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– We have our red nails. Or nails, I have red nails. And we have our red lips. Because today we’re going to be reviewing “All the Rage” by Courtney Summers. This is the Banging Book Club (glorious horn music) – And nobody’s ill today! – No one’s ill!
– We’re healthy. – Pictures of health, look
how much we’re glowing! If you don’t know, we have a book club called
the Banging Book Club where we read books about sex every month. And you should join in! – You should because it’s fuckin’ great. – Yeah.
– Literally! We take turns to host it,
and we’ve done a round now. – So this video is going to be like a non-spoiler review of “All the Rage”. So if you haven’t read it, you’re safe to watch this. If you have read it, I’m going to link in the description the podcast that we did. Where we discuss in full details, and whilst we were recording the podcast, that’s when we were doing our nails. – That’s why we’re a bit spaced out. – We’re really spaced
out, ’cause we’re not sure which to concentrate on. Like what we’re talking
about or what we’re doing. – Yeah we’re really trying to concentrate, none of us are like, qualified women. – I have so much respect
for anyone who paints nails. – So yeah, if you’re gonna
go and listen to the podcast, get some nail polish out
and paint your nails. Then you can feel like you’re
on a big sleepover with us. – Sleepover! Let’s do our three word
review of “All the Rage” – Quite liked it. – Poetic and visceral. (Lucy sighs and Leena laughs) – Made me angry. – I felt more angry at
the end of “Asking For It” – I think, yeah we’re gonna
do a lot of comparisons to “Asking For It”,
because this is another YA novel about rape. – And I also think it’s
really different because… “Asking For It” is about a rape case and a very small society’s reaction to it. Whereas, this is a year
on from a rape case, and the small society
reacting, again badly to it. And then a girl goes missing. – Yeah! – Then her best friend goes missing and you think that’s, you know. It starts where most books would end. – And that’s all we’ll
say in terms of plot. But the main character
is a girl called Romy. – And there’s a lot of rage. – So much rage. – An incredible amount of rage. – I don’t think you guys agree with me. We talked about this on the podcast. I felt like the book was
kind of slow and boring and nothing happened, even
though a lot happened. But that was just because of
the style of the narration. It made it feel like
nothing was happening, even though a lot was happening. – I felt like I was in
a really fast car chase and I was going through hedges. I couldn’t see which character
was going to react badly– – It felt slow to me.
– to which. I couldn’t tell what had
happened at the beginning, because you don’t know start– – Oh I kept having to flip back to that first opening chapter, – I got so confused on timeline. – Because when it said it had
the initial opening chapter and then it said, “Two weeks earlier.” I was like wait no we’re flashing back? I thought because I had a proof copy, I just thought it was a typo for ages. – And then you were like,
“No this is actually– – You get to the second incident. I thought it was flashing back. – Yeah. – It’s like feeling really
carsick when you read it, but I found that really like great. I read it in 24 hours because
it’s like, “Need to know!” – I read that whole thing in what? Four hours. – I think it makes you
really hungry for the story, which kinda makes you like
one of the outside people. Do you know what I
mean? It makes you like, “I just want to know.” – Yeah. – I wanna know the gossip
about who this guy is, where, how this happened. – One thing that I find really
interesting is the fact that. Is this a spoiler? I don’t know. We never actually meet Romy’s perpetrator, like the attacker. – No we hear about him though – Yeah you hear about him,
but you never meet him. – I think I entered this book feeling like I knew all the characters really well. Considering there were so
many, I think that was amazing. I’m reading Jon Ronson,
“You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” Again, so now I’m thinking
about this in the… Like, the public shaming of someone. It’s like something happened to her. – Oh god, they properly
publicly shame her! – It becomes this town, and especially when her
friend goes missing. You know that from the beginning. The whole thing becomes like a
town gathering of pitchforks. Somebody’s responsible for this. Somebody’s reputation is on the line. And this reputation is what’s at stake, not really lives, or the
law, it’s really about honor. We used to talk about Eastern society having a lot of honor
around their culture. And it’s like, this is quite Western. And quite, very white. – Yeah. – And it’s still about
honor, about reputation and that being more important than people. – Definitely. – That release that you get if you like, have pent up anger and you release. You just like punch a wall. Or you just hit something. Lash out at whatever. I got that physical sense of release when I read the fight scene. I was like, “And I can breathe!” – Yeah! – It’s just like build-up
, build-up, build-up– – Finally. You feel like
you’re ready to fight. – I was like grr! – Courtney Summers is a really
good author in the sense that, yeah it makes you feel. You get the characters.
You really empathize. I know that’s like a standard. What you should experience but, I hadn’t felt that for quite awhile. – “Asking For It” and “All
The Rage” are very much set in a community that you’re born into. Where it’s if we set a story like that in our lives, it would be in a community
that you’ve chosen. It would be like all the rape allegations in the YouTube community. – I was actually just about to say that. – Yeah. – I was gonna say, I was
like there’s only two places you can have a rape
allegation community reaction is like in a town or a city or… – Online. – Plot twist, online! – The same thing happens. The public shaming… – And the people who are already attached to the attacker become more attached. The people who weren’t attached in the first place completely turn. I’m not going to go into what’s happening in the YouTube community but
I think it’s really important to remember that this
isn’t a unique situation. Even though it’s not a great one, but it’s also happened before. – On that note, we would
definitely recommend you reading “All The Rage”. – I found it a lot more
accessible than “Asking For It”. “Asking For It” is heroin. – “Asking For It” is like
you just want to (groans). – “Asking For It” is a police report. – “All The Rage” is just like (sighs). – But you still attached to everybody with some of the emotions. There’s still a lot of love. There’s still a lot of like, I got butterflies at parts of it. It was great. It was a ride. I think it’s my favorite one so far. – Thank you guys for watching. Don’t forget to check
out the podcast we did, but that is full of spoilers. Also, you can get involved on Twitter. Use the hashtag #BangingBookClub. And if you make your own video response, then I will add it to the
Banging Book Club playlist. Next month… – Hand me the vagina. – Next month we are reading: “Vagina: A New Biography” by Naomi Wolf I’m very excited about this one. – I have no idea what to expect from this. – Me neither. I’m expecting it to be like science-y – That smells like new book. – Oh my God! I love the smell of vagina. – From what I’ve read of it, the way I’d describe it is bonk for humanities students. – Oh! If you want to get involved next month, then read “Vagina”. And the reading list is
also in the description if you want to read ahead. – Yeah and also Naomi
Wolf is pretty legit. She wrote “The Beauty Myth”
and loads of other stuff. – She’s written so much stuff. – She’s like the one that everyone’s like. If you want to got to feminist
drink things with martinis, – Naomi Wolf. Don’t forget to subscribe
to Lucy and Leena, because we rotate these videos. And you can find more
Banging Book Club content on their channels. – Yes! – And also other good videos, I guess. Please give this video a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and don’t forget to subscribe. We’ll see you soon! – [All] Bye! (mellow electronic music)

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