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the instructions down below and thank you very much to Rakuten for sponsoring this video, especially this month. August has been a little rough. We are grateful for your partnership. This particular soap
is probably my favorite from the entire month. I know, I always say that but this one really is because it has all of
these bright vivid colors. I think A Little Princess is a book that everyone should read. Everybody. But if you’re not a reader, I understand. There is a really good movie
that came out years ago that was directed by the same person who directed The Secret Garden. It is so, so good. Alright, so without further ado, let us make the soap inspired
by A Little Princess. As a time reference, it is
currently 10:15 at night. Kenny and I started
workin’ around 9:45 today, which means we are working a 12 or 13, maybe even 14 hour day today, so we’re really tired
and we’re really weird. – [Kenny] Woo. – [Katie] First thing we have to do is pour our lye water
solution into our oils and using using my pink stick blender, oh by the way, someone asked me how many stick blenders I have. I honestly don’t know. There’s like five of ’em
over there right now. Four I wanna say. Four total-ish. I don’t know. Four or five but this one’s my favorite. So, I’m gonna blend this
up until just past emulsion and then we’re gonna split off
like four different colors. (twangy music) And now I’m gonna split this batch off. So, I have some pink colors that we’re gonna be
adding in for the accents. One is Voodoo mica from Mad Micas. The other is Cosmic
Carolyn from TKB Trading. And to both of them I’m
adding just a little bit of titanium dioxide to
help anchor those colors. And then I’m gonna blend it
all in with my stick blender. (twangy music) Then to this large container I’m adding some Always A Bridesmaid mica. This is from Mad Micas. One of my favorite colors. It’s gorgeous. (twangy music) So, the fragrance oil I’m adding in today is Indian Summer. It is a really fruity blend and honestly, it was
the name that caught me because I remember Sara, whenever she was telling
some of her stories to the little girls in
Miss Minchin’s school, spoke very fondly of summers in India but it smells really delightful. There’s a little hint of like
a mysterious spice in there but also mainly just kind
of a nice fruity smell. So, very much something that I think would appeal
to a broad audience. – [Kenny] I’d pay three
pounds for that fragrance. – [Katie] So, for the swirl, I’m pouring a little
bit of the accent colors into each of the corners. So, for these two I’m gonna pour it here. I am gonna go ahead and scrape this out. Oh, and by the way, it’s not really suppose to be like a super distinct pink swirl. It’s suppose to just
kinda show, I don’t know, like what I would imagine
being a main color and then the highlights and
low-lights of that color. So, next we’re gonna pour
in the Cosmic Carolyn. And for this one I’m also just gonna put
a little on the top. Alright, so now that all of the pink has been swirled together in our big containy, we’re gonna pour it
into our large slab mold after this quick commercial break. Be excited about the
commercial break. (laughs) Okay so, picking this corner right here, I’m gonna pour this in. Oh my gosh, that looks so pretty. It looks like a heart. Y’all see the heart? Aww. (groans) I’m so impatient. I want to put the things in now but I know that if I do, it’s just gonna sink to the bottom. Set up. See, whenever you wiggle it like this, if you’re seeing anything move, that means it’s not ready yet. – [Kenny] Two hours later. – [Katie] Okay so, it’s set up now. We can definitely place them in. So, I’m going to try to
do this very carefully. Stick it right in the middle and they don’t go all the way to the end, so I have one that I’ll
be chopping up as needed after I’ve placed the initial soaps. Just tryin’ to make sure it’s
on the middle on both sides. Press it down. These look so nice. They’ve been rolled in Aztec Gold. So, here’s what the embed
looks like on the inside. Theses are the little bits that I’ve chopped to place
at then end of the soap. They’re so swirly. They kinda look like a fire marble. Okay so, now that all of them are in I’m gonna go ahead and
pour the rest of the pink. It’s actually, still plenty
fluid for what I need it for which is basically, just
to cover up these embeds and then also for scraping, which means that I won’t
have to wait forever to scrape the top, which is such a blessing. Honestly, I’m just so impatient. I want to get done. It also doesn’t really help that it’s like almost 11 at night. Everyone wants to be done with
their workday at 11 at night. (laughs) Oo. So, now that I’ve scrapey
scrapied out my big containy, I’m going to gently bounce this on top. Try to make it even across all the bars. It really doesn’t matter
about the design at all because it’s gonna be covered up. I’m really just trying to get it flat. Okay so, now I’m gonna let
this set up a little bit more. Maybe just five minutes or so until it get relatively hard and then we’re gonna pull
the scraper across it. (twangy music) Now I’m gonna do a very quick mica line. It’s not gonna be super extreme because everything’s been scraped and is all pretty anyway. So, that’s definitely gonna
be the show stopper part of this transition between colors. I just like a little extra
sparkle when I can get some. So, I’ll only fill this thing once and then once it’s out
we’re gonna call it good. We’re getting a little crunched
for time at this point, so I’m gonna clean up these sides. I’m gonna mix up that blue off camera. And I’ll show you guys me pouring it on top of this gold layer. Alright, I’ve got my blue, which is really rather
a teal green mixed up. I’m just gonna ladle it
over the top of this soap. It’s still pretty runny for
having sat as long as it has. It’s probably say here 30 to 40 minutes, which just goes to show that this recipe gives you lots and lots of workability if you have a fragrance oil that behaves. This recipe is actually free. It’s down in the description box below. Okay so, all the blue is in. It looks stunning. So, now it it time to
add these gold pieces. These are so pretty. Shelly did such a good job. There are a few of these
that are a little too long but it’s really not that big a deal because I can just go ahead
and cut off those ends with a pair of stainless steel scissors. They always look a little bit funny when they’re in the molds but it’s the individual bars
I’m tryin’ to worry about. Is there another princess anybody is reminded of with this soap? Because I’m getting some
Princess Jasmine vibes. I have still not seen
the new Aladdin movie. I meant to go see it theaters but it was at a really bad time for me. It was literally released the
