All Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Books Ranked


okay yeah we’re doing another ranking
but this time I’m gonna actually like put a lot of time into it I don’t even
remember what I said in the last video I was kind of just rushing through it I
don’t even think I read like three of the books but I’ve read them all now I
reread them and I’m gonna be actually ranking them at how I actually rank him
same as last time I’m not included in this book this book
and especially dutchbok almost forgot I’m not gonna be including the meltdown
as well all right I’ll do the meltdown okay so a number uh how many books are
there now okay so a number thirteen Double Down this one is the worst I
don’t know where I put this last time but after reading it it’s not good at
all it’s one of the newer ones too so it’s kind of surprising that it’s like
bad and I usually don’t hate that many books in this series but this one is
just not that good Jeff Kenny I know he was sitting there just trying to give an
idea there’s like a big thing about witches in this one like a witch prop or
something and they try to film a movie it’s all
over the place it really has no like theme at all it should be doubled down
as the worst one this is so stupid okay come back again and I’ll think of
something else I’m getting hard luck is the next one on the list
hard luck is really weird it has a lot to do with this magic 8-ball so because
of that let’s ask the magic 8-ball itself but is things okay magic 8-ball
what do you think of the hoard look my reply is no that’s what I’m gonna say to
this book let’s say no too hard look that’s the main issue with these newer
ones you don’t really remember too much about them and most of the time it kind
of feels like you’re just reading a repetitive story like you’ve seen all
this before and I think that’s the main problem with hard look at number two we
have the third wheel wood number in my head
Greg’s trying to get a girlfriend in this and I mean I guess it’s alright but
it’s really different from how like we usually see him like he doesn’t try to
get a date usually likes other girls but like for this one it’s just like he’s
going out of his way to find a date and it just feels out of place for Greg’s
character okay next up old school this book it’s like half and half it has some
really good parts but also some really like just impart mostly this book is
just Greg trying to go outdoors by his mom and he’s got to do volunteer work
and I guess it starts to like get over it just to make friends it’s a really
it’s a kind of interesting idea I like how Jeff Kenny made of a
different idea for once it’s mostly just him going around with his these buddies
and he’s like doing stuff some aspects of it’s really good but other it’s the
other parts of it is just very much the same and that’s why I put it lower now
we got the ugly truth personally to me this is the last of the classic 5 I
think the first 5 I would to get books are the classics and then after that
they’re all over the new but I think out of the five is only to
do that I really like the bad ones in the five but mostly it’s just him in
Rodricks not Roderick what’s his name rally him and rallies a relationship how
their limey not to their game their friendship and how it’s not really going
as good and I guess Greg’s growing up in this one this is the one I always forget
the most because I read it and I just automatically forget it like as many
times as I read this one I never remember anything from it the ugly truth
of that is lower down on the list sorry I had the last straw with this book
because I’m putting it at this part of the list what number am I on this is the
only other bad one I think out of the classic five it’s not bad bad but it’s
very average I like how they have the dad mostly involved cuz all the other
books the dads I’m pushover they just push them to the side every single
opening he’s at the end when they have though the characters line up in the
front they just push him to the back with his sad depressed face next up we
got the getaway this is one of the newer ones and personally I liked it I thought
they copied a lot from long haul but it’s still fine
I like how they go to the hotel but then they do different stuff like each part
of the vacation gets messed up which you can say is that we’ve seen it before but
I think they do it differently with this one because they really show you the
family like the family struggles cuz this time they’re split but in long haul
they were all together so it’s kind of like that part’s different but whoa I
think I said it was like a copy and that was exciting to read it alright I did a
book this one’s kind of like the sink thing is a long haul and I’m not talking
about the movie I did read it now and I liked it
cabin fever you have to see like Greg try to find stuff to do while he what
kidding can’t go outside so mostly he tries to play video games
but then the power goes out and stuff like that so it’s cool just to see like
they have to work together like the mom him and the brothers and the dad and the
dare let’s remember that it’s just cool to see them have to do stuff without
electricity so ok the meltdown this one people are saying is the best in the
series I really don’t agree with that I don’t think it was the best series like
Jeff carnage like Oh like he was the next Albertina or wait what people were
acting like it was the runner to the kill a mockingbirds like it
wasn’t that good boy I did enjoy it in this one they talked
about how it the neighbourhoods are split and they have like different
things and they hate each other whatever and then they get in took a snowball
fight and stuff I liked it I thought I was one of the better ones
but it wasn’t the best book in my opinion is the fact so next up long haul
no not the movie just thinking about the movie makes me sick died would be kid
the long haul the book emphasized book is not that bad I liked the road trip
part of it and I think there’s a lot of interesting things that happen in this
like the pig and stuff like that so they were changing it up I like how
the family is together in this book and they’re all like have a main part like
usually a mom and dad are kind of to the side now they all have a main part in
this I think it’s definitely one of the more relatable ones in the series like
if you’re actually going to read this you can relate to this one more than the
other ones the movie though when you give squeeze you get the middle finger
that say fuck you number 3 or 5 or what it’s the first book this one is just a
classic book I first saw the movies and then I got into the books and this
helped me really get into it because it was so good the characters are all there
I mean what more can you ask for it’s a great book really like when you read it
you realize how much the movie follows and I really like that comparison but I
think it has the most characters in it like the most different scenes and stuff
like that you really could show like Greg’s middle school experience where
the other ones focus is on like one event or one character this one’s
everything so it’s okay number two is Roderick rules
now sometimes I actually think this is my favorite these last two are really
good mostly because projects my favorite
character and you get to see the most of him in this book and I really like that
about Rajic rules the movie as well is also fantastic but it really it shows
the brother-brother relationship and how they have to like you know get along I
like this one alright number one is actually this
Freddy Krueger head that a funny joke oh boy number ones Dog Days I mean what
more can I say Dog Days is my favorite I love this one I love the movie the
booked everything the summer feeling just makes this book great to me
I love how does everything in this book it shows the relationship between rally
and Greg and they really get along in this and it’s mostly the summer aspect
of which is what I like about this the most

