Apple Macbook Air 2018 hands-on


– Hey everybody, this is
Dieter with The Verge. I’m here at Apple’s event in Brooklyn, and I am holding the all-new
13.3-inch MacBook Air. We’ve been waiting for this thing for a very, very long time, so I wanna get into it and see what we got. As you can see, the star of the show is the new fully-retina display. It’s still 13.3 inches, but
they shrunk the bezels down. They also made them black
and glass and glossy, but that means that its
overall footprint is smaller than the last-generation MacBook Airs. But it’s full sRGB, and it
has a very high resolution, same as the 13-inch MacBook Pro. And you could also see some other changes. It has this third-generation
butterfly keyboard, which means that it’s a little bit quieter than the older MacBook Pros, but it’s still pretty slim key
travel, but you’ll also see, right there, there’s a Touch ID sensor so that you can log in
with your fingerprint. And that’s great ’cause
it’s way more convenient than typing in your passcode or waiting for your Apple Watch to
finally connect to it. Now, in order to make that
thing work, it includes this new T2 chip, which
makes everything more secure. It also controls the SSD and
so on, but the real processor you care about is the Intel processor. It’s an eighth-generation Intel processor. The base model here is
a Core i5 with 8 gigs of RAM and 128 gig SSD,
and it costs $1,199. Now, this looks quite a
bit like the generation of MacBook Pros that we’ve seen recently, but it’s nice and tapered along the side, so you get that classic MacBook Air look. There is, of course, a headphone jack. And then over on the other side, your two parts are USB-C and Thunderbolt. They book work as Thunderbolts, so you’re gonna lose MagSafe,
which is gonna be a bummer for a lot of people, but
USB-C is a lot more versatile, although you are probably still gonna have to deal with some dongles. The last thing I will point out on this thing is the Trackpad. It’s huge. It’s a giant Trackpad. It’s just really big. It’s also using Force Touch,
so you can click anywhere on the Trackpad, and it will click. It works really well, so that is it. It is the MacBook Air. You can go and pre-order it right now. It should be shipping I think as soon as next week, and again,
the base model costs $1,199, which is a little bit
more than I was hoping, but it’s still a pretty
decent price for a MacBook Air that finally, finally,
finally has modern specs. You can also see that
they’ve added the speakers at the side just like on the MacBook Pros, and they are supposed to
be much louder than before. The new MacBook Air is gonna come in the standard MacBook colors, the gold, the space gray, and the gray. You’ll also see that it’s
got this aluminum finish. They’re all made of aluminum of course, but it’s 100% recycled aluminum, and it weighs 2.75 pounds,
which actually isn’t that much. But it’s a little bit less
than the old MacBook Air, although it is more than
the little 12-inch Mac. The other Mac that was announced here today was a brand-new Mac mini. It looks exactly the
same as the old Mac mini, but it has all-new modern specs, USB-C, basically
everything you were hoping that they would’ve put in that device, so for much more on what’s going on here at Apple’s event, the MacBook
Air, the Mac mini, and the new iPad Pro, definitely
keep it locked to The Verge.

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100 thoughts on “Apple Macbook Air 2018 hands-on”

  1. Nowhere Man says:

    Two Nikon fan in this videos.

  2. Alpha Centauri says:

    does apple include the laptop charger or do we need to pay 99 extra to buy it ?

  3. zaryl2k says:

    welcome to dongle life (yet again)


    Is it good for video editing ????

  5. Joshua Coy says:

    YouTube might as well rename on their app where it says "Comments" to "Complaints"

  6. [Insert Username] says:

    No MagSafe, no USB, no SD card reader, yeah, I think I'm finally done with Apple.

  7. Nick says:

    No Regular USB, no SD card slot, and one of your USB-Cs will be used for charging. So this thing has one port minus a headphone jack?

    Good to see they're continuing with the trend of less accessibility for more $$$

  8. Szymon Nowak says:

    if I copy something to a USB disk on this new computer and the file will be unreadable, will all copying be interrupted, will it let me skip the file and continue?

