A Guide to Booking Train Travel Tickets : How to Book Train Travel From Charlotte to New York

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Hi everyone. I’m Russ Handler, travel agent.
Did you know, while traveling from Charlotte to New York City, via the train, is only about
thirteen and a half hours. And, if you’re traveling in the daylight hours, can really
be a beautiful experience. So, here’s how you book that. First of all, I recommend that
if you don’t like computers, call one, eight hundred, USA RAIL, that’s AMTAK’s eight hundred
number, or do what I do. I like to go on mine. I like to interact with this great AMTRAK
website that they have available for you. So, let’s say again, we’re going from Charlotte
to New York. It has the map. It shows me where the train’s going to stop. But most importantly,
you put in your itinerary, and in this case, we’ll be taking the Piedmont or the Carolinian.
So, there’s two lines to take, and it will give you the best options for your money,
and your times, and your itinerary. It’ll give you a list of options that you have.
What’s also nice about this, is, you get to book on line. You get to see if there are
any available upgrades on line. Perhaps some last minute deals and steals. And then, you
get to pick up your ticket at the AMTRAK Station before you depart. It doesn’t get easier than
that. I’m Russ Handler, and that’s how you do it.

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