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100 thoughts on “All Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Books Ranked”

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    Don't forget the meltdown

  2. Spicy Memes says:

    Number one, MIEN KAMPF

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    I met Jeff Kinney at a book signing and he signed double down

  4. My name is on my profile says:

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  5. Brother Rivalry says:

    My favorite is Third Wheel

  6. Nathan Peker says:

    bruh this mans is talking like he has a vocal book report in second grade

  7. MrGuy says:

    all the ones you didn't like were the ones i read the most lol

  8. graham rosenthal says:

    Why did the witch that popped up scare me lol

  9. FrostBite says:

    Cabin Fever is a classic too

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  13. SuperMarioNugget says:

    14.Double Down
    13.The Ugly Truth
    12.Awesome Friendly Kid
    11.Old School
    10.Hard Luck
    9.Third Wheel
    8.The Getaway
    7.Long Haul
    6.Rodrick Rules
    5.Wrecking Ball
    4.Cabin Fever
    3.Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
    2.Dog Days
    1.The Last Straw

  14. Bosse bläckfisk says:

    But hard luck is one of my favourites in the series!

  15. LeoNeo Playz says:

    You forgot Wrecking Ball

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    You forgot Diary of Anne Frank, such a wasted spot

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  21. Spencer Lane says:

    13: Hard Luck (Bad)
    12: Double Down (Bad)
    11: The Last Straw (Mediocre)
    10: Old School (Okay)
    9: The Getaway (Okay)
    8: The Ugly Truth (Okay)
    7: The Third Wheel (Good)
    6: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Good)
    5: The Meltdown (Good)
    4: Cabin Fever (Good)
    3: Roderick Rules (Really Good)
    2: The Long Haul (Really Good)
    1: Dog Days (Best)

  22. Chris "The Bright Twin" says:

    13. Double Down
    12. Hard Luck
    11. The Third Wheel
    10. Old School
    9. The Ugly Truth
    8. The Last Straw
    7. The Getaway
    6. Cabin Fever
    5. The Meltdown
    4. The Long Haul
    3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
    2. Rodrick Rules
    1. Dog Days
    Edit1: 3:01 – 3:42 that's my favorite theme of the whole series. (*not including long haul xd*) the ending theme of dog Days.

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    My personal favorite is hard luck

  24. Scorpion5000 says:

    Cabin fever best don’t at me

  25. icecream hero says:

    My favorates are Cabin Fever, Long Haul, and Wrecking Ball. These books keep getting funnier and funnier. I like all the others exactly the same.

  26. icecream hero says:

    The meltdown is alright. Its really funny but that retcon was so stupid. Aparently the neighboorhod is split down the middle and at war and we are just hearing about it after 12 years are you serious.

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    13. Double Down
    12. Hard Luck
    11. The Third Wheel
    10. Old School
    9. The Ugly Truth
    8. The Last Straw
    7. The Getaway
    6. Cabin Fever
    5. The Meltdown
    4. Long Haul
    3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (OG Book)
    2. Rodrick Rules
    1. Dog Days

    This is one of my only 2 hearted comments haha. Or previous, because when you edit a hearted comment, it disappears. Youtube needs to fix this.

