Apple MacBook Air 2018 review: premium economy


– The MacBook Air is dead. Long live the MacBook Air. (electronic music) Here it is, at long
last, Apple has finally, finally redesigned the MacBook Air with a more modern design
and yes, a Retina display. It starts at 1199, and it looks like a MacBook Air should look. It has this tapered
design, it’s super thin, it’s pretty light, it’s a MacBook Air. If you’re thinking about
this new MacBook Air, you probably have been hanging
onto your old MacBook Air. It was the king of
laptops for a long time. It changed the entire laptop
world when it came out, but a lot has changed with laptops, and especially Apple laptops,
since that first Air. So I wanna talk about what’s different, now, about laptops,
and how Apple has taken all of that stuff and applied
it to this new MacBook Air. First, ports. This technically has three of them, a headphone jack, thank god, and two ThunderBolt 3 USB-C ports. That’s right, MagSafe is gone, so be careful not to
trip on the power cord. There’s also no SD card slot. Sorry. The trade-off is that USB-C is used to charge lots of things, now, and you can even power up off a battery pack, if you want to. And if you have the right hub, you can plug just one
cable into your laptop, when you sit down at your desk, to connect to a display, power, and a bunch of other accessories. But that means you’re also gonna have to deal with dongles when you plug in stuff like your iPhone. Sorry, again. Second is screen. The MacBook Air has a Retina display, it’s 2560 by 1600 pixels, which means everything is much sharper and better, though you should know
that the screen is glossy, now, and it’s not quite as nice as what you get on the Pro laptops. Still, it’s a huge
upgrade over the old Air. The bezels are way smaller, now, and they’re black, but
the screen doesn’t go quite edge-to-edge, like
other Windows laptops do. Now, the last thing I should mention about the screen is it doesn’t quite get as bright as I’d like it to. It’s been fine, even in
pretty bright rooms indoors, but I found myself
cranking up the brightness to almost the max level way
more often than I usually do. Third is the keyboard. Apple has been trying to get this new keyboard design
right for a few years, now. Now, what you need to
know is that the keys, they don’t travel very far, and it sounds kind of clacky and loud. This third generation butterfly keyboard, it is a little bit quieter
than it used to be, but more importantly, it
should also be a little bit more dust resistant than before, because that’s been a
problem with MacBook Pros, and hopefully it’s solved, now. Overall, I’m basically fine with it, but you should know it
does take a little while to get used to. Oh, one more thing. There’s no silly Touch Bar, touchscreen, thing on the keyboard. It’s just function keys that do what you want them to do,
when you want them to do it. Fourth is Touch ID. You can login with your fingerprint, and it’s fast and easy to use. It’s a thousand times better
than typing in your password. Now, it’s not as convenient as what a lot of Windows laptops have. They let you unlock with your face, sort of like an iPhone does, but it’s still a big upgrade, and inside, Touch ID is powered by
this super secure T2 chip that also handles a few
other security functions. Fifth, trackpad. It’s huge, now, but don’t worry about accidentally tapping it. It’s really good at avoiding that. It’s also a Force Touch trackpad, which means that you can
click on it anywhere, even on the top, and it just works. Now, this trackpad isn’t quite as big as the ones that come on the Pro models, but it is really accurate. Sixth, speakers. They’re better, louder. They’re louder, I don’t know. They have better stereo separation, and they’re also powered by
that T2 chip, but whatever. The important thing is they’re much nicer than what you had on the old Air. Seventh is just overall build quality. This thing feels a lot tighter and nicer than the old MacBook Air. It weighs 2.75 pounds,
which honestly isn’t that much lighter, but it’s smaller, overall, than the old Air. It’s just a really good, solid laptop. Eighth is the computer stuff. Processor, and RAM, and
storage, and all of that. Now, this one gets a
little bit complicated, but bear with me, because I need to tell you a story about Intel. Oh, Intel. If you haven’t been following
laptops, you just need to know that Intel has
had not a great few years. Compared to how processors have advanced on phones, Intel’s progress on laptop and desktop chips has been much slower. So the processor on this
new Air is a dual core, eighth gen Core i5, but it’s something called a Y-Series version of that chip, which means that it’s lower-power, and not as fast as the desktop class U-Series that you can find on some other laptops. Bottom line, is this
faster than your old Air? Yes, but it’s not that much faster, and in some ways, it lags
behind other Windows laptops. You can do all the same stuff that you can do on your current Air. So I’ve been running a half-dozen apps at a time, along with
more than a dozen tabs in Chrome, and everything is pretty okay. I think, for what most people will do with this laptop, it’s fine. So if you’re hoping you’re gonna be able to step up and get way faster
video editing, not so much. The fans are gonna spin
up, and you’re gonna have a very long wait for your export. And the same goes for something like processing raw photos, or doing anything that relies heavily
on multi-core processing, because again, this
Air only has two cores. Those kinds of tasks are gonna bring this thing to a chug way easier than will happen on a MacBook Pro. As for battery life, well, I have to say that I haven’t had quite enough testing time to give you a number, in hours, that I can
be really confident in. By the time we shot this video, I’ve used it for a couple of days, and I got about seven hours on each of those days, with a mix of Web browsing, and email, and some photo editing, and listening to Spotify, and actually, a little bit of fairly intense testing, so that’s pretty good. But I don’t think you’re gonna
get Apple’s claimed 12 hours of Web browsing time. It’s not a battery life champ, basically, but I am very confident in saying it’s gonna last longer than your decrepit old battery
on your old MacBook Air. When I first started testing this laptop, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I should compare it to. Is it like a 12-inch MacBook just blown up to a slightly bigger size? Is it more like a 13-inch MacBook Pro, but just with cheaper parts? I mean you can barely tell the two of them apart, when you
set ’em side by side. So which is it? Actually, I think it’s
both of those things. It’s a really nice laptop. Do I wish that Apple had found a way to maybe make a slightly
less expensive laptop? Well, yeah, I kinda do. You can get an iPad or a Windows laptop, or even a Chromebook for a lot less that does almost everything this does, except for one thing, and that
one thing is running MacOS. Look, here’s the deal,
people like the Mac. It’s great to have a computer that does all the computer stuff you want in a way that you’re familiar with, and Apple has taken way too long to update is mass-to-market
consumer laptop. Now the wait is over,
but if you were hoping that lightning would strike twice, and this new MacBook Air would be as revolutionary as the old
MacBook Air, well, it’s not. It basically is a MacBook
that finally includes all the stuff that has been happening with laptops for the past few years. A lot of people just want a good, modern, reliable Mac, nothing fancy, really. They just deserve
something that’s up to par, and for those people, everybody that’s been hanging onto
that old MacBook Air, this is a nice upgrade. It’s par for the course,
but you know what? That’s probably enough. Hey, everybody, thank
you so much for watching, and lemme know in the comments, do you think that Apple did enough to update the MacBook Air this go-around? I think the answer’s probably yes, but I’m curious to know what you think. And if you’re interested in the iPad Pro, we just reviewed that thing yesterday, and in some ways, it’s
vastly more powerful on this laptop, so you
should check that video out.

