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Amazon Kindle with keyboard, this one’s a wifi one but you can also have it on 3G. It’s got a six inch screen, its battery life lasts up to two months but it does drain when you have it on the wifi. It can hold up to 3,500 books which is pretty
fantastic that’s actually 4 gigabytes of data that it can hold. You’ve got your menu option where you can shop in the Kindle store you can view archived itunes which is books that haven’t actually downloaded on your Kindle again but still in your archive so you can re download them. You can create new collections which is actually what I’ve done here in that all my books are in the name of the authors and you can just go in that to create a new collection. You’ve got your settings, which you can go into and set your wifi and then other bits and bobs like that and you’ve got experimental which is just things that they’re sort of creating on the Kindle that you can have a play with before they’ve actually been brought out. You can go into experimental and surf the internet and stuff like that. In the Kindle shop you can buy books, newspapers
magazines even blogs. You also can search for free books and they have a massive collection of free books. It also recommends books that it thinks you’re going to like and that you’ve searched for before. It’s got a Kindle bestsellers so you can see what all the bestsellers are and what’s latest for now. It’s got news and noteworthy which basically tells you about new books that are coming out and stuff like that and you’ve got Kindle post at the bottom and that posts pretty much anything about the Kindle and new books that are coming out and authors have given reviews to go on the Kindle post as well so it’s quite nice to read every now and again. Also on the Kindle there is a secret game hidden in the keyboard which I can’t actually remember how you get it but I think it’s these buttons here. and it’s either M which means Minesweeper, there you go and that’s Minesweeper so you can actually play Minesweeper on your Kindle which is really cool but they don’t tell you about it but if you search on the internet you can find that you can play other games as well that’s very cool. So that is the Amazon Kindle, fantastic, definitely worth the money. I’ve had mine for two years still looks brand new, works really really well, takes ages for the battery to die and I absolutely love it.

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3 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle Keyboard Wifi Review – GirlGeekTech”

  1. The Mohawk Guy says:

    you should do more reviews!! go go go ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jodie.Nadeem. Shaw says:

    Can you just download books without paying for any of them or not ?!?!?!?!?

  3. Ddrsdd D says:

    Was this the best Kindle ever?

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