  9. Ankit Garg says:

    Apple has no idea what it is doing. Removing FP sensor from phones then why not face unlock in this thing as well, keep the experience the same. USB-C on iPad but not on iPhones, headphone jack on Mac but not on phones, WTF.

  10. Yeewallow No says:

    its 2018, why is there still a 128 GB model…

  11. Dangling Dongle says:

    ipad >>>>>>>>>> macbook air

  12. Driving Pleasure says:

    the Air come with soldered SSD so when the SSD write cycles expired , you have to buy a new Macbook and your old one become a garbage with no way to fix it.

  13. Вячеслав Осипов says:

    Macbook that did not pass Macbook test??? Wtf

  14. kanehi says:

    Why is Apple so opposed to touch screens? If they can do it on their tablets why not their laptops? Doesn't make sense at all.

  15. Arpit Wankhade says:

    Why don't Apple introduce hands-free login with Macbook similar to the new iPad Pro?

  16. Yes It's Me says:

    Why buy this when you can get an iPhone for 1800 out the door? lol.

  17. Kel says:

    So it’s a MacBook with an extra port

  18. Marco Pfeiffer says:

    Im curious for benchmarks.
    The old air had a decent 15W U-Series mobile processor.
    The new air has a weak 5W Y-Series processor.
    I'm going to assume that the old air is faster.

  19. vedi0boy says:

    at this price it still uses ddr3, ok then…

  20. SupremeDream _ says:

    No USB port? :/

  21. Camilo Romero says:

    I WILL NOT BUY ANY OTHER PRODUCT IN MY LIFE. I've had two macbooks in my life. At the beginning I was very happy about the quality of their products, so I decided to update the macbok pro with touchbar although it seems quite expensive but it has DISAPPOINTED me. After 1 year of use the macbook pro did not want to turn on anymore and the magic solution of apple store was to change the motherboard (at a cost of 800 USD). After only 1 month of use (I repeat only 1 month of use) the same thing happened to me again. The apple solution? they are going to laugh -> write a feedback so that it is scaled to the engineers to design better products. It does not matter that you paid almost 2,400 + 800 usd for a stupid machine that was damaged in the year. If you are thinking of buying an apple product, I recommend that you think twice.

  22. Gavla Tennis says:

    When are they going to improve the keyboards? Typing on these is like typing on a granite worktop…

  23. s Ys says:

    It added too much useless stuff and pull up the price

  24. Mike Henderson says:

    If Apple made a car, would it have Windows?

  25. Gakwaya David says:

    😂😂😂 Thats not a decent price

  26. Beast Laser says:

    Dope asf

  27. koolkat Austin says:

    What is the graphics card

  28. Kevin says:

    Worth it for Graphic Design ?

  29. Johnny Tsang says:

    overpriced and same design over few years

  30. Tanzim Hasan Nihal says:

    Jittering hands

  31. Brianna says:

    They need to make the MacBook Pro fold down into a tablet…then it will finally be worth it

  32. teemo says:

    Suckiest notebook ever seen. No MagSafe, no traditional ports, Butterfly keyboard

  33. Sanjay Rishi says:

    Y series chip?!……………………………………

  34. Om Shukla says:

    What’s the point of getting this if the pro is just a hundred bucks more expensive 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Both have the same number of ports too. Around 1200 bucks for the air, MacBook and MacBook Pro. So stupid

  35. b kace says:

    0:46 cut down on that coffee lol

  36. ki 2 says:

    most eco friendly laptop on Earth!

  37. mod26 says:

    Why would i change the one I bought last year for this? A touch id and thunderbolt? And a huge track pad? LMAO apple SCAMMERS

  38. Victor N says:

    So for 1200$ you get 128gb of storage , a mediocre processor, 2 ports and a less comfortable keyboard? Seem like a rip off.

  39. Tweed says:

    Damn did this guy have coke before doing this video

  40. Pseudomonarchia Daemonum says:

    1199 USD for a dual core i5 processor and 8 gig ram and 2 USB-C? Cool.

  41. Ben Rulon says:

    Has a low power, fanless dual core i5 chip that shrinks in comparison to ANY of the competition.

    Why does this exist? The MacBook Pro costs $100 more and gives you a better screen and more powerful processor.