day we flew to Disney World, so I got really busy
after that point in time. So, I’m just sort of poking this in, making sure that each
part is stuck to the soap. Okay so, now that those are in, we can add gemstones. I’m placing Kenny’s hecka
nasty divider on the mold now. – [Kenny] Hey, hey. (Katie laughs) I was told that we were
only using it one time and I made a crappy divider and Caleb has used it
a million times since. – [Katie] I’ve got gemstones. Shelly made these for me. She had all different like
super beautiful colors and she cleared ’em with me first and was like, how do
you feel about this one, how do you feel about that one? And I was like, those literally, look like real diamonds and
rubies, I’m so impressed. By the way, I have let her know that all of you guys
want to see her one day. She said she would think about it. – [Kenny] She’s very shy. – [Katie] Kenny and I do tend to be the performers of the family. We’ve always been the ones
that wanted to do theater, wanted to be in the spotlight and certain other siblings
they just excel in other areas and they’re just not
big showmen as it were. – [Kenny] We were always the
one to try to put on plays for Christmas in front
of the family members. Watch us. We just rehearsed this three times. (Katie laughs) – The other siblings were smarter and were like, mm, you
can do that by yourself. Meaning, mm, you two
can embarrass yourselves by yourselves. Sometimes when I draw up designs I go, hope that looks as good in real life as it does in my illustration. This was one of those times. I honestly, didn’t know if it was gonna end up looking that good but now that I’m putting the gems on top, which is by the way, my
favorite part of soap making, putting the embeds on. I’m definitely digging it. I think this was a good move. I’m pleased. Okay, last little gem. Little gem. (laughs) Me removeth the grid. Oo. Yes. Now I’m gonna take a teeny tiny
bit of gold digger glitter, just a little and I’m gonna put it down these lines, so that when the slab is split there’s gold on the edges of each bar. I think that’ll look nice. And a little bit may
get on the melt and pour but we can just kinda blow on that after we take it our of the mold. It’ll come right off. This is actually kind of
difficult to do. (laughs) – [Kenny] The Jungle Book
is set in India, right? – [Katie] Yeah, it is. This could be the treasure of the apes. – [Kenny] Ah, King Louie’s big secret. – [Katie] That is, it is King Louie’s big secret. Yeah so, this could be
good for a lot of things. This could be good for Aladdin, could be good for the Little Princess and could be good for The Jungle Book. All of which are good. Kenneth was right. This is exactly what this soap needed. I will not take any credit for
this particular gold addition because he was like, you should put something
down the middle right there, so when you cut the bars it’s
all on the corners and stuff. Twas a good idea. I did not think of it. – [Kenny] Ah, I’m so shy. – I’m gonna put some on these edges too because these are going to be the samples. So, it’ll be fun to have some
glitter on the samples too and because it’s not a square, if I don’t do it that
would actually bother me. Put a little more right here and that’s it. We’re done. Behold, The Little Princess soap up close. I am dying. It is so beautimous. Those gems, Shelly. Those gems are perfect. I absolutely cannot wait
to see the individual bars because while this looks
really cool as a slab I think the individual bars
are gonna be even more awesome. So, we are gonna wait 18 to 24 hours and then we’ll come
back and split these up, take a look at the inside. And Kenny and I are gonna go to bed. I’m serious though. This way, if you stand right here, because of this light right here what these little red gems look like. (twangy music) Okay though but hold on. This glitter border, yes please. So, I’m gonna line this up. Okay, gonna press down gently. So let’s remove one from the middle. And this, holy smokes, is what it looks like on the inside. Y’all look at the top and then look at that inside. Oh my gosh and I love the pinks. All of them are different. You can definitely see the three different
types of pinks in there but that sunshine in the middle is so rad and then yeah, major Princess
Jasmine vibes up here. Where’s my ruby? I’ve got to look at it. There she blows. Oh, yes. Here look, you can see through it. Y’all see that? Oo. I was super concerned about this pretty little design right here but it actually turned out really good for my first time using it. So, the question of the day is have you seen all the movies
and read all the books of the things we’ve mentioned today? So, that’s Aladdin, The Secret Garden, A Little Princess and The Jungle Book. If you’ve only seen the animated version, that counts. I am bloomin’ obsessed. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. If you did please give it a big thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, leave us a comment down below. What other books do you think
we’ll be making this month? The soap will be available to purchase on September 7th at 3 p.m.
central standard time. If you wanna get some soapy updates, if you wanna vote on polls and interact a little more with
the Royalty Soaps community you can head over to the Instagram. We’re relatively active over there. Thank you once again to Rakuten
for sponsoring this video and you guys don’t forget to enter the $100 gift card giveaway. Step one, sign up for Rakuten. If you already have an account, great. You can skip step one
and go on to step two, which is to enter the giveaway
via the link down below. I hope you all have an
absolutely marvelous day. Be sure you do somethin’
fun for yourself today whether that is getting a
Lego set with gems in it. There’s so really cute ones out. I just went to Target the other day and was like, oo, maybe
mamma needs a Lego set. Or cooking up a marvelous
fairy tale in your head that you can tell to your friends or write in a short story form. Be like Sara. Tell great stories. Either way, do somethin’
that makes you guys happy and I will see you all on Sunday. That’s right. The video is on Sunday. I have been making this
video for over two months and it’s a tutorial on a
highly requested subject. So, you guys be sure to tune in. There’s also a giveaway in that video too. It may or may not be a Royalty
Soaps gift card giveaway and it may or may not be gift cards that may or may not be redeemable before the September release. So, if you want shampoo bars
you’re guaranteed to get them. So, definitely stay tuned. And until next time, have
an absolutely royal day and bye for now. Neow neow neow neow neowm, neowm neowm. (twangy music)

