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I always say this it’s like the thing
that’s gonna take you to the next level is something that doesn’t make sense to
you now because if it made sense to you you would have done it right you know if
you’re losing money if you’re losing a lot of money you got you know you got
broken systems a lot of bad people most of the time you got to get in some new
blood quick you got to fix the system’s pay plans pricing strategies marketing
you know everything has to happen really really quick and so you need the owner
of the business to – to be on the ball for at least the first 60 days because a
lot of things happen quick yeah well you got to make that investment I do real
estate investor coaching it’s the same thing where we take a real estate
investor he’s making money or not and then we bring him up to the next level
and it’s the same thing if they don’t throw down upfront they just not
invested you tell them to do homework they don’t do it so I can imagine in the
automotive it’s the same let me ask his Chris when you do a turnaround is one of
the first things you do is start firing people
no never never first thing I do is ask a ton of questions I’d literally I’d spend
two weeks just looking through financials watching processes
interviewing everybody in the in the dealership um no I so I have a question
for you so when you when you’re coaching a real estate investor that’s struggling
how much of it ends up being mental versus mechanical like how much for the
first song of the day first gong of the day for Chris Bulldog right out of the
gate the question that’s awesome probably never have a question from the
guest and we never have a Gong off of question so dude we’re getting crazy
yeah no but I’m like how much of it is the market or how much of it is mental
all of its mental man I mean well my highest cost highest coaching I do
people are like Oh what are you gonna teach me well I call it the Platinum
program and it’s you know 61 to 73 thousand dollars like well what are you
gonna teach me it’s like well bro it’s 80% mindset 20% nuts and bolts
so it’s you know changing the mindset changing the mindset changing the
mindset changing the mindset cuz it’s some guy got his his brain is
upside down he’s just not thinking about it properly and I mean a lot of times
there’s a lot of good people they just they need somebody to come in and and
lead and then kind of get them through the valley because there’s always a
valley right there’s always a a leap of faith that people have a hard time
navigating because people are attracted to to security and the known and but
that creates like you just keep doing the same stuff that wasn’t working
because it’s known and so there’s a little bit of you gotta you know you got
to push them off and they got to take flight and then you hold their hand
through that you know and I always say this it’s like the thing that’s gonna
take you to the next level is something that doesn’t make sense to you now
because if it made sense to you you would have done it right how many people
can do it part-time like does it require if you want to be really good at it can
you be working full-time and IBM while your real estate investing yeah so like
what I say to people is this like usually a guy can do a job and real
estate investing about 6 deals a year so if he’s doing six little houses or six
flips or six rentals you know acquisitions a year he can do
that part-time and it’s about four to eight hours a week part-time so one day
a week or one evening and then if he ends up if he ends up wanting to go
full-time when he gets like eight deals a year eight nine ten eleven twelve now
you guys you gotta start choosing do you want to work at IBM or do you want to
actually do this and some of my guys they do thirty houses a year some guys
do more than that some guys are doing you know six or twelve and they have a
hobby business but it’s it’s really like where does the guy want to be I think a
lot of people can be really effective part-time you know just with four to
eight hours the problem is a lot of guys try to quit their job and go in
full-time and they’re not ready because they just waste their own time I’m sure
you seen that before I’ll say listen like nothing’s perfect you can ask them
anything you want but please ask like there’s no you know there’s nothing
hidden here there you know there’s no there’s no magic like ask whatever
questions you have whatever fears you have they were where you are right now
at one time and so they’re gonna tell you how hard it was you have to you know
they’re I’m asking these managers to reinvent themselves right and so it’s
way easier for them to hear it from somebody who had success and did it and
then they can the first thing they’ll say when I take them to to another
client is they’ll be like this place just feels great like that’s always
their first observation is it just feels fun here do we do the same kind of thing
so we do in the coaching we have a one day in the field with their coach so
they get to go see a business that’s rocking and rolling a business as hamp
happening they fly somewhere all our coaches are people who’ve done this so
they get to spend a day take your kid to work day and usually when people see it
done and they see what it looks like though I can go do that and it’s crazy
cuz all the phone calls and all the education does nothing until they get on
a plane and touch their coach and see the houses and walk through it and they
see that the houses aren’t perfect or they see that nothing’s perfect and then
they go home and like okay it’s fine another thing we do is we do a quarterly
event so everyone will fly in for an event and they’ll meet all these other
people who are doing it it’s almost like support system right where they have
other people break-in at the lunch then they learn
from us women are different than guys in this scenario because guys have to see
it like we’re visual when they see it working they get it female leaders ask
different questions their questions are more precise they they they’re more
detailed and in their investigation but the thing that they realize is it’s not
perfect which is ok because I think sometimes I don’t know if this happens
to you but for me like I come in on this white horse and I have this reputation
and people you know have this picture of me being you know unbelievably magical
in my ways or whatever and so it’s nice for them to understand that it’s not
perfect like they need to understand that it’s a journey not a destination
they’re like they’re on a journey they’re always learning they’re they
have a tool box in an approach to things that is different than mine they they
see it different and when I’m seeing it wrong and that’s part of the reinvention
right it’s like but most of the time when we get them it’s the Peter
Principle they perform to their own incompetence and so do you have to bring
their expectation level down sometimes like our is do you see like a dissonance
between oh we think we’re here but we’re actually here and there’s do you bring
expectation levels down or do you bring them up or where expectations usually I
think usually I have to bring them I have to bring them up because well I
don’t okay so is it is it a is it that we’re bringing expectations up or are we
getting rid of excuses because I mean they kind of are cousins to each other
right so what I’m getting rid of is you know that can’t work here in my market
or it’s oh my god dude I’m going that it doesn’t work in my market it’s so
different here yeah Bob yeah we’re raising expectations but really we’re
probably getting rid of excuses because once the excuses are gone naturally the
expectations have to have to elevate well it’s crazy man because fewer
success means you have to change and fear of failure means you can stay the
same so sometimes it’s yeah fail you don’t have to change you can
still have that donut you can still have the Snickers bar fear of success I think
is almost scarier than fear of failure would you agree with that yeah and it’s
harder to work through because it’s attached to your your vision of yourself
it’s how you see yourself right and so then you gotta fix that with us we had a
good success rate with nuts and bolts or like hey this is how you buy a house is
how you raise money blah blah blah and when we came out with our own personal
development we call it your best self it’s a vision plan and it’s like a
step-by-step thing for their self-esteem and their vision and their values and
their mission and what they want their body to look like and what vacations
they want to take and what they want their love life to look like when we
came out with that kind of thing I’m like a journaling system our success
rates went way up and then another thing that we added was we added on life
coaching so like for a little bit more money they add on a second coach who’s
nothing but their life and when people get the business and the life together
they got two people hitting them and the journals and the vision those are the
guys who really hit it and that you know you can tell kind of after the you know
after the first couple meetings like people that ask questions like questions
that aren’t questions they’re statements like so what happens when I do all this
and it doesn’t work you know

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