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Paper back books are frustrating they’re heavy
pages tear easy you can’t read them with one hand and you have to fold pages to keep your
place. Amazon solved the problem in 2007 with the first Kindle e reader its full of components
batteries and e ink and you turn the page by refreshing the screen super cool but people
were not satisfied so Amazon kept making it smaller and lighter in the meantime a bunch
of herertics starting reading on their phones and tablets. That’s so weird you’re reading
on your phone. What?! I said it was so weird! In any case this device looks nothing like
any Kindle e reader that’s come before it. It’s also a dig at real books. because the
reading area is almost at 3.4mm paper thin. there are these two buttons on the thicker
side. they are here for page turning. Also, the Kindle lets you adjust fonts and font
sizes with your fingers! I know book readers you’re staggering right now. But here’s the
knockout punch. Kindle Oasis comes with its own light. Sorry I did forget to mention one
thing this costs $289.99. Wow!

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19 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle Oasis Takes Reading to the Next Level | Mashable”

  1. Revanima says:

    I don't know how to feel about this product. I mean… it's got that bezel man.

  2. Sultan Saad says:

    $290! BYE.

  3. Thomas Stanley says:

    You had me all the up to price reveal! I'll stick with my paperwhite!

  4. fenn says:

    i liked the video at firs then saw how many dislikes it had. then i decided to go with the crowd and also dislike it

  5. elsiestarkey says:

    What if you're left handed?

  6. Antoni Norman says:

    Kobo Aura H2O: It's cheaper. You can load 3rd party readers onto it with a simple hack. It has a SD card slot to expand the memory, and most importantly you can view EPUBs. An open format used by many libraries.

    Also you don't have to pay extra to 'NOT' view ads.

  7. Tusenbensen says:

    This review misses something.
    Okay, its critisism.

  8. Eric Craft says:

    I'd rather buy $290 worth of books then a device to also buy and read them on!

  9. Eric says:

    Goes for book glow light at 150 wtf

  10. ahabtheplant says:

    290? For that price it better sit me on its lap and hand me hot chocolate and cookies.

  11. darktennisball says:

    Enjoy it hipsters 🙂

  12. Spooxxy says:

    im watching this on my kindle fire hd 7

  13. InvisiMan says:

    Expensive device to read expensive ebooks on… thanks, Amazon!

  14. Gregg H says:

    "In any case, this device looks almost nothing like any Kindle e-reader that's come before it." 0:47

    Are you looking at the same thing I'm looking at? A black plastic device, with an e-ink screen? Uh, looks just about exactly like the e-readers that came before it.

  15. daroke says:

    That was hardly a review

  16. Pop Xaverius Molian says:

    I still prefer books tho.

  17. FARLtD says:

    Shitty video.

  18. David Ouillette says:

    That wasn't even an introduction, much less a review… WTF, Mashable?

  19. Yevgeniy Tsvetkov says:

    I order this for the screen size and the memory. It did NOT disappoint me.>>>  This was great to have while on my flight to Chicago. Watched a couple of movies.

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