Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi Review: Hands-on Features, specs, price, performance


Hey guys MWC 2015 and you are looking at the
brand new Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi. So Asus has announced three variants of the
Chi Transformer Book series during CES las vegas.
You are looking at the middle one it has a 10.1inch Screen.
The other one the bigger one has 12.5inch screen and the smaller one 8.9inch screen.
We are making videos of all the three so do remember to check those out.
So 10.1inch touch screen Laptop it’s powered by Windows 8.1 and also you will get optional
keyboard. Both have all aluminium body so that in case
the weight just bit it also increases the durability.
So the tablet here weights about 570 Grams and you know combined with the keyboard I
think it just goes just under 1 Kilo. 570 Grams is heavy but when you have that
metal feel in hand you would not mind the weight at all.
The Windows 8.1 before that that’s the power button OK.
So you have the front camera here but the back camera does not have an LED flash.
You would have your shortcut keys on the screen around here.
The notification LED lights on the left side you have the volume rocker the power button
the speaker grill one would be on the other side.
3.5mm jack and the micro USB 2.0 port the Doc connector below.
Here you have the other speaker grill and then this is the micro HDMI port and then
USB 3.0 cable that’s immensely welcome. And then you also have micro SD card slot
there. On top you have the mic’s and then the power
button. Behind the Asus Logo I like it the back it’s
very mat finish aluminium and well it won’t attract finger prints that easily.
But I absolutely love the feel immediately looks and feels like premium tablet yeah.
Let’s take a look at the keyboard now. The keyboard also as I told you before is
all aluminium so it’s very very durability also feels quite similar to the tablet.
Has a nice array of island style of keyboard and gives good tactile feedback and also should
be good enough the keys are well spaced apart for even the biggest of fingers.
You have your Bluetooth key there and some of the indicators.
The mouse buttons are separated and they are quite easy to press.
So on the keyboard you only have one micro USB 2.0 Ports.
Because this is connected to the tablet Via Bluetooth so it has it’s own battery.
But apart from that much to our disappointment you do not have any other ports.
We probably would have liked couple of more ports but that’s OK you have the rubber legs
here. Stabilize it just now to attach and detach
the tablet is very very easy. It’s almost as if it’s attached to the keyboard
by magnet. And don’t need to press any keys for to detach
it. Just press and it and then pull it out and
ready to walk in the tablet mode. And what’s incredible the moment you bring
it here it starts pulling in towards the keyboard. So it has that magnet kind of an attraction
which we did not see in case of the 12.5inch one.
Now this guy is powered by an Intel Atom Chipset and we also do not know whether it will have
SSD OR HDD. We do not know the pricing and availability
yet. But this is already selling in France for
about 399 Euros. But no pricing and availability details for US or the Asian Market.
Thank you.

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