A Day at the Library: Researching Victorian Corsets


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100 thoughts on “A Day at the Library: Researching Victorian Corsets”

  1. Bernadette Banner says:

    Re: that end bit when I mention that I was 'tight laced'–we have now learned that this is false, as 24" was quite a normal waist measurement and tight lacing doesn't seem to refer to measures larger than around 20". 🙂

  2. the mermaid prince says:

    Omg! Why didn't youtube notified me about this video 4 days ago? Anyways, l wish l could study more about fashion history (and history in general), but my country don't really have things for me to research and l don't have the money to spent in books, and even if l had, l would have no ideia about which books to buy. At all.

  3. Beejay Swifter says:

    When I was in HIgh School and College, I had a 22-24" waist naturally. I'm 5'9" and big boned. Some people just have small waists. Probably no help at all, but there it is.

  4. Rachel Daniels says:

    Thank you for making this! Made my morning a happy one 🙂

  5. Marijke Fox says:

    Not sure why but this video made me feel the urge to watch Sense & Sensibility… but then I always dread the part where Marianne makes a fool of herself running after Willoughby at the ball… what to do what to do!

  6. Sarah Bear Draws says:

    To be fair, that was like stone age windows, but I understand you frustration nonetheless. You'd think the New York Public Library would update!

  7. B. Davis says:

    What Windows version does that library have? It looks like XP which is so old at this point it's no longer supported by Windows (they made a big deal out that over a year ago, maybe even 2 years). If it was that was probably your speed issue right there.

  8. Em Miller says:

    I love how joy just sort of oozes out of everything you say.

  9. Valerie Ellison says:

    Maybe you should turn this into a novel!

  10. Cooki M says:

    I am so glad to see that you get as excited about research as I do, but I must say I think 🤔 you’re a little more in-depth than me. Though that may be only on what spurs us on to find out more!!! I have a Theater corset outside cut but have been stalled for a number of years… you may yet encourage me on to completion… once I am not ill 🤧 looking forward to your next instalment …ever a co researcher, Btw happen to own the wonderful book of drawings!!!

  11. Luisa Franco says:

    damn is that windows vista????

  12. Eleanor Harnage says:

    Tfw you love the aesthetic and vibe of researching in a library, but hate actually doing it because you're a mouth-breather and sneeze all the time ;_;

  13. Deanna Stevens says:

    WOW! This is very interesting. and So much to think about.

  14. Lenore Björk says:

    You are such an inspiration! Thank you and keep up the good work! <3


  15. Hecate Mist says:

    Does the black ring on the middle finger of your right hand have significance, or is it simply an accessory? Because, if it means what I think it means, solidarity!

  16. Jenna Humphreys says:

    I love the way you speak, your clothes, shoes, and aesthetic. It's like your a Victorian Time traveler whose settled in New York City

  17. Ana Steinbacher says:

    How old is that windows ? It looks like something from 2003 to 2006

  18. Ruth Miller says:

    Something you might find interesting, I don't know if you have watched the videos on the finding of King Richard the Third, where they were able to prove that he had scoliosis. A follow up show was done where they wondered how well of a fighter he was. They found a young man who had a near similar curvature that for reasons had not been corrected. They trained him in armor like Richard would have worn and it turns out that the armor worked as a great back support. nothing to do with corsets, but great experimental archaeology.

  19. flippingoff says:

    What a gorgeous building!

  20. Emily Martin says:

    I was in the same library just a few days after you! I was visiting NYC for the first time with my family. I must confess I briefly fantasized about running into you on the trip, haha

  21. Leigh Kennerly says:

    I havent looked just yet, but pretty please could you do a hair tutorial for this look? LOVE IT

  22. Claire Hastings says:

    Your videos are so nice to watch as a form of escapism. It's hot in Australia and I don't have many bespoke fashion items. I know you don't make your life out to be perfect but it looks so satisfying to find joy in small things like a really neat line of stitching or a real good pleat. Your joy, curiosity, resilience and determination are wonderful to watch.

  23. Claire Hastings says:

    I'd be interested in a follow up to those xray files when you get them. It's a shame it's such an ordeal to obtain and view them!

  24. WanderingPig says:

    10:37 I spy… POCKETS!!

  25. gime segnini says:

    You're like a living and modern Jane Austen character

  26. Banjo Billy says:

    That's Windows Vista for you 🤷‍♂️

    EDIT: XP, it looks like Windows XP, actually.

  27. Martin Verrisin says:

    I really like nerds. And just because I am not a sewing/clothing nerd doesn't mean I cannot appreciate one!
    – Also, you are lovely. ^^

  28. Victor Guo says:

    How did I even get here? I'm killing time while waiting for Synopsys ICC to finish something and this shows up in my recommenced, I have zero clue about whats going on. The accent was very pleasant to listen too though.

