A New Must-Read Book on the AI Singularity from Barnes & Noble – The Syntellect Hypothesis

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A New Must-Read Book on the AI
Singularity from Barnes & Noble – The Sytellect Hypothesis – Barnes & Noble
Press releases a new non-fiction book The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of
the Mind’s Evolution by Alex M. Vikoulov as hardcover. Named “The Book of the Year” by futurists and academics alike, #1 Hot New Release in Amazon charts in
physics of time, phenomenology and phenomenological philosophy, the book has now been released by Barnes & Noble Press as hardcover in addition to eBook
and paperback, released earlier this year. In one volume, the author covers it all:
from quantum physics to your experiential reality, from the Big Bang
to the Omega Point, from the flow state to psychedelics, from Lucy to the looming
AI singularity, from natural algorithms to the operating system of your mind,
from geoengineering to nanotechnology, from anti-aging to immortality
technologies, from oligopoly capitalism to star-trekonomics,
from the Matrix to Universal Mind, from Homo sapiens to Holo syntellectus. As
the author writes in the book: “Reality is information and so are we.
Reality is what we experience: From a physical point of view there could be no
objective observer fully separated from the physical system she tries to observe.
In actuality, there is no objectivity only a subjective perspective on things, i.e. individuated consciousness. Ultimately, any experiential reality is
an ‘observer-centric virtuality.’ Since we all are alternate realities, each of us
being a parallel unique-verse, ‘observer- centric virtuality’ is possibly one of
the best metaphors related to the ontology of our experiential reality.” In
regards to the forthcoming Technological Singularity, Vikoulov writes: “A neuron in
the human brain can never equate the human mind but this analogy doesn’t hold
true for a digital mind. By virtue of its mathematical structure it may, through
evolutionary progression and provided there are no insurmountable evolvability
constraints, transcend to the higher- order ‘Syntellect.’
A mind is a web of patterns fully integrated as a coherent intelligent
system; it is a self-generating, self- reflective, self-governing network of
sentient components that evolves, as a rule, by propagating through
dimensionality and ascension to ever- higher hierarchical levels of emergent
complexity. In this book, the Syntellect Emergence is hypothesized
to be the next meta-system transition, developmental stage for the human mind – becoming one Global Mind that will constitute the quintessence of the looming AI Singularity. Alex Vikoulov is a futurist, digital
philosopher, neo-transcendentalist, transhumanist singularitarian, cosmist,
independent scholar, evolutionary extrapolist, consciousness researcher,
media artist, painter and writer who lives in Burlingame, California, San
Francisco Bay Area. Russian-born immigrated to the U.S. in 1994, holds
degrees in humanities, finance and economics; co-author of “Is Reality
A Simulation?” (2018), Founder, Creative Director of Ecstadelic Media Group.
This new book is an essential, transformative read in digital physics,
foundations of quantum physics, science of consciousness, philosophy of mind,
physics of time, phenomenology, economic theory, cybernetics and AI research,
collective evolution and self- development in the Information Age.
Written by Alex M. Vikoulov; Foreword by Antonin Tuynman, PhD; Publisher: Barnes &
Noble Press; Publication Date: March 18 2019; Format: Hardcover 7 X10 inches;
Book Length: 380 pages; Price: $39.99. “The Syntellect
Hypothesis by Alex Vikoulov is not only a worthy and contemporary successor of
Teilhard de Chardin’s ‘The Phenomenon of Man’, it is also much more than that –
an irresistible non-dualistic apex, synthesis and
combination of so many books you read before but which all left open some
questions but Vikoulov rocks the foundations of your
understanding of physics and metaphysics and shows you that they are connected in
a single substrate of pure consciousness that finds its most elegant and
parsimonious way to come to expression and digital presentism. If you thought
you knew where the technological singularity would lead us, if you thought
you understood the principles of quantum physics, time and gravity, this is an
indispensable scripture to read in the 21st century, as we’re verging into the
Singularity.” -Antonin Tuynman, PhD “A masterpiece, the work of a genius by the
highly respected and regarded Russian- American scientist and philosopher Alex
Vikoulov. The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind’s Evolution is one
of the most important books of 2019. Vikoulov is far ahead of his time, a treatise
worth reading. Highly recommended! -Ediho Lakanga, PhD The Syntellect Hypothesis hardcover can be purchased from Barnes &
Noble and Amazon.

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