Artists’ Books at MIT

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So the artists’ books–
artists’ books in general, they’re kind of hard to define. But here at MIT, what
we’ve defined them as for the sake
of our collection is a contemporary form
of art in which artists, or a group of artists, take
the codex, or book form, and just play with it
however they’d like. And that can be in form,
structure, or content. Artists’ books can provide
another way in to material– can provide another way
to engage with dialogue, or with historical events, or
with scientific discoveries– in a visual and
tactile way that can be lacking in the classroom. I’m looking to
collaborate with faculty, and bringing them
into the classroom, and getting students to
really just experience them. Because you know, I can talk
about them all day long. But if you don’t see them,
if you don’t touch them, if you don’t play
with them yourself, then I could just talk, and
it wouldn’t mean anything. Because you see all the
work that the artists have put into it, and all of the
care, and all of the thought, and it’s really just so
detailed that it’s amazing. It’s indescribable. These books are pieces
of art, but also really influential pieces
in the dialogue of society. And the potential for
them is unlimited. So students can create
their own artists’ books. They can make their own
works based on whatever matters to them right now. Really, the possibilities
are endless. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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