Amazon Kindle: Pottermore Shop — ‘send to account’ help


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6 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle: Pottermore Shop — ‘send to account’ help”

  1. Cameron Burns says:

    when i press "send my book" it says my amazon account is mssing a country of residence? I have checked my amazon account and i have all the right information, my kindle touch is connected and my pottermore shop and amazon accounts are connected, can you help me!?

  2. eibron tenosnor says:

    how did you link pottermore to amazon when i select there is no amazon icon to choose?

  3. Zack Strecker says:

    My Harry potter book can't go on my kindle it says I do not have a country or residence? Please help

  4. Mr Stewart says:

    Pottermore is completely useless and doesn't offer anything that amazon can't already do in terms of selling
    (e)books. let amazon do what they do best and send these quick-buck seeking upstarts packing!  downloaded italian version today for an urgent essay on translation theories and … nothing . they have no contact number and have willingly taken my money without sight nor sound of the actual book ever appearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wasted a whole afternoon of my life trying to sort this to no avail. Livid.

  5. Jennifer ? says:

    when i try to do this it says amazon unavailable. what do i do? i wish i could just buy it normally. whats the point in this

  6. Aynoa Moran says:

    I keep getting a message that says "Amazon unavailable"! :/

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