Anchor Cites Biggie Smalls In Report On Book ‘Warning’ Against Trump | MSNBC


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33 thoughts on “Anchor Cites Biggie Smalls In Report On Book ‘Warning’ Against Trump | MSNBC”

  1. Shaina says:

    Come on now. There’s better ways to disseminate news

  2. Ron deezzee says:

    I love you now bro, cant get anymore intouch with minorities!!!!!!!🤭🤭🤭

  3. D DOLLAR says:

    Yeha, there’s not much there, there. Just discriptins of

  4. Elizabeth Gonzalez says:

    Thank you Ari…for calling out this opportunist .👏👏👏 Dont buy this book. History will tell the story in good time. The Truth doesn't need a bookcover.

  5. Giordano Bruno says:

    I want to sit and share blunts with Ari.

  6. Mark Scott Staggs says:

    Instead of news from MSNBC we get rumors of rumors, outright prevarications classic inculcation of leftist agenda, opinions that always prove to be false. There is no whistleblower!

  7. Shawn Begley says:


  8. Nathan Thornton says:

    Lol wow ok

  9. Auston Daley says:

    🤦‍♂️ this is embarrassing

  10. Truth Hurts says:

    Biggie is truly living Life after Death. . sick sad world indeed

  11. IT'S ME FROM 713 says:

    What's with the rap references all the time? It's so cringey.

  12. ꧁Lil Fairy꧂ says:

    The obvi-white rap was priceless 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Marius Thefaker says:

    Ya full of sh*t on this one Ari. The whistleblower did the right thing and his complaint was buried by the White House and the DOJ. If it wasn't for the AG going directly to Congress to inform them of the complaint we would never have known about this. This Anonymous character has seen all that, and the attacks on the whistleblower, and has decided to take a different approach. Better the truth from an anonymous source than full blown lies from people you know…

  14. freejutube says:

    who says that anonymous is not the whistleblower ? for sure, for now, the whistleblower is anonymous… 🙂

  15. Gscalenut says:

    The only person that Trump has ever shown loyalty to was Roy Cohn so it is no surprise that some one would "turn" on him. In the near future Trump will disavow knowledge of most of those who have shown him blind loyalty during his presidency and has the bus ready to cast them under. Senators who show him loyalty in the upcoming impeachment trial will soon find themselves abandoned to the wolves.

  16. Wilson'sStepBrother says:

    I'd share my blunt with you

  17. ballsoutballistic says:

    Ari is a the truth!

  18. ruth depew says:

    Thank you.

  19. Aramai Jonassi says:

    OMG Ari, you're so cringey but I love you so much.😂🤣😂

  20. lamar lewis says:

    First he gave us the honey dippers now we have biggie smalls Ari melber the best

  21. Logain UBiv Tnomal Ablar says:

    I'm waiting for the day when Ari leaves MSNBC to host his own Hip Hop History channel and film quote discussion show. I'll be there for every episode.

  22. TheKingTrader says:

    I would do anything in this world to sit and share a blunt with Ari for an hour

  23. WestOfEarth says:

    The Anonymous author is Barron Trump.

  24. pr0xZen says:

    This is not a fair and objective comparison, Ari. What "Anonymous" details in "A Warning", is extremely disturbing and IMO speaks to personal abilities and priorities that should disqualify anyone from holding public office. BUT! While it arguably might fit the 25th Amendment – that's an extremely subjective thing, and not an argument really being made by the author either.

    "Anonymous" is opening the door into why Mr. Trump is not fit for office. But his/her case and arguments – they A) do not fit the profile or intent of a whistleblower report, and B) would not be an intelligence community whistleblower report. "Anonymous" would not have any of the protections of the whistleblower in this Ukraine affair. While what the book describes is downright morbid and should be disturbing to everyone – it does not seem to actually fit any criminality nor an abuse of office/power. Going public would cost him/her everything – and there would be nothing earned through it. For anyone.

  25. KelZ X says:

    Ari secretly loves hip hop.
    Love you brother Ari

  26. Rich Winder says:

    Trump is a shark in a shiver,
    heading up a really dark river,
    and what he should think of his ilk,
    is they know how to bilk,
    and will turn on him if he fails to deliver.

  27. news now philly says:

    THEY WHERE REPUBLICANS 1970 THEN , THEY ARE NOW REPUBLIKKKANS 2019 THAT HISTORY WILL REMEMBER …….. republikkkans traitors to america ….PARTY BEFORE COUNTRY … FDT <Scaling The Border: The Not-So-Great Wall of America | Full Frontal on TBS …

  28. Strait Arrow says:

    An anonymous book of fiction with all the hallmarks of CNN & MSNBC fake news . Its part of the dirty tricks campaign by ceo Zucker , to get rid of President Trump at any cost.

  29. Vantastic Tours says:

  30. Jorgeoctavio11 Asodisen says:

    Maybe the whistle blower wrote his/her paper earlier on the same table that Mr./Ms. Anonymous did his thing. Their works sound credibly sensible.

  31. Stacey Duncan says:

    Stick to the news Ari. Quoting rappers should be left to people who are a little more musically inclined. Lol 🤣😂🤣😂

  32. Elena Osburn says:

    I love how Ari will take every opportunity to correlate rap lyrics to the news 😹

  33. Steven says:

    Imagine the words that would rap out of BIGGiE SMALLS in these times…. NOTORIOUS

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