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100 thoughts on “Apple MacBook Air 2018 review: premium economy”

  1. J Lee says:

    Enough of an update. But simply too expensive. It feels like Apple is exploiting its loyal customers.

  2. Kahiri78 Mohd Idris says:

    Macbook Pros= Beast
    Macbook 12 =portability
    Macbook Air=best of both worlds?

    Nahh…far from it. The screen brightness is worse compared to Macbook 12 and Pro, not light enough (its only 120g lighter than NTMBP 13 inch) – meaning definetely not in the 12 inch Macbook camp and the processor that just slightly better than old 12 inch 2017 Macbook. The only "gap" that this new Air manages to fill in is the price range which is ridicoulous for an "Air". As a macbook user, you belong to either 2 camps: Macbook 12 camp for ultra portability & Macbook Pros camp for power users. Simple as that. Apple should stick with 12 inch and Pros model and abandon the Air.

  3. Noble Obodum says:

    The MacBook Air overall is a great computer and a solid upgrade, I just think it should've been $100-200 cheaper! $1199 is too close the the price of the MacBook Pro for a laptop that is quite different from it.

  4. 50K FPV says:

    I used my MacBook Air to watch this video and I can guarantee that it is a good buy. I don't fully believe that this Mac can perform extreme tasks but it can most certainly surprise you

  5. Grizzly Reaper says:

    Im about to buy this macbook ,should i do this i mean is this laptop worth for 1199$ pls tell me !

  6. Jimi Barker says:

    I'm just going too wait too see all the problems this will exhibit in a couple months lo

  7. Lintang Kusumandaru says:

    You said that finger print sensor is "a lot improvement" ? Bwahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Adrian MH says:

    The pricing makes it not very appealing.