  29. The Doofus Channel says:

    Install a newer version of Windows on your Mac? Not too difficult, unless one tries to do anything crazy

  30. Katja G says:

    The library is beautiful! Wow ❤️📚

  31. Ken the Eagle says:

    The New York public library still uses windows XP which EOL was 2014??????

  32. Kit DuBhran says:

    Isn't the research hole fun and amazing!? I'm the research queen for a writing pair. She asks "what is…" or "when was…" or "where did…" and I sit back and dive deep. Oh I love it so. Especially world building.

    Beautiful vlog. Loved watching you get so excited about the research. Loved the view of the library. I'll likely never see it because I really really don't ever want to visit New York. But it was so nice to see it! Thanks for posting!!!

  33. Kryen says:

    why is your library still using Windows XP 😱😱😱

  34. Kate Hanchon says:

    I wish I had a library that beautiful and large where I live… guess I’ll have to wait until I can visit the Library of Congress.

  35. Molly Robinson says:

    You remind me so much of Hermione Granger and I love it 🙂

  36. J N Pretty On Top says:

    I’m not a city girl AT ALL, but I’m so jealous that you have access to such a wonderful library!! It’s almost enough to make me move to a large city. (Almost.) 💜💜💜

  37. Etanii says:

    I don’t know why this was in my recommended, and i know nothing about victorian era fashion etc etc but this was fascinating!

  38. australobuchia says:

    Yeah that computer isn't slow because it's a Windows computer, it's slow because it's using an OS that is 18 years old and hasn't been supported for 5 years while you're trying to do things in 2019. (Not to mention the hardware is… Probably that old too which is crazy) A Mac would be equally as slow if using such an old OS.

  39. Uma Pessoa Qualquer says:

    I love your videos, but would be great to have subititles since i’m not fluent in english

  40. nimrodgrrrl says:

    Would love more research project series, it’s so fun to learn along with you!

  41. Marisa Hueso says:

    That is an extremely ancient version of windows, lol, no wonder it was so excruciatingly slow 🤣🤣

  42. Abby McKnight says:

    would you do some more drawing videos? I just checked out your Etsy shop, and I LOVE your drawings so much!

  43. Dani O says:

    Surely the waist measurement isn't the only meaninful parameter to consider here. Wouldn't a waist to hip ratio be more telling as to how constricting or tight a corset was about the waist from one person to the next?

  44. Donald Holman says:

    Amazing video. Great content, filming,and editing.

  45. Donald Holman says:

    I for one would love to see you in a corset.

  46. Donald Holman says:

    This was so perfect.

  47. Falconshadow says:

    Can you talk about some of your findings in a later video, please? This video just made me really curious…

  48. Christina Jackson says:

    You have such an enchanting method of vlogging. Normally I avoid vlogging videos, but this and your fabric district videos were therapeutic to watch. I hope you continue to do them 🙂

  49. Michelle K says:

    Just wanted to ask… does anyone else adore the sound of her cute shoes in the quiet, echoey library?!?! Something about it just seemed so nostalgic to me.

  50. Danielle St. John says:

    The Ravenclawness of you is magnificent to behold.

  51. Sophia Fuchs says:

    Now I really want to go research something! I want to go to a giant old library and spend hours intensively studying a topic. contented sigh Perhaps another day…

  52. Vadalia says:

    Not sure it's fair to blame "American healthcare" (problem-ridden though it is) for Urgent Care not wanting to put some random person's disk into their computer system, which no doubt houses private medical and financial records for many people.

  53. wwaxwork says:

    It wasn't windows fault you were trying to open a huge graphics file on a poor under powered library computer. It'd be like trying to drive at F1 speeds in a mini cooper.

  54. Teph Williams says:

    In all fairness to windows, those computers at the library are ancient 😂 New windows computers run as smoothly as macs do in my experience (and I have a Mac)

  55. Raymond says:

    That library looks amazing!

  56. mcwjes says:

    I have never wanted to see new York because it seems too busy and crowded, but I need to see that library in person.

  57. Taylor Owen says:

    The Hermione Granger of Sewist World. ❤️❤️❤️

  58. Mall_rat 3000 says:

    I feel like that Windows Operating System is pretty much medieval. Idk what the NYPL is doing there….. 😂

  59. Mish Umali says:

    I really miss the city. I miss the NYPL too! ;_;

  60. Michael Bell says:

    3:35 lol that swastika in the wall

  61. Crystal Wright says:

    Bernadette, I am really enjoying your vlog posts showing your perspective of New York. I will not likely ever visit your find city so I am loving the views of those beautiful old buildings. And your content too of course!

