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It begins with absence and desire, it
begins with blood and fear, it begins with A Discovery of Witches. Hey guys
it’s Sarah Jane welcome back to my channel today I’m here to review a
discovery of witches by Deborah Harkness. So a discovery of witches is the first
book in the All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness, it is being made into a TV show.
That’s a very high chance while you’re here I’ve had this on my TBR for I think
about three years and I’ve never really had the pull to pick it up but then once
I started seeing all the pictures surfacing all the casting information
the little tiny trailer that we got I was like I gotta read this book. So a
Discovery of Witches is set in a world where demons and vampires and witches
exist and it follows our protagonist Diana Bishop who is a doctor at
university. So a discovery of witches is set against the backdrop of oxford
university it’s a very rich very vivid setting i really really liked it i felt
like i was immersed in the library the moment that she walked in there and the
story starts when Diana calls for a manuscript called Ashmole something…782
– she doesn’t realise what this manuscript is at the time she looks at
it and she can see this thing’s moving in the pages she’s not really too sure
about what it is but this sets about a turn of events that she can’t walk away
from. Now Dinah Bishop is a witch but she can count the amount of times that she’s
used her magic this year on her hand she doesn’t use it very often if at all and
then one day she uses her magic to get a book off the top shelf and who sees her
but a vampire…. Matthew Claremont is a vampire and his
attention has turned to Diana because he’s realised that she’s been able to
call the elusive a Ashmole782- and the story really goes on from there these
two are pushed together and it’s all about their forbidden romance it’s about
the manuscript that could hold the key to their past and their future and the
story goes on from there. So that’s pretty much the gist of the story I’m
not going to talk any more about the plot because I feel like that’s enough
to kind of get you intrigued what I will do is talk about the things I liked
about the book and the things that I didn’t like because this is a bit of a
weird one for me because there were certain parts of this book that I loved
loved loved loved and then there were other part sounds a bit like really
really…? So first of all we’re gonna talk about the things that I love well first
of all I love the characters I love both Diana and Matthew I love their dynamic
together I love that he’s very set in his ways he’s a vampire of course he’s
going to be but I like the way that Diana could hold her own against him I
like the way that she kind of put him in his place when it was needed and I just
really like the chemistry between them. Diana had some good lines of dialogue
sometimes she was very much somebody who was independent who could stand on her
own two feet and Matthew would want to do things for her in typical ancient
vampire fashion and she was just like no I’m a 21st century woman and I can do
this stuff myself. Another aspect that I loved was the backdrop of Oxford
University I felt like this book was different to the norm in that sense
because when you say the words adult paranormal romance and you add in
vampire you kind of get the feeling that you’ve read it before and you feel like
it’s going to be adult in a certain way but actually this book isn’t it’s adult
and it’s set deeply in history in science in alchemy in DNA in evolution
and that part really really pulled me in because that was actually very unique
and I found it really interesting talking about specific points in history
and DNA and whether these creatures were perhaps linked whether they weren’t
linked what made them who they are and that was something that I hadn’t really
explored and the book kind of had this really good way of merging the ancient
history evolution side with the modern DNA science side and I really really
liked that I felt like that was really unique. So there were some things I
didn’t like about the story and the first thing I want to do is talk about
the pacing because this book is 690 pages ish long and I feel like that’s
pretty hefty for the first book in a series or trilogy so I feel like there’s
some problems there. I am surprised it is this long because I know it’s quite rare
for a debut novel especially like a paranormal romance kind of genre to be
so big and I do think it gave the book some problems because while the
beginning of the story was quite slow-paced I enjoyed that because it was
a slow burn and I was enjoying Diana and Matthew kind of skirting around each
other a little bit and getting to know each other and pulling away and then
coming back and I really liked that I guess for me it was probably when I was
about halfway through that I really started feeling problems. I felt like the
pacing was just off you know in these sorts of stories inevitably
you find out about the big thing that could be you know their undoing or
someone’s coming after them or you know the ‘big bad’ essentially and I don’t
feel like they really dealt with the big bad I felt like they kind of we’re all
there’s this big bad thing happening so let’s just go here for a little bit and
I was like I was quite impatient because I really wanted the action to start and
I feel like it kind of didn’t for quite a long time. Deborah Harkness had this
writing style that was kind of like a bit hit-and-miss to me because sometimes
she did these descriptions that were just perfect and I really lost myself in
them but the problem was she put the same level of attention to detail in
descriptions that weren’t important and that kind of let it down a little bit
because there’d be times where she’s describing an outfit or a pen or
something and I understood why she was doing it but it was a little bit much
for my liking and then when she describes something that was important
and that writing style was really valuable when it was really great and it
really helped paint a picture of what was happening but it wasn’t necessary
for every piece of description that she was doing. I did also have a little bit
of an issue with the romance while I absolutely adore them as a couple and I
ship them and I’m so excited to have a couple that I ship again there is that
dreaded word insta-love. I did a wrap up recently where i described it as a
little bit of we can’t do this okay let’s do this and for me that wasn’t enouogh
tension I need more conflict I need more angst I
need more pain I need more like knots in my stomach moments and I just didn’t
have that and for me that was a problem but for some people they’ll really like
that. So that’s as much as I’m going to tell you I feel like at this point you
know whether you want to pick up this book or not I personally wanted to pick
it up because I knew that the TV series was coming I wanted a book for Tome Topple that was adult, I just wasn’t really in the mood for picking up Harry
Potter I thought I was but I wasn’t and it was a good book to pick up for Tome Topple,
or I was loving it I was flying through it and there were times where I was on
Twitter just like blindly tweeting about my love for this book and I do still
feel that but I feel like now I’ve stepped away from it a little bit more
I’m like it’s not perfect. So all in all I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars it was
a good read I enjoyed it it was exactly the kind of book I needed at the time it wasn’t
perfect I feel like some of the things were a little bit off for my own
personal taste but I did enjoy it so 4 out of 5 stars.
I have already started Shadow of Night so if you guys would like me to
review that one as well please let me know in the comments down below. If you
have read a Discovery of Witches and what to join in on the spoilery
discussion I’d link that down below well we can discuss it all it’s spoilery
glory. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys again soon bye!

