AMI Travel Tips: Episode 11 – Booking tips for your next flight

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NARRATOR 1: If you’re
a traveller who is blind or partially
sighted, there are many ways to book a flight. On your phone,
using your computer, or calling the airline. In this edition of
AMI travel tips, we’re going to
review your options and let you know which ones
the airlines recommend. NARRATOR 2: AMI travel tips. NARRATOR 1: In this
day and age, you can book flights several ways. A travel agent is one, but
it’s becoming less common. Calling an airline
is the best way to ensure that you have a
captive agent ready to answer your questions. Airlines recommend using
their websites or mobile apps. The reason is because the
Canadian transport agency has strict guidelines
which ensure their apps and web sites are
accessible to everyone, regardless of ability. So you were guaranteed
an experience during which your screen
reader should have little to no issues. Upon booking electronically,
you are always presented with a special
needs dropdown in which you can specify any individual
requirements, such as blind or visually impaired. This will automatically
code your booking so that the airline
is prepared for you when you arrive at the airport. If you are comfortable
travelling without assistance, then the option is always yours. But know that you are entitled
to a dedicated escort which the airline or airport
will provide to get you from your check in to your seat
and through any connections or baggage claim you might
have to pass through. For a more
personalized experience or for those with
lots of questions, give the airline a call. For those who love
our digital world, take the electronic route and
use the airline’s mobile app or website. MAN: For more accessible travel tips, visit

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