  9. Martin Xu says:

    If only it’s i5 quad core

  10. Manish Gupta says:

    Price is too high, there are other laptops at lower price offering far better configuration. Apple should work on their pricing part.

  11. Carlos Lima says:

    I felt disappointed because there is no MagSafe.

  12. Sebastian Varela says:

    Would you consider this powerful enough to study something like design or animation? (Photoshop and After Effects)

  13. Vijit Chandna says:

    It's just another Apple laptop with a ton of "apple tax" included

  14. F 247 says:

    I am getting a really good deal on the 128gb ssd one so my question is if i buy the 128gb one right now , later on will i be able to use like an external ssd drive ? Or should i wait until i have enough for the 256gb one ?

  15. Smith Js says:

    company of greed

  16. Bustapalapano says:

    Apple isn't a consumer electronics company anymore. It's a mix of an enthusiastic and rich-people electronics company. They aren't making a mass market laptop. They are making the laptop that rich, non-creatives want and need. And they did a great job

  17. Victor says:

    It starts at $1647 in Sweden. Ridiculous for what it is.

  18. Ilyas Manan says:

    Is it run Autocad and Photoshop

  19. Patrick Khwela says:

    I was ready for this thing till you mentioned duel core Y processor.

  20. boxingjerapah says:

    Thanks, but I'll be keeping my early 2015 model.

  21. chris bodrum says:

    Is it pretentious and meaningless to refer to a laptop as “tight”?

  22. Mitch says:

    Could anyone help me – I'm having trouble deciding between the new Macbook Air and the 2018 13" Macbook Pro.

    I do a lot of work on my laptop, however, I'm not a photographer or video editor or anything like that, so wouldn't be using those 'pro' programs. I do a lot of emailing, downloading of files, file management, social media work, etc. The most demanding things I do would probably be small designs on programs like Canva, and email marketing through mailchimp. Outside or work I'd obviously use the laptop for general browsing and entertainment.

    Originally I was just thinking of getting the Pro, as I thought it'd be better to have more power than I needed than not enough, but looking at it there's quite a significant price difference (especially here in Australia), and I hate the touchbar.

    So, will the Air be fine for me, or should I just go all out and get the Pro?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  23. K. Adams says:

    thanks for the largely unbiased review! in my humble opinion, no apple did not do enough of an upgrade to justify the hefty price!

  24. Naif Ragaban says:

    Poor specs for the 2018 Macbook Air

  25. Peregrine Slim says:

    The MacBook Air is dead. Long live the Surface Laptop2!

  26. Regis Bodnar says:

    I seriously considered this MacBook, but the keyboard chases me away. If you're not going to get a laptop with a good keyboard, then why get a laptop? Aside from OS specific utilities, there's literally no reason not to just get a tablet, which is just a better experience for most of the things people do anyway. I'm actually having trouble figuring out where "Premium" and "passable keyboard" even intersect in the laptop space, aside from modern MacBooks.

  27. Sam S says:

    "desktop class" U series..GOOD JOKE

  28. J X says:

    the webcam is really bad you guys should have covered that

  29. alan B says:

    Trying to decide between this and the Macbook pro 13.5, base model, with 256Gk. zBefore the new Air, Gardian called it the "default" mac. Close in price, but seems like pro would be faster for uploading photo and short videos. Any comments?

  30. Kingsley Zissou says:

    Better back up your data constantly because if your SSD goes down, you are going to be buying an entirely new motherboard, ram and CPU…everything is soldered on to the motherboard.

  31. Walk M says:

    TBH saying that chrome can do the same thing as a MacBook is really not true chrome is truly bad and cannot do half the functions as the Mac, this is from a chrome book user

  32. G.G. says:

    Apple is really good at selling shiny outdated components at a steep price.
    That or the people buying it just "think differently" enough to not realize their unquestioning loyalty.

  33. oof says:

    The reason they’ve taken so long to release the laptop was because intel was failing to deliver a 7nm process chip. They ended up abandoning the wait for that chip. If they did, this laptop would be much more promising and would justify the $1200 price tag

  34. Mohamed Hassanin says:

    I'm waiting the new Macbook Air 2018 buy , but with this price I don't think so , I will go with Macbook Air 2017 at least I will have USB ports , magsafe charger ,SD Card , I don't want Retina and New Keyboard

  35. Raz_Lord says:

    its sad that I'm watching this on my old MacBook Air

  36. Raz_Lord says:

    its sad that I'm watching this on my old MacBook Air

  37. Raz_Lord says:

    its sad that I'm watching this on my old MacBook Air

  38. Ian Buchan says:

    It’s not dead it’s still being produced

  39. Ian Buchan says:

    Who uses a a Mac on their lap ??

