American Psycho – Patrick Bateman Character Study

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I Think it’d clarify the themes of the novel he clarified that the novel was actually a critique of male behavior I think a lot of people Don’t realize that I haven’t read the book and so it clarified that and also brought the humor of the book up to the surface Today I want to explore American Psycho dive deep into the character of Patrick Bateman and look at what really drives him insane But first a bit of historical context the 1980s were an interesting time for the United States his economy under President Reagan a much bigger emphasis was put on pure capitalism Taxes were dramatically cut industries were deregulated and GDP rose at an all-time high Along with his extreme economic growth came scandals thievery and a decline in Morality with sex and drugs being intertwined with multi million and sometimes billion dollar companies a lot of this mentality came from yuppie investors the term coined in the early 80s that refers to young and highly educated professionals Working on Wall Street and in other financial markets and with that we arrive at American Psycho a film obsessed with the ramifications That this period had on society as a whole The film explores a multitude of different areas about what I find most interesting and we’ll be covering today is the concept of image over Individual from the very first scene when we meet Patrick Bateman it becomes clear He is obsessed with how others view him and going off of this first scene alone. It’s clear that he doesn’t stand out He’s just another yuppie conforming to everything that those around him do notice that they all the same credit card However as we find out in the next scene. He isn’t just like those around him And play around with your blood He just pretends to be his true self the one that we is the audience are privy to is a cold-blooded killer of course this isn’t what is Expected of him so he hides behind a mask as he tries to conform to those around him He is obsessed with what others do and tries to mold himself to be just like them He also has a penchant for Valentino suits in Oliver Peoples glasses Marcus And I even go to the same barber in the opening scene after the door see an exclusive restaurant is mentioned He does everything in his power to try and get reservations yes I know it’s a little late, but is it possible to reserve a table for two at 8:00 or 8:30 perhaps He mimics those around him trying to be just like them trying to fit in take for example the business card scene there is no Significant or discernible difference between the cards yet to him it means Everything instead of working he gets upset over the smallest that I can’t believe That Bryce prefers Van Patten’s card to mine the lack of work is a defining feature of the film Set a barge in on you like this I know how busy you guys can get Bateman limited time at the office is spent listening to music and worrying about where he’ll have dinner that night in essence He isn’t worried about advancing his career, or his company just worried about how others view him in addition to worrying about that He’s also interested in his self perception This is made abundantly clear to the film’s use of reflection symbolism throughout the entire movie Bateman sees his reflection And always has to try and improve until he is at a standard that everybody holds him to the first reflection in the movie isn’t actually in a mirror instead in this poster of Lee miserab the Theatrical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel is mentioned throughout the movie and shows the disconnect the Yuppie brokers have from reality They see the play as a status symbol a sign of wealth because they can afford the expensive tickets Meanwhile the story is about the exact opposite. It’s about class tension, and how excess and well found in the upper class Cause angst and rebellion in the lower one and how this causes a collapse within Society in the film Paris in the early 19th century is a parallel to New York in the late 20th century The same problems are found within both cities only now the upper-class Glamorizes the lower-class without even realizing it and this isn’t the only case of bateman Misunderstanding different works of art in fact he does it in every scene involving art take for example the iconic hip to be square explanation scene He may have a memorized explanation of the song But he doesn’t live out the message of the song living his life in the exact opposite manner quick side note here It’s worth mentioning that Bateman has a number of these memorized sayings and catchphrases that paint him in a positive light morally We have to provide food and shelter for the homeless And throughout the movie we watch as he breaks each and every one of these, but let’s get back to misunderstandings He misunderstands the purpose of horror movies when watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Instead of being invested in the story in the atmosphere. He simply puts it on in the background Desensitized to the violence. This is also how he treats pornography casually watching it He has become so desensitized to everything that nothing means anything to him anymore Nothing except for how others view him and how do others view him well as a nobody Bateman is indistinguishable from everybody else He has shaped himself into the mold that others expect him to fit into in doing so taking away all Individuality from himself he has been stripped down to his most primal aesthetic instincts he wants more no matter the cost But what happens when there is no more to take and nothing means anything to him anymore his true self is ruh? I’ll end this video by answering the most discussed element of the film is it all real the simple answer is yes the expectation of image over individual brings out Batemans true self, but it doesn’t stop there because Bateman’s true self is a manifestation and a reflection of society He’s been raised to conform and to value nothing His actions are a byproduct of the world around him a world where the real estate agent covers that murder so property values stay high I Want to know what happened there don’t make any trouble? please a world where no care is given to those suffering a World where status means more than human life a world like that is a world where a psycho is that home? Because I want to fit in Hey everyone I hope you enjoyed American Psycho is a movie that I really came around on I used to kind of dislike it But I watched it recently and thought there is no way I can discuss it Let me know what you think about the movie I know that some people really love it and some people are too big on it But I’m definitely now in the enjoy It crowd so this is the last video for a month of 2017 knows been a blast this year I really enjoyed all four topics I’ve discussed there were videos that I was planning on making for a while and Halloween was the perfect excuse to discuss them If you do want more horror I’d put a link to a playlist of every horror related topic I have ever discussed ever I also Put a link to my last video on the shining so be sure to check those out if you’re interested Thanks for watching, and I will see you next week

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