Adding an Activity to the 4-H Online Record Book

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adding an activity into your PDR is very
similar to adding a club meeting you go back over here to the activity button. And you select general
event or activity. For activity title let’s say they went to the 4-H Craft Fair.The date was the 7th,and it was general 4-H event they attended. For the level, it was a county fair that happened at
4321 Davis Street, Davis CA 95616 and 24 hours at the event. Once again in learning
experiences you can write if you learned anything specific. You can add in skills that you gained while
at this event . this would be a good place to put that. Then you select add event, so now the activity has been added 4-H Craft Fair now appears on the feed and it shows
on PDR activities so you can see the club me the Craft Fair now exists on this page as well
as it tells you where on the PDR the general 4-H event occurs which is
PDR number 3, events attended so it appears here as well is how you report a general 4-H activity

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