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– Good. – Good, ladies. Everyone got their boobs in place? – Everyone got their ladies, okay. – Please don’t make that the thumbnail. (laughing) – Three women, six boobs, one thought. The Blair Witch Project:
A Feminist Edition. (laughing) Continue.
– Hey guys. Welcome to another episode
of The Banging Book Club. If you have no idea what’s happening, what the hell? There’s links in the description. Catch up. – This is a Lucy, and this is Lena. We’re your hosts. Are we the bangers? – I thought you were gonna boob graze me. (laughing) “And, this is Lucy.” “This is Leena.” – This month, we read a
little gay history, di-, no. (laughing) – Desires and devotions and history! – We read A Little Gay History, die. – Another episode where
none of us are drunk. (laughing) – We’ve not drunk this episode. Why is Banging Book Club become sober? – I told you I’m better on alcohol. No one believes me! – We read A Little Gay History: Desire and Diversity Across
the World by R.B. Parkinson. This video is going to
be a very brief summary, what we thought of it kind of thing, and then there’ll be a link in description to our iTunes podcast. We’re on iTunes now. It’s very fancy. Where you can listen to us discussing it for a much longer period of time. – And then, review it
afterwards with a nice review. – Yeah, we’re giving people shout-outs if you give us nice reviews. Also, subscribe to our podcast. – Somebody said that was biased if we shout out people who
only give us good reviews, and I was like, “That’s
just called gratitude.” – [Hannah] Yeah!
– [Lucy] Yeah! – It’s like you only date
people that fancy you. (laughing) – That’s my favorite comparison! – Well, it’s true! Anyway. – Brief thoughts, ladies, go. – I didn’t like it very much. I think it should have been
an exhibition and not a book. – But, it is an exhibition! Go to the British Museum, and there’s loads of the objects there. – Yes, go on the hunt, treasure hunt. – It was like walking ’round
an exhibition really fast, and not having Google
with you, but that’s fine. (laughing) – I love that, “But, that’s okay!” – I really liked it on a lot of levels because I thought it was
like really short and, really, really short, newspaper articles about fun things you didn’t know about sex or not okay things you
didn’t know about sex. And, it was like, some of
them weren’t that related. – Yeah, it took you
through it chronologically, and it basically takes you through a bunch of different objects
and like what they meant and how they related to LGBT history. But, it also gives you,
like, a good foundation of like just the themes that come up in like the history of homosexuality, like– – Definitely thematic. – Stuff to do with identity
and labels and oppression, all that good stuff, and sub-culture. – Yeah, and I also think that if you’re not a history-ophile like our good friend Hannah is here. – Hi.
– And me! – I learn so many lessons
from Hannah in the podcast. And Lucy! If you’re not, but you’re
looking at certain– you wanna have a period that you’re like, “Oh, yeah, I actually really find this” “part really interesting.” It’s good to read one of these. I think everybody found a
bit that they were like, “I’d like to know more about this bitch.” – Virginia Wolfe. – It’s about not knowing
what you don’t know, and like some of this
stuff in here, I’m like, “I didn’t even know that I
could be interested in that.” “I didn’t know that part
of history was a thing.” – And, good nuggets, and
I do like the details. – Say nuggets again. – Nuggets, my Mancunian-ness
came out then, didn’t it? – My good nuggets of knowledge. – Nuggets. – What this book taught me was that we really don’t know much
about any kinda gay history just because we don’t know. So, this is definitely
the best way of presenting something for which we have no narrative. – Yeah, it starts some
really good discussions about appropriating labels, and how we label history in retrospect, which we talk about more on the podcast. – I really liked that it
covered the whole world, and not just the Western world. I completely forgot to
mention that in the podcast. – Yeah. – But, I actually learned
some stuff about India, like homosexuality was only
decriminalized in 2009. – But, it’s really great,
and I think learning about the history of homosexuality
and LGBT history is just like really important, especially when like understanding your identity and
understanding your oppression. And, I also think in terms of
just creating a community now, a cohesive and loving community, you need to know what your history is because knowing your like joint history is a way to like bring people together. – And, it’s also as like
as a straight person, it’s really good to remind
myself of what has been hidden from me when I learned
about normal history. And like acknowledging
that actually a lot of other people’s identities, historically, have been hidden from me. There’s no spoilers in the podcast, so you should probably
go and listen to it. – How can you spoil history? – Spoiler alert, it’s real. – So, if you wanna listen to the podcast, there’s a link in the description. Go listen to it. If you make your own video review things, tweet them at us using #bangingbookclub and I’ll find them. and add them to The
Banging Book Club playlist. Next month, we’re reading
Trumpet by Jackie Kay. (trumpet noise) – Oh, this smells really good. I’m gonna enjoy that. – Let’s have a sniff. – If you wanna join in the
discussions next month, make sure you pick up a copy of Trumpet and read it along with us. Announcement! (drum roll clapping) – Many thigh slaps! ASMR, people. – We’re gonna be at Summer in the City! (cheering) The Banging Book Club have
got a slot on the main stage! – We’re the main event. – Yeah. – On the Sunday. So, we’re gonna be there. – We don’t know what time yet. We’ll tell you, but just get hyped now. Get hyped, get hyped ! – If you have tickets
to Summer in the City, I think there are still tickets available. Get them, and we’re gonna
be doing like a live– – Book club thing. – It’s gonna be great. – All about the sex. – And the more mashers that
we have there the better. – That’ll be amazing. Please come, don’t leave us alone. – Oh no. – It’ll just be us three
talking in a room about sex. That’ll just be creepy.
– With all the echos. – That’s what’s happening right now. – Yes. – Yay! – Woo! – How do we sign out of these things? I’ve forgotten. We don’t have a real sign out, do we? – I think we should end this
the same way that we ended the podcast, but if they
haven’t listened to it yet, it will make no sense. Ready?
– Okay. – Seven, seven, seven, seven, seven. (laughing) – Oh my god, they’re gonna
think we’re part of a cult. (happy electronic music)

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