  62. Mimi Shimaineko says:

    Hi! I came across this video, and just had to ask if you were familiar with "Peterson's Magazine" (ladies' journal published 1842–1898). It has fashion,, the occasional reduced-scale pattern, diy ideas, advertising for products such as Pears Soap, etc., and I think you would enjoy it very much. In fact, you can come across the occasional volume at a reasonable price in old book shops.

  63. Keri Corley says:

    I too love the research portion of a project.

  64. Art de la Vaillance / Art of Valor says:

    Jesus. It's not "Window's". It's a computer's processor and many other factors.

  65. Miss Peach says:

    Books and paper are still the most effective means of time travelling.

  66. Matrone Bell says:

    This video made me want to take my knitting to my local library and just sit and soak up the atmosphere. 😊

  67. PRINCE KRAZIE says:

    "good Booke" lol

  68. PRINCE KRAZIE says:

    windows XP in 2019? Do libraries like old things on purpose?

  69. Erika Cronje says:

    We should not be so surprised at the waist sizes even though we somehow think they should be tiny, but U guess the smaller ones were young women who have not had children yet. So many of the paintings are of more chubbier women and I noticed the one drawing you showed had a 40" hip, so I think women of all ages came in all shapes and sizes and still do 🙂

  70. Hanna Sandy says:

    yesss i love researching and read/watch other people's research <3 also i'm a librarian and this place is a dream!!

  71. Danica Russell says:

    Is your TV surrounded by ivy?

  72. Ylva The Red says:

    I adore watching your videos, and am myself into historical practice.

    But I have a slightly unrelated question. In this video I see you wearing a ring: Is this by chance an Ace ring? I understand if it is and you don't feel comfortable answering, but I have not really seen any Youtubers wearing them, and I got rather excited at the prospect of seeing a fellow Ace history lover!

  73. Ray Makowski says:

    Fun fact: the computer you were using was running Windows XP. You know, the one that came out in 2001. When I was born. 18 years ago.

  74. Ray Makowski says:

    Bernadette: I hope this video inspired you to do some research! 🙂
    Me, who paused at 0:45 and went off on an hour-long tangent to find American Duchess shoes and/or a men's equivalent style I liked: uh-huh
    (the answer is Stacy Adams "Madison" boots OR something called "Brogues Ankle Boots" specifically from Aspeleshoes on Etsy)

  75. Katie Harris says:

    Katie took a deep breath. "To be fair, the library's computer is very likely ten or more years old, running an operating system that Microsoft stopped supporting in 2014. That computer was doomed to be slow." Then she turned to her own computer.

    "Shush, Marjorie," she said while stroking the top of her case, "Bernadette doesn't know you or what you can do. Don't hold it against her."

  76. sharon birach says:

    I really hope you can make a living of your vlog and youtube, you are a truly artist and a romantic. I am very happy watching your videos.

  77. Janay says:

    Her voice is so soothing.

  78. M V says:

    Thank You So Much on Your Shoe Maker’s Reference! I am ordering my pair now (Ordering a pair of flats as the Londoner is out of stock but I will wait for it come come back to buy your pair as I love the color & style).
    I am curious as to who makes the rest of your outfit. Love the white blouse with the red cardigan. I think maybe you made the walking skirt yourself but I am learning how to sew now but I get the sense that maybe the blouse and cardigan are store bought.
    If you wish to disclose please let us know where you acquired them!
    Thank You Very Much & Big HuGs from Miami, Florida!
    ~Mercy V.

  79. Susan Frank says:

    I found this so interesting. Bernadette, you are a marvel.

  80. Northern Roots Farm says:

    Library days = American Duchess, very true

  81. mmw55122 says:

    Go Bernadette! I LOVE research!

  82. Stephanie Vine says:

    Love the ivy round your telly! 💞

  83. SereniaSaissa says:

    For some reason I am drawn to the 1920s era – the fashion and culture of the flapper. I dont know why, but the years between the wars really intrigues me, as do the fashions. Downton abbey was interesting only because it was set during and after WW1 – just before the flapper era. I do need to watch the TV series – Frankie Drake mysteries (set in Toronto, Canada 1920s). And I love watching your videos. I love history although I am not a huge fan of fashion…. But it is still interesting. I just found you this weekend. The 500 years of Halloween costume was the first video of yours I watched. That got me hooked.

  84. Parttimeunicorn says:

    Saw the windows XP Screen and had to check the date on the video to make sure, it isn't from before 2009.

  85. Cat Cameron says:

    Fascinating, as always. And, thanks for showing the library building, etc. Such astounding architecture. Someone said architecture is art we live in; and, fashion is art we wear. (Wonder who.)