  40. marija says:

    i still use my 2014 air on the daily! i would buy this even with the price point if it had like quad core.

  41. Panji Wicaksono says:

    How about the cam? Quality is poor af

  42. Rodrick Showers says:

    0:38 anyone no the brand of the watch he is wearing

  43. Meshwork123 says:

    Dust-proof keyboard. Nice. 👍

  44. Sans The Skeleton says:

    Verge,the keyboard does adjust and after a bit will be quiet

  45. Papon Sinsatitsukul says:

    I want to ask a professional in the MacBook Air 2018 or someone know this problem. when I use face time or normal camera is a very poor camera, please answer this question to get me to know better than now.

  46. VizionWorksEditing says:

    A decent buy on BH photo booth when they discount it by 200 and theres no tax, effectively saving nearly or over 300 bucks

  47. Amanda mccoy says:

    Does it come with headphones?

  48. bent-erik munch says:

    yes except for the processor and why did they drop the magnet power supply plug, thanks for nice review 😉

  49. Josh STEFANAC says:

    A dual core Y series chip?! Just buy a pro for the extra $50. So much better performance and weighs like 9% more. Way better overall value. The new air is literally hot trash.

  50. Deep Roy says:

    *really 2 core ? R.I.P Apple am going back to banana it is testy and even provide us more energy value for money
    i am missing the glowing logo.*

    see apple removes headphone hack from their phones, they remove thunderbolt ports,& the magsafe, one day they will remove everything from their product and sell the apple logo with $50000 dollars

  51. Nicole Phou says:

    Why Mac book pro apple store so freaking expensive I m using Asus laptop and its great

  52. Jatin Agarwal says:

    So basically it's a bit better than a 4 year old laptop. Thanks.

  53. John Carr says:

    I'll have something to upgrade to when and if my current 2015 Air gives out. Neat.

  54. gaipou panmy says:

    Removing the macsafe is the worst thing…

  55. Harriet D says:

    great job on the video , I did a unboxing video of this mac too, go check it out!!

  56. Ian Buchan says:

    Err no the old MacBook Air is not dead it’s still being produced, it’s even brighter than the new one and has an SD card slot , sorry again. all the majority of manufacturers still include and SD card slot doesn’t that tell you something??

  57. Austin B says:

    I’ve never had a Mac. I want one but they’re so expensive, I just done no if I need it

  58. Uddebo MakerSpace says:

    Chrome steals 3 hours of battery life compared to Safari fyi, don't believe me? then try it out

  59. Jeffery Young says:

    I would have bought it if not for the dual core processor. A dual core processor in late 2018 is so outdated.

  60. Ricardo Lavra says:

    It would be a flawless laptop, if not by this dual core processor… In that price range, Surface Laptop 2 or Dell XPS are smarter choices, speaking of price per firepower.

  61. Unknown Productions says:

    U is a desktop processor, nice joke my man next time some more research please, U actually stands for ultra low power meaning it's a heavily undervolted desktop processor

  62. Kien Hweng Tai says:

    Apple put in the i5-8210Y Amber Lake because it has the low TDP of 7W. Presumbly for battery preservation. Amber Lakes are crippled lower power mobile Kaby Lakes.

  63. Daniel Arcure says:

    I don’t even care if it doesn’t have as powerful a processor as some other laptops because Macs don’t have random slowdowns that Windows laptops have.

  64. Jordan Sage says:

    Hate how Apple pulls the perfectly brilliant MagSafe – which was THE reason I bought my first Macbook Air long ago – I was destroying previous laptops from chord trips at a ridiculous rate…. Why, Apple?

    Dislike the feel of the "butterfly" keyboards as well. Was all the polarization and discomfort of this feature worth slimming their laptops down by 1-1.5mm? I think not. I mean, are you trying to fit a laptop into your front pocket?? The thinness was fine before, and decrease in the Air's footprint thanks to the reduced bezels is awesome and was more than enough to mark size reduction "progress." Again: Why, Apple?

    I just don't understand this company's increasingly eccentric engineering quirks these days…. Hey maybe if they remove the charging port and switch to Single-Use devices they can increase sales and really maximize shareholder value!