  42. BLUEunboxing says:

    $1200 for 128GB in 2018 with y series 7w processor and 1 USB C what a ripp off apple.

  43. Toruichi Smith says:

    Is it Retina Display (or even higher Ppi display)?

  44. Christopher Millett says:

    I have the MacBook Air 2017 (bought it for $620, and no tax), and the new MacBook Air 2018 looks amazing. I only have one complaint, and that’s the lack of an SD card. I like having my SD card in my MacBook Air 2017. I know there’s problem some sort of adapter from USB-C to SD card slot, but I did buy the 2017 version for half the price, if not lesser. May get that Mac Mini though to act as a server when I create my iPhone App.

  45. alfredo pacino says:

    wow they replicated that ridiculous keyboard on the air, great work

  46. The informant says:


  47. BogdanIsMyNameo says:

    0:15 the old macbook airs could be opened without having to hold down the base while you open the screen. simple things like this are the sort of thing that wouldn't have happened with steve jobs being around

  48. Dave McKenzie says:


  49. Roaming Robert says:

    NO stupid Touch Bar!!! ….. good news!😎

  50. s ga says:

    Very big woop. How boring…Loving my 2014 MacBook Air

  51. mendezWTF says:

    loosing mag safe has been such a stupid move from apple

  52. Anson Hu says:

    New MacBook cheaper than iPhone XS and XS max AND has a headphone jack. Moment of silence for headphone jack on iPhones above 7…

  53. Brian Speckert says:

    wtf literally pointless, they better make the macbook cheap as hell

  54. Akkio says:

    Why couldn't they just use the A12x in this laptop instead of the crappy Y-series i5 processor? A12x supports CISC required for desktop applications. The geekbench of a12x is 5030 single core and 18000 multi core which is in stark contrast to the 4248 single core and 7800 multi core of i5. Also with no need to pay a premium to intel, maybe costs would have been less.

  55. Kartikay Bhardwaj says:

    I am watching this in MacBook Air 2017…. it has i5 processor
    There is no SD card slot now? lol how will they upgrade memory now??

  56. Joe Wheeler says:

    Why would you not fork out an extra 50 for the 2017 Pro model?!

  57. W ON says:

    It looks nice but now the Ipad Pro’s are very close to this in performance and for a cheaper price……I doubt I will need another laptop.

  58. Carlos says:

    128gb is ridiculously small, Apple still uses the iPhone´s capacity in their MacBooks, so hilarious!

  59. Shenal Premathilaka says:

    if face id is the future then why is there a fingerprint scanner on the mackbook…

  60. Victor Rykowski says:

    Will there be a 15 inch?

  61. Augusto Rallo says:

    LOL Since when is that a new feature ffs? Entreprise notebooks had this for so long

  62. Artist Flare says:

    I thought that any apple laptop was amazing?!?!? And my dad finally ordered me one for skl after trying a hp one that's slow and then brought a brand new dell one that made loud fan noises and at last he decided to get this one. And now I see so many negative comments about it! Did we make a mistake (btw Ik nothing about laptops) also I read a comment saying if it broke or something like that there is no repareation????

  63. Dark Illusions says:

    I'm extremely angry right now. Why did they take off the glowing logo??? Omg i'm so mad…

  64. Go Yi Hang says:

    I just bought my 2017 Macbook Air a month ago…

  65. lupinearsenalALT says:

    Apple's Q4 financial report came out less than 48 hours ago. Their stock price has dropped 6% because Apple will no longer publish iPhone sales figures in 2019. This indicative of poor iPhone sales

    So if you noticed that Apple products are getting more expensive year by year, it's not because the product is better – it's because Apple is trying to compensate for poor sales with more expensive devices. At the end of the day, the customer gets screwed over. Hopefully more loyal customers can see Apple's strategy with more clarity and stop supporting this greedy company that only knows how to milk its core fans. 🤔

  66. - nasir says:

    Thinking if I should get this or the iPad 🙃🙃

  67. Narendra Reddy says:

    Hope one day I will get this😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

  68. D L says:

    wow thank you for pointing out the headphone jack just that little ting has made my day! I have a 2013 MacBook air and I would miss that not to thrilled about no usb but I have been waiting to upgrade and i will

  69. Thanh âm audio says:

    How many ???

