Already Reading All the Book Club Books | Book Nerd Problems


For our next book club book,
we’re going to read Far From the Tree.>>I’ve read that one already.>>Okay, this one?>>Yup, read it too.>>Okay, this one?>>Read it.>>How about this one?
>>Yes. And it’s amazing,
you should definitely all read it.>>Then this one.>>Yes. I already read that.
>>How about this one?>>You guys should all read it. I’ve already read it. Sorry, I’m sorry. I know.
>>How about this one?>>I’m actually reading that one right now, for the third time.
>>It’s not even out yet.>>I have my sources. [MUSIC]

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32 thoughts on “Already Reading All the Book Club Books | Book Nerd Problems”

  1. OwlFanatic says:

    That awkward moment when you have to play along and pretend you haven't read them.


    hahaha i love your videos guys

  3. jessicaaudate says:

    Read again, Debbie Downer! Take one for the team! 😠

  4. Jay G says:


  5. Jelke Lenaerts says:

    I don't see the problem here, especially if you love the book. You get a chance to reread a book you love and discuss it with other people. Sounds perfect to me!

  6. Alexandria Ceballos says:

    You can tell that the other how annoyed the others looked when she read all the books.

  7. rimbluebooks says:

    Can we be friends 😖😂❤

  8. 3 name changes allowed every 90 days says:

    Honestly she could just re read them agian and not mention idk why she has to say that she s read all of them

  9. Claire Fischer says:

    What about she chooses the next one 😉

  10. Don't Stop Readin' says:

    “It’s not even out yet!” 😂😂

  11. Don't Stop Readin' says:

    holds up ARC
    “I’ve already read it!”
    “It’s not even out yet!”

  12. Topsy-Turvy Bookworm says:

    I wish I had this problem, but I cant find a book club anywhere in my town! >.<

  13. Tess Avery says:

    This happens all the time…..

  14. Katie'sBookCorner says:

    “I have my sources”

  15. AFrozenBookParadise says:

    Me in school when my English teacher tries to assign something popular.

  16. Kathy Trithardt says:

    Been there.

  17. Ykhraam says:

    If she's reading that one book for the 3rd time.. then she can reread any of the others, too XD where's the problem

  18. Slytherin Nam says:

    I had this issue at school for a book club. It took us such a long time to choose something.

  19. Boston Book Bitty says:

    I'm such a mood reader. I LOVE it when a book club is reading something I already read. I can just take it easy that month and read whatever I want!

  20. Love Youtube says:

    Ohhh! I really wanna read the queens rising!

  21. PandaBear905 says:

    Maybe start a different kind of book club

  22. Emma Carlson says:

    But that awesome feeling when you’ve already read all the books for english class is even better (to me at least)

  23. Carolyn's Reading Ramblings says:

    After the second book that only 1 person has read that's when the rest of the group says "ok cool well we will read it and you can just participate in group discussion"

  24. Angela Radomi says:

    What a bitch. Make some of your own suggestions that you haven't read or shut up and read something again, or don't. This happens to me a lot, I've seen my bookclubs list for this year, and I've already read more than half. It just means that I'm in the right book club because the other people share my tastes. With this months book I had already read it but not the sequel, so I re read the first one, then I read the sequel. I get that this is meant to be "funny coz it's true" but it could be done in a less bitchy in your face way.

  25. jinx4life316 says:

    Lmfao I read like 2 outta like the 8 books lmfao so I couldn’t be apart of book club it looks like

  26. Shadowhunter 1 says:

    That happened to me once

  27. carolinereads says:

    Just reread it lol

  28. A Fangirl says:

    I wish I was in a book club

  29. lilheartling the writer says:

    Even it I read it I'd still reread it for the book club 😀😀😀😀.

  30. Angelica Rules says:


  31. KingdomHeartsFan3211 says:

    I mean, really, why WOULDN'T you have read "The Hate U Give" already? It is one of the best books EVER!!!

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