  65. Vincent says:

    well nothing to say, I bought it and…it's the new perfect Mac for uni and personal use..!

  66. holet says:

    This channel is the absolute worst. The Vorst.

  67. DesiredNameWasTaken says:

    Did he really have epic games installed on a macbook air?

  68. tipoomaster says:

    1:47, gods sake Apple, over a decade of that window resizing performance…

  69. Gamers Games says:

    I’m getting the 2018 macbook air for my birthday 🎂

  70. Christel Kappis says:

    after i m looking at the tech specs my decision was clear, i m waiting til june 19 and buy me the new thinkpad x1 yoga gen4 🤗

  71. kewal pasad says:

    I have a Lenovo yoga 720 with i7 hq 7700, 16 gig ram, 256 sad, 1050ti nvidia for $1200

  72. Alice Is Bored says:

    I am torn between getting the new MacBook Air and the 2017 version. Which would you recommend for basic internet browsing, creating things like word documents and watching movies and YouTube videos ?

  73. Jero says:

    Should I upgrade my MacBook pro late 2013 into this one?

  74. crys ed says:

    They had no problem to put 15W processor on previous gen… So why can't they do the same on current gen?

  75. noponn800 says:

    I like it but I also like my kidney

  76. Life AJ says:

    So, should I buy it or not?

  77. Erfan Nazarian says:

    Have you hade any lag with your regular usage? Like when you are in safari and surfing the net. Or when you use apple apps like iMovie or GarageBand?? Im very sensitive with lags and i wanna know if MBA 2018 has some lags , so go for the Pro model… i heard from some owners that it has some lags even in web browsing … thanks man

  78. Minh Ly says:

    I bought a used MacAir 2017 MQD52 produced in 2018 for about 1000$ one week ago, but it is like just unboxed. There is no scratch on the machine even a small one and everything with OS works almost flawlessly. The battery still has a design full charge capacity which can last more than 10 hours. It has 2.2 GHz core i7, 8Gb Ram and 512Gb SSD. What a bargain !!!

  79. Frosty Blade says:

    it is using y series becoz it saves more battery

  80. prankster gangster says:

    i only love magsafe and glowing apple

  81. Ralph Vanderpool says:


  82. Alejandra’s World says:

    I just bought my macbook air I love it being my first macbook ever I can't complain.

  83. Domagoj Matijević says:

    Why does everyone talk about rendering 8K videos and editing RAW photos

  84. Shashank Agrawal says:

    2017 MacBook pro without touch strip
    2018 MacBook air
    Which is better, help pls

  85. Haissam El Deguise says:

    many useful features with the new Mac software updates

  86. Shenron Z says:

    The old MBA are far from dead. My “old” i7 2013 and my base 2017 MBA are fast and can edit 4K & Adobe easily, with a 1tb mvme ssd. 1,400-1,500 write and read.

  87. Aditya Jha says:

    I love your cinematography! And the content is of course lit as always🔥

  88. Alex Tsang says:

    So is it a good option for University?

  89. Sebastian Eilers says:

    Wait were you on Jubilee?


    "Oh one more thing", "Oh another thing", "Oh and this thing"……… like dude, you should think before you speak like get your facts organized first LOL

  91. PochinkiKing says:

    They should have used the A12X with this

  92. cocoqui says:

    U-Series isn't desktop class. It's not even high end for laptops, that'd be H series.

  93. nitesh sah says:

    Why the apple logo. Is not lightning?

  94. SKATER BIRD says:

    Just bought one and will be getting the deliver next week. Will do a programmer’s review as soon as i can. Subscribe if you wanna check it out 😉

    And pls stop using only video and photo editing as parameters to “work load” in videos. I understand but think about other users too, thanks

  95. Spawn223311 says:

    What you actually pay for in apple is the OS. I really want to try it, but I find it really hard to justify the price for an OS

  96. Deep J Singh says:

    Everyone says apple is expensive. Only high quality competitor to this laptop is the x1 carbon and thats even more expensive than this and doesn’t even come with a retina screen as standard.

  97. angelo says:

    That can’t be possible because my 2019 MacBook Air lasted for 12 hrs

  98. Reem Khaled says:

    I have a question: is it the MacBook Air good for college student????????

  99. Timothy William Brown says:


  100. Adam Mohd says:

    Ur cinematography is awesome but the music is too loud, tone it down abit

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