  70. Sniper 313 says:

    People are complaining about the price but if you buy a Mbp to make money you can easily spec it to 4000+. Also people are paying 1200+ for iPhones alone.

  71. Fawz Sharam says:

    Retina display ? Would it get staingate also ?

  72. Алексей Шипарев says:


  73. ThePro_Luis says:

    When will apple make their own gaming laptop?

  74. Baguette says:

    Now when you put it on flight mode it actually flies away.

  75. Wong Wai Jie says:

    I’m struggling between macbook air 2017 (around $793 in my country) and Acer swift 3 SF314-54-59T5 (around $661). Could anyone advise any better options around this budget? Thank you 😄

  76. penyai raktiprakorn says:

    I WANT THIS THING. You should compare this thing with Surface Pro too.

  77. Jao Ogalesco says:

    Isn't this just the same as the 12 inch "MacBook"… I mean not entirely the same but I thought they released the 12 inchMacBook to get rid of the air since it was thinner than the air before this new air, so its just the same, just with a Touch ID, why am I even complaining I have a MacBook Pro 2018 AHHAH

  78. tenzin santy says:

    i got the macbook air 2017 with all the ports I need.

  79. Sangkala Wira says:

    Watching this in my macbook air 2017 🙂 .I cant afford the 2018

  80. Bettan says:

    Did not think this day would come!! I was almost sure they were going to discontinue it :O :O

  81. Vince M says:

    So what’s the difference between the new Air and MacBook Pro besides the Touch Bar?

  82. jared staggs says:

    Thinking about this or the new Huawei. Thoughts?

  83. James Beardsmore says:

    Would have been better with no background sound.

  84. James McLoad says:

    This looks EXACTLY like the Matebook X Pro. Like, I know the Matebook was supposedly taking inspiration from Apple, but they did a few things differently, including the tapered edges and the full cutout at the bottom. But this design copies it wholesale. Only difference now is that Air has bigger bezels, no touchscreen and shallower keyboard. Oh, and a smaller hard drive/worse processor for the same price as the i5 Matebook. And no USB A. And no included dongle in the box. Wow Apple. Wow.

  85. Jakub Tuleja says:

    Anyone miss MagSafe? Why they did this to Steve Jobs’s legend ? 😞.

  86. High_ridges says:

    R.I.P MacBook air! In my opinion, this’s almost a budget version of MacBook pro 🙁

  87. K. Tanner Barfield says:

    So basically its the macbook with an extra USB-C port…. wow.

  88. Milko Vivaldi says:

    I think that this year I'll buy AIR instead PRO. For a normal use is sufficient.

  89. Kirilova Kirilova says:

    not good… i had mine for 5 years .. and a lot of problems

  90. Eric Ford says:

    thats a goodbye to macbook air😢. that looks nothing like the air, it looks more like the macbook. and the loss of the ports makes thumbs down for me. ill stick to my 2017 mac air. because it still have the one cool thing that apple made, the glowing apple logo

  91. Lucas says:

    Should I sell my MacBook Pro 13” from 2015, and buy this instead?

  92. 69 Guccigang Tripy 420 says:

    organs have left the chat

  93. KTM says:

    8GB RAM? Oh come on Apple! Give us 16GB for a change. RAM is dirt cheap

  94. Idris fabkhr says:

    Yet you still cant put a CD in it
    Well done apple

  95. Aidan Cyrenne says:

    Great video, but you should mute the video then do a voiceover so that there’s no background noise.

  96. thirupathi kushanapalli says:

    You can get 4% discount on any laptop macbook

  97. Shiro Record says:

    Rest in piece USB port 🙁

  98. moreksi says:

    Apple Macbook Air 30% OFF here: vdіgіtаl. іnfо

  99. عشوائيات يوتيوب says:

    ما اجمل هاذا الحهاز احتاج منه لي غرض الدراسة لاكن لا امتلك المال لي شراء واحد

  100. 素素 says:

    Refurbished 2018 MacBook Air is 830usd now in hk

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