  86. karolyngrimm says:

    girl, seriously impressed with your music every time. how do you find such good stuff? seeing how thorough you are with your dress making research i guess i shouldn’t be surprised. it lends such a beautiful touch to your videos, i can close my eyes and just listen 🙌🏼

  87. Elise Collins says:

    this is an old video to comment on now but as a trainee archivist I'm very excited because this is the only insight I've ever seen into the user experience of archives! everyone please go visit your local archive to have a look at whatever piques your interest, the staff are only too happy to let you check out their collections!

  88. Audrey Stielstra says:

    Not sure if you’re going to see this or not but according to the scientific definition a theory does have evidence supporting it (vs a hypothesis which is made before any research is done)

  89. spacewolfcub says:

    10:01 That doesn't look like the filing system at my local libraries, though? JOZ 13-1505 ? I was hoping to just find that section at my libraries and see what kinds of books they had on the subject. 🙁

  90. Rachel Gugler says:

    That library is amazing!!! I have scoliosis too, though I did not grow up with it, and it isn't severe. It came about after a back injury nearly a decade ago I ignored for many many years while continuing to work jobs requiring a great deal of physicality and hard labor. Now I have bulging discs, nerve damage, and ribs that pop out of place, while growing shorter thanks to the S curve! :'( I'm very interested in learning more about any scoliosis and corset research you find! I've been wearing elastic-y waist trainers and just started with a lace up one. I have to take it very slowly with the tightening, but I have way fewer spinal pops and compression at the end of the day wearing one! I plan to use the info at Foundations Revealed to make a lighter one with cording and synthetic whalebone as the metal boned one doesn't fit as well as I would like it. I get bruises over the rib that likes to pop out of place after sitting in it for any length of time. Helpful in that the rib stays in place. but hopefully there are other ways to solve that problem.

  91. Kim Hill says:

    LOVE the NYPL! Reminds me a bit of the LOC (Library of Congress) here in DC, which is my go-to research library. Falling down the rabbit hole of research is always much more pleasant in beautiful surroundings!

  92. EmeraldVideosNL says:

    I prefer country life above cities, but I do love old city centres and buildings, and wow, does that library have character! The closest thing I can compare it to is the British Museum.

    Also, sorry for dusting off an old video. I discovered this channel recently, so I have to catch up. ;P

  93. NK MAGGARD says:

    Thank you for the beautiful architecture, and RESEARCH! Love research! I enjoyed seeing and hearing a bit about how you go about your business of learning about and creating the historical clothing, etc. really interesting!

  94. DannyJane says:

    Most especially thank you for this and other love letters to the City of New York. I was born and grew up there, but have lived away for almost 40 years. It's so lovely to gaze at the ceiling in the NY Public Library and Bryant Park takes me back to my younger days. Like you, a picnic lunch in that little park was always a treat. I loved walking around, taking the subway (which I must say is much cleaner and nicer than I remember) and browsing in flea markets and tucked away bookshops. Speaking of which, is the bookshop on 42nd and just off 5th Avenue still there? In the 60s it was a marvelous place for a pre-internet to do offbeat research for books I could KEEP.

    Thank you.

  95. mx _ anthrop0cene says:

    that library is gorgeous wtf

  96. TintedRhythm says:

    THAT WII MUSIC BIT CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD LMAO I've been watching your videos for about 3 days now and I just didn't expect that.

  97. Sadie McC says:

    Urgent Care is an emergency room, not a research facility. Don't blame American healthcare because a place wouldn't help you with something that wasn't health-related. That's not their job.

  98. Catherine says:

    The library is beautiful, much nicer than the State library of NSW in Sydney

  99. Julie Enslow says:

    Little thought for future research, to make things faster. Maybe faster. When trying to get a lot of information out of a book while at the library – before you have to turn it back in – use your modern technology (i.e. the camera on your phone) to photo pages you need as reference, rather than copying half of the page in notes. You can then go back home, print those pictures out and essentially have those sections you need as reference – printed. Use them, then throw them away (thus respecting the author's copyright). If you need them long term – buy the book or go back to hand writing notes.
    Don't they let you take books out for two weeks or more these days? Been a while since I was at a library…
    Yeah. That is a gorgeous library!

  100. Nona Mackenzie says:

    This video honestly helped me so much.
    [tl;dr: writing a book and needed to make some decisions, and do research. I now have the motivation to do all those things]

    I've been wanting to write (and have been mentally mapping) a historical fiction novel, but had been seriously waffling on what period exactly to place it in, or if I should not set a specific time period (but the thought of this had been keeping me from making a lot of decisions). But I've realized I absolutely have to choose a time period, because the era would vastly influence how the social and political undertones are expressed. Even just in making the decision to do the research into the clothing, and looking for books to facilitate that, I've decided on an era and a period of dress (because they are different, in this case), and it's motivated me so much, not only to do the research, but also to maybe start this writing project, seriously.

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