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Hi everyone. I’m Rincey and this is Rincey
Reads. Today I’m going to be doing a general announcements video. I got some housekeeping
to take care of, some things to talk to you guys about. So first off, VidCon. VidCon is
like 3 weeks away, which is so exciting and terrifying all at the same time. In case you
guys weren’t aware or you hadn’t heard about it or you’re new to my channel or anything
like that, I am going to be on the BookTube panel that’s happening at VidCon this year,
which is just so insane, especially when you consider who I’m going to be sitting on the
panel with. So yeah, I will have a link down below to the panel information. But the schedule’s
been announced for VidCon and everything. So the BookTube panel will be happening on
Thursday morning and you need to have a Creator pass in order to attend that event. So let
me know if you guys are going to be at VidCon or if you are at VidCon and see me there,
feel free to come and say hi. Secondly, because I’m going to be going to VidCon and I’m going
to be in California for a little bit during this month, I decided that I’m going to be
doing a Q&A video. So if you guys want to leave your questions down in the comments
section of this video, I will be recording a Q&A video next weekend. So the weekend of
the 11th. So leave your comments down below between now and July 11th so that way I can
pre-record some videos. And I have a feeling July is just going to be kind of a crazy month
in general. So it’ll be nice to have those just kind of ready to go. I don’t have to
worry about getting videos ready for this month. Feel free to ask me anything. I won’t
guarantee that I’ll answer every question, but I’m pretty sure I’ll answer almost anything.
And if for some reason you want to leave me an anonymous question, you can always leave
that on my Tumblr. I believe I have anonymous asks turned on. I think the last time I did
a Q&A video was like in 2012, so it seems like it might be time to do another one or
an updated one. Next, I’m going to be doing a Moby Dick readalong. If you guys saw my
New Year’s Resolutions video, you would’ve seen that one of my resolutions was to read
Moby Dick this year and a lot of you guys seemed really interested in doing that as
well. So I decided to turn this into a readalong. I will be reading this in the month of August,
so if you guys are interested, you can join me along for that. I created a Google spreadsheet
so that way I can kind of keep track of how I’m doing and you guys can kind of stay on
course with me as well. The way that I have it split up is by chapter, so that we if we
don’t all have the exact same edition or anything like that it’ll be fine. We can all just follow
along by chapters. The goal is to read about four and a half chapters per day in order
to finish Moby Dick within the month of August. Let me know down in the comments below if
1) you’ll be participating in the Moby Dick readalong 2) if you have any fun Twitter hashtag
ideas that we could be doing for this because I’m not creative enough to think of something
fun, besides like readMobyDick, and 3) let me know if you guys have any preference on
the types of videos that I do with the Moby Dick readalong. I’m not sure if I want to
do like a weekly video discussion type of thing or if I just want to do one video at
the end of the month and just talk to you guys through Twitter. And then the final thing
is that I am participating in a giveaway for you guys. They’re giving away a Kindle Fire
HD. So if you guys are looking for an ereader or a tablet, this might be the giveaway for
you. This is being given away in conjunction with The Sword and Its Servant by Victor Salinas,
which is a dark fantasy young adult novel. It’s the first book in a series that was released
last year. One grand prize winner will win a Kindle Fire HD with the book preloaded onto
the Kindle Fire. And then five runners up will receive a hard copy of the book autographed
by the author. The giveaway is running from July 1st to July 31st so you have any time
between then to sign up for the giveaway. All you have to do to enter is go to the link
in the description and just enter your email address and then you are basically all signed
up for the contest. The contest is open to anyone living in the United States, Canada,
the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. Again all of this information will be down
in the description box below as well as a link for the giveaway. I’m not getting anything
out of this giveaway, I’m just helping promote it so that way you guys could potentially
win a tablet. I just like making sure that my viewers can get free stuff every now and
then. So yeah, that’s everything that I have for this announcements video. If you have
any questions at all about anything that I talked about, feel free to leave that down
in the comments section. And also leave your questions for the Q&A video that I’ll be doing
in the comments section as well. Also just let me know if you will be coming to VidCon
and I will be seeing you guys on the BookTube panel. So yeah, that’s all I have for now
and thanks for watching.

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