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  72. Linda Ramirez says:

    I can never get over just what an astounding person Katie is, resilient and inspiring but such a beacon of joy and play

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    I LOOOVED A Little Princess when I was a youngling I must have seen that film…and The Secret Garden like 50 times I sweeaarr. I love this soap….love ITTTTT

  82. Amanda Corwin says:

    OMG I love it. So neat I have read all the books and the movies.

  83. Burned Veggies says:

    I love the secret garden(I've read it like three times and watched the movie)but I don't like a little princess that much ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

  84. JamieG says:

    I think this is favorite. The colors are so beautiful. I'm really going to try hard to be online when this one launches.

  85. Jujubean 19 says:

    Have you watched thumbalina (idk how to spell it)

  86. Artist Games says:

    Hey can u make a monthly subscribtion on the royalty soaps website so that every month can have a theme of ur teams choosing like October spooky scary or camp nightfall (as an example)

  87. Strawberry Milk says:

    idk why but this reminded me of howls moving castle and i would die for a ghibli inspired soap

  88. Miranda McCaslin says:

    The inside of the soap is so beautiful, but I am curious to see how this soap would look if it was cut in wider peices.

  89. Katie Smiles says:

    I would love to see you do a ink heart inspired soap.

  90. Heather Inman says:

    Girl your lighting is on point. What do you use?! Box lights?

  91. peepla7 says:

    A little princess…..the book from 1930 or a different one?

  92. peepla7 says:

    Cosmic Carolyn is orange…. A very vibrant! how did you get pink from that?

  93. Cheyenne Miotti says:

    Yes Iโ€™ve seen them all!

  94. Cheyenne Miotti says:

    I definitely think it would be a really cool soap to do if you based it off one of Edgar Allen Poeโ€™s poems. Omg. Heโ€™s my favorite poet. Itโ€™s be awesome to see what you create !

  95. Lavina Tam says:

    Not sure if you still need more ideas for book inspired but PLEASE do CHARLOTTES WEB!!!

  96. Karyn Peterson says:

    ah, finally getting that in-depth scrapey-scrapeying tutorial soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  97. Kitty Quakes says:

    i saw the new Aladdin movie, and it was pretty good!

  98. Kyla B says:

    You should really make a Spotify playlist of all the music you use in your videos, pretty please ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

  99. haldistained says:

    The background music is not it.

  100. Laurel says:

    The 1995 movie was more cinematic (and Liam Cunningham was very dashing) but less true to the book. There was a 1986 mini series that was much more accurate to the book and is my favorite. The same goes for the 1990s version of the secret garden, it didn't stay as true to the source material as the 1987 version (which was also filmed at the Downton Abbey house!)

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