A Bookshelf Tour + Book Recommendations!

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(jazz music) – Hey guys, it’s Ashley from Ashheartbooks. And I’m here today to give
you a book shelf tour. So I thought I’d give
you a little sneak peek into my shelves, as well as give you a few recommendations on some of my favorite books. So the top shelf up here
is actually all classics and nonfiction, so we’re
actually gonna go ahead and start on this second shelf. (light playful music) So the first book I wanted to recommend is How the Duke Was Won by Lenora Bell. This is book one of her Disgraceful Dukes, and it is just so good. I absolutely love Lenora Bell’s writing. Her characters are so different, and for a historical, it has such a kind of like 21st century flare to it. And the female characters are just so well-developed and
I absolutely adore it. For something that’s a
little bit more gritty, for your historicals, I really recommend Kerrigan Byrne. Especially this one, The Highwayman. This one takes place in both Scotland and in England. And the characters have
really troubled pasts, and especially the male characters. And they have a lot to overcome. They’re definitely not
as flowery and friendly at first, but I just think that makes for such great character development. And so I highly recommend this one. One that I recently finished that was so fantastic was Amanda Bouchet, A Promise of Fire, which is book one in The Kingmaker Chronicles. This is fantasy romance at its finest. I absolutely loved it. It had a beautiful love story. It also had all the
things you want in fantasy with made-up worlds and lands, as well as a really cool Greek
mythology component to it. I felt like I couldn’t get enough of this. It was so fantastic. (light playful music) This one is Vein of Love by R. Scarlett. This is a really interesting
paranormal romance, so if you’re looking for something a little different, I recommend picking this one up. It’s very adult, so, you know, it definitely has adult themes in it. But it involves demons,
and our main character, Molly, finds out that she is part demon in the first book. I read this whole series last year, and could not stop reading it. It was so addicting, so definitely go check this out if you’re looking for a new paranormal read. I read this one, A Bollywood Affair, last year and absolutely
fell in love with it. Sonali Dev is a fantastic writer. I loved the characters in this. I loved how it really wove a culture and learning something
new, maybe you didn’t know about culture in this book. I thought the way they incorporated food, and traditions, while also just having a beautiful love story, with such well fleshed-out characters, was absolutely perfect. And I highly recommend this book. (light playful music) The Ones Who Got Away by Roni Loren is got to be one of the books I’ve been recommending the most this year, and definitely one of my
top reads for the year. It takes place following
a school shooting. And it takes place about 10 years later, and kind of follows the people who’ve survived the school shooting. And two of them, they’re back to film a documentary. And I just thought the author handled the subject matter so well. It’s really relevant in today’s climate. But it also shows the two characters and what they have to overcome. For the people who were left behind, who got away. And I thought that the love story was really believable, and that it was handled really well. And it made perfect sense for them to fall in love. This one is Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan. Another one of my top reads this year. I just started reading Sarah Morgan, and I’m so excited to dive more into her backlist. This was such a good
contemporary, if you’re looking for a fun, sweet, heart-warming contemporary, I cannot
recommend anything else. It follows our main character, Paige, who has recently lost her job, along with her two best friends. They decide to start their own company. And Jake Romano is her
brother’s best friend, who’s always kind of been there. They have a bit of a
history, and it was just so fantastic learning more about them. I love the two best friends in this. Their friendship was friendship goals. Eva and Frankie were so perfect. I felt like I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading this book. And this one is Roomies
by Christina Lauren. I absolutely adore Christina Lauren. They’re one of those
autobot authors for me, and I can’t get enough. This was such a fun relationship of convenience trope in modern day, which you do not see all the time. And it had to do with New York, and musical theater, and I just adored it. I thought it was such a fun read. (light playful music) So this bottom shelf here is actually my TBR shelf, or part of my TBR shelf. So books that I haven’t got to yet. So I don’t have any recommendations on this shelf, but they are all books that I really hope to get to very soon. And I like having them. So that was my bookshelf tour. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing shelves, as well as some of my recommendations for some of my favorite books. I absolutely love collecting books and having them as part of my home. As you could tell from the video, I don’t have a super organized bookshelf. I mostly just do it by genre, and then authors within the genre. But lemme know how you
guys do your bookshelves. Do you do it by alphabetical order, or do you do it by a rainbow shelf? I’d absolutely love to know how you organize your shelf. Thank you guys so much for watching, and we’ll see you next time. (jazz music)

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