different bookmarks,
a sticker, a necklace and socks, and a coaster…I think that’s really good, because that is
a lot of the different kinds of merch that you could have in a book box covered. Like there’s a bit of everything, and there’s
a mix of really popular references like The Lunar Chronicles and then new things which
I’ve not heard of before but will definitely be looking into. But I do mainly like this one just because
of the art – oh I forgot the mug as well, there we go – but it’s things like this for
instance, I really like the artwork on this so I will now go and look at what else they
do and possibly buy more. And it’s just a good way of discovering different
creators I think. So yeah, I really like this. My dad’s not going to be impressed that I’ve
got another mug though because I do have a lot of them. But this is the perfect size so I don’t care. But even when it comes to packaging and stuff,
you saw me take out lots of different paper padding and pop how many different lengths
of bubblewrap? It’s all – it all came in one piece, and that’s
a lot considering there was a mug in there and it would’ve been thrown around in all
sort of places. So I am really impressed by this and will
be checking out future boxes because I imagine when it’s something for fantasy, which is
my favourite genre, it’d probably be really exciting seeing what sort of things they come
up with when it’s a genre that you probably will get a lot of the references from so…yeah. But that is the end of this video, so I hope
you enjoyed it. I enjoyed doing my first ever unboxing so
it was really exciting. I’d love to know if you get any book subscription
boxes or if you’ve even tried this one, if you got the August one yourself. But that’s all I’ve got for today, so I hope
you’re having a lovely day, and I shall see you next time with a new video. Bye!

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4 thoughts on “August Book Box Club Unboxing!”

  1. Greg Watson says:

    Oscar will enjoy the box.

  2. Bookish Vegan says:

    Great unboxing Ashleigh <3 I loved the mug too and my mum also complains whenever I get new mugs hehe, I just can't help myself as they are so cute. Aww Oscar! My cats eat everything too or at least the try to 🙂

  3. Olivia's Catastrophe says:

    This is such a nice box! Jinx sound likes an interesting book. As you said I’d never thought of matching up animals and technology. Nice that it’s signed 😉 The mug is so cool!

  4. Jasmine's Reads says:

    Oooh fun! How nice that you got to open this, that’s fun. I still can’t say that won over by the idea of book subscriptions yet, though – I think it’s because I only care about the books? And not booky random things?😂 I can see how they can be great for people who do like those things, though. And this was fun to watch nonetheless!!x

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