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    My list

    1. Rodrick Rules
    2. Dog Days
    3. The original
    4. The Meltdown
    5. Cabin Fever
    6. The Last Straw
    7. The Third Wheel
    8. Wrecking Ball
    9. Hard Luck
    10. The Long Haul
    11. The Getaway
    12. Hard Luck
    13. Old School
    14. Double Down

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    Not sure why this was in my recommended but I have to say I enjoyed this video lol, brought back childhood memories

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  58. Jules Crosswaite says:

    They are all great in my opinion

  59. Techkid04 says:

    For the longest time, my favorite was Cabin Fever, but I laughed so hard when I read the Long Haul

  60. Big Boy Films says:

    13. The Meltdown
    12. The Getaway
    11. The original
    10. Hard Luck
    9. Dog Days
    8. Double Down
    7. The Third Wheel
    6. The Last Straw
    5. Rodrick Rules
    4. Old School
    3. The Long Haul
    2. The Ugly Truth
    1. Cabin Fever

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    i like how this video is like a book club

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    Description: a r e y o u s u r e a b o u t t h a t

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    my rankings:
    1. The Long Haul(NO, NOT THE MOVIE!)
    2.Double Down
    3.The Getaway
    4. Original
    5.Old School
    6. The Meltdown
    7. Cabin Fever
    8. The Third Wheel
    9. Wrecking Ball
    10. Hard Luck
    11. The Last Straw
    12. Dog Days
    13. Rodrick Rules
    14. The Ugly Truth

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    My favorite is the fanfics from reddit. They are darkly hilarious

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    Dog Days is the first one I read.

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    now you have to had wrecking ball as 2nd to worst

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    i have every one;;

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    this was made on my birthday and im very happy

  80. Vupleedopop says:

    The black one, Old School was amazing. It's the best after the first five.

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    I hate The Long Haul 😭😭😢😢🙁🙁🤮🤮

  82. tabuu simulation says:

    I'd love to see a book focused on the goat guy (because goat man is an actual thing) because goat guy is only mentioned 2 times in the books they were meltdown and diary of an awesome friendly kid

  83. KnockOut 2098 says:

    Ok but greg in that swimsuit in the back lookin fine 🥵

  84. RK fun says:

    For me the getaway Is the best one

  85. Mister G Rool says:

    First three are the quintessential trilogy.

    First book: the most iconic
    Second book: the best relationships
    Third book: the best ending to the series

    Third book ends with giant "THE END" letters, and then Jeff Kinney knocks it out of the park with Dog Days, making it the best book in the whole series. Everything after that, though, isn't as good.

  86. Matt Gibson says:

    There’s 13 books I lost count after the 5th one

  87. justINSANEgaming says:

    Cabin fever is the best hands down

  88. Nova Was here says:


  89. JL says:

    For me classic is up to Cabin Fever

  90. augenblick says:

    2)Rodrick Rules(veery good)
    3)Cabin Fever/The Long Haul(BOOK!!!)

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    My mans put old school #10

  92. Lennon Dorsey says:

    Cabin fever and old school are so underated

  93. Lego Boy says:

    Don't forget the meltdown
    Has a seizure because of the comments

  94. Moose Gaming says:

    I like the more realistic books that are mostly just about Greg's everyday life. The things the newer books are doing wrong in my opinion is that they're trying too hard to implement some crazy scenario that isn't relatable at all, or try to focus too much on one specific thing for the whole book. Some examples of this would be the snow war in the meltdown, and the botched vacations in the long haul and the getaway.

  95. Rowley Jefferson says:

    The best thing about The Last Straw is the gag with ploopy

  96. Mr CoffeeCrisp says:

    My rankings

    14th is double down 2/10 (Under average)
    13th is old school 4/10 (Average)
    12th is first book 5/10 (Average)
    11th is the ugly truth 5/10 (Average)
    10th is the last straw 6/10 (Average
    9th is the third wheel 7/10 (Slightly above average)
    8th is wrecking ball 7/10 (would’ve ranked a bit worse but greg cried for rowley, slightly above average)
    7th is Rodrick rules 8/10 (above average)
    6th is dog days 8/10 (first book I read, above average)
    5th is cabin fever 9/10 (highly above average)
    4th is hard luck 9/10 (good book, highly above average)
    3rd is the getaway 10/10 (greatly above average, page 211)
    2nd is the long hall 10/10 (extremely above average, used to be my favourite book)

    1st is the meltdown 10/10 (best book but close to 2nd / 3rd)

  97. AnEntityofDread says:

    This somehow was on my recommended list. And now I wanna rebuy the first 4 or 5 books I had and try out to read the rest of them.

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