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18 thoughts on “A Discovery of Witches Spoiler Free Review [CC] | The Book Life”

  1. Nicki Reads says:

    I just finished this book. I agree with what you said particularly the pacing and length of the book. I started it at the end of last year and then got somewhere in the middle and just found it difficult to keep going with it so I continued with the Seven Realms series that was a much quicker read. I’m glad I persevered and finished it. I really liked it overall however was a bit disappointed that it did not fully meet my excited expectation. I visited Oxford last year and could picture the setting at the beginning of the book so well including Blackwells Bookshop. I’m looking forward to the tv series too. Hoping it airs in Australia.

  2. TellHerAStory says:

    I haven't read this one, but I get what you mean about liking parts of a book and having those parts kind of consume you until you don't really see some of the "eh" parts until later. I find some books leave me with that feeling, and as time passes I can recognize that there are flaws.
    I still look forward to reading this at some point. Thank you for the review!

  3. Leah Rose Reads says:

    I haven't read this, but your review makes me want to, so thanks!!

  4. Kate&Karen says:

    I need to finally read this

  5. 11Juliet says:

    I've been picking this up and putting it back down on just about every bookstore visit for the last few years 😛 thank you for the great review, I didn't even know a TV show was coming out (WHERE HAVE I BEEN), I definitely feel motivated to pick it up now 🙂 btw, I checked on Amazon right after this, and the ebook is currently on sale for $1.99 if anyone else is interested! <33

  6. ChaptersWeLove says:

    Ok, now I want to pick this one up (:

  7. AM Lyvers says:

    Not too much into vampire stories that sound like I've read them before, but oh my goodness, Oxford setting??? Your review has intrigued me. Yes, please continue the series!!!

  8. Daniela Chavez says:

    Shadow of Nights is my favorite of the trilogy. I feel in love with some of the characters, and I felt more invested in the romance during that book. However, it’s can really throw you off, since it’s so different to what you were expecting.

  9. Beckie Bookworm says:

    I had no idea it was being made into a TV show. I feel similar about this and the 2nd book (I haven't read the 3rd yet) I loved parts if this book, but some bits really made me role my eyes. The backdrop was great, the way it was described was great and I did feel in there. I love the alchemy and history aspects. I did feel it was too long, as is the next one. Yes I mentioned the instalove in my wrap up, I just felt like the book was long enough to do it properly! I will probably read the 3rd one, but maybe not for a month or so.

  10. Rosa VR says:

    Thanks for the review! I just saw a trailer for the series and i'm excited to read it now.

  11. LoveAndSnapple says:

    I did a review for this book on my other channel, Missed Bandwagon. It's got spoilers and has more of a "book club" discussion but please swing over if you've got a chance. 😀 Great review, I enjoyed it!

    I know this was months ago but I'm about to put up my review for Shadow of Night as well. I'm currently on a waitlist for The Book of Life.

  12. Noleen1983 says:

    I agree! I felt the romance was rushed!

  13. Hanniffy Dinn says:

    Anything set in Oxford is a win ……

  14. Hanniffy Dinn says:

    Is this twilight for grown ups ??

  15. Hanniffy Dinn says:

    You know vampires can induce instalove right ????????

  16. Laura Bollin says:

    I’m reading the book right now and I have the exact same thoughts about it. Can’t wait to finish it and join in with the spoilery discussion

  17. Ayda Usagi says:

    i started reading the first book not realizing it is a trilogy,i am only 100 pages into the book but i really love it.Can't wait to read it. <3 loved your review. 😀

  18. Daniel Lopez says:

    Show is better

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