Access Library Resources off Campus

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Off-campus access to libraries online
journals and databases is available to current students faculty and staff with
a valid CNET ID. If you’d like to access resources off-campus, you can do so in
two ways. The first way is to enter databases from links on the library
website. Links from the library’s website are configured to authenticate users and
provide access. You’ll be prompted to enter your CNET
ID and password when accessing a library resource. The second way is to use a proxy bookmark. The proxy it bookmark is a tool
for adding proxy server information to links that do not include it, which is
useful for articles found in google scholar or other search engines. To set
up your proxy bookmark go to: guides dot lib dot uchicago dot edu / off campus and
drag the provided link directly into your bookmarks toolbar. Now whenever you encounter page or
resource that blocks your access, click your new proxy bookmark while still on that page. This
will redirect the URL you are on through the proxy. You will be prompted to input your CNET ID and password, and then on to the original URL. The bookmark works for most proxied sites,
but may fail on some sites. If you have any questions or have trouble
accessing library resources, please ask a librarian

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