#81: OFFRIR 14.000€ AUX SDF – épisode 4/4 (Acte3)


You are serious? Two of my children died of cold … December 16th and November 27th. One was 6 months old and the other 7 months and a half. And you have to take it with a lot of love. Really. They all gathered It is with great pleasure that they offer it to you How are you Gilles? That’s why I want to help others once I’m out! It’s first you … If you want to participate financially Or write a note to the homeless, everything is in the description. During the first 3 acts, we helped a hundred or so SDF In some cases, we are absolutely certain … We took them out of the street! Thanks to your donations! Give money, it’s great! It’s super generous! In some cases, however, it is thought that giving too much money as we did, may make some people stay on the street. So do not worry, we will continue to help the homeless in the most human way possible but a little differently. And finally to the youth! I read your comments below this kind of videos. And I know it’s a theme that concerns you. Remember this message and put it in a corner of your head For months or years to come The most beautiful help you can offer them … It’s to register in associations that help the homeless Being a volunteer is the most beautiful help What you can offer them in the long run! What’s your name? Didier Delighted Didier! How long have you been on the street? Six months. I received a lot of underpants, that’s not bad! When we are on the street, we need underwear etc? Oh yes! This, yes! I can wash here in the toilet. The guards I know them. They close the door and there is a sink and you wash. And razors you need it? Ah yes, razors! Full of love! That’s it! A big thank you to you ! For me and my girlfriend (these words) it counts! So there is 500 Euros. That’s all for you. My girlfriend is going to wonder what! Are you happy? Well, I’m happy … I’m on the street Even my children go by (in the street) They look at me well (…), you can not be happy .. Not even a hello or nothing at all Do we know how to be happy when we are in the street, or it is not possible? No it is not possible! You can not be happy As it is in the street..You are all alone. It makes you unhappy to be alone? Ah yes ! Better to have someone .. I was a lumberjack, I know how to build … You were a woodcutter? Yes yes, independent woodcutter .. Hi John, we shake hands? We stand together? I have the forest, I have the woods, I have fruiters..I tried to make a cabin. I have a problem to build the roof because I can not get on it. I have beams to put on the roof of the hut And there, you also have a vegetable garden that you cultivate? I have cabbages, peas, beans. Strawberries, raspberries, currants, Figs, vineyards! Are people surprised when an SDF is growing its own vegetables? Yes, access to the (culture of) land does not look very normal actually! In the street, you want to work. You want to do something good! I raise worms … We would like to offer you a second gift … I do not like, I do not like Receiving money bother you a bit? Yes, without reason This is the problem of work … I need to buy cans Big cans of water? The problem, I’m afraid of losing money .. To lose it? What we will do is leave (money) to Romane and she gives it to you as and when. We can quickly become addicted Addicted to what? At the money … To the ease what … Money is not a medicine .. It’s not to heal work .. “I take you in my arms and I kiss you hard Julie” Thank you Julie Cui-Cui … You do not understand what they say … You do not understand everything they say .. € 12? Piece? € 24.98 Please! Dimitri, this is John Hi Dimitri! More than 25 years of street! There I redo my papers .. I have a home that is waiting … Ok, so it’s over soon (the street) normally for you .. The end of the tunnel arrives … I lost two children and there was … and I stayed in the street … When do you say you lose two kids …? My two children are dead … Two of my children died of cold … December 16th and November 27th … They were 6 months and 7 months and a half .. … Are you the oldest homeless person in the city? Yes ! I slept in a squat, guys came up with baseball bats. I was asleep … My knees were broken! They gathered … … and wanted to offer you 500 € It’s for you, entirely … It’s a lot… It seems a lot to you maybe … All the donors are in the book? Others have a word .. Young people do not necessarily have a lot of money. Many people thank me already! Did you take other people out of the street?
Yes, a lot… What did you do for these people? The miners, I made sure that they go back to their parents! At age 11, I was sold to the white slave trade. I was sold as a slave with my little brother! Did your parents sell you when you were young …? We were 15 children … And most have been raped. I saved myself and 8 months later I placed everyone … and the guy died in jail! He is your ferret! Did you see that ? He is handsome ! Thank you ! Tyson! I’m embarrassed to do things like that … Doing nothing, you get weak … Where do you sleep ? In a tent? Yes, with a friend … So you sleep with two? Yes, but separately! Ok, like friends yes! Everyone has his tent. Even friends turn their backs on you … They look at you in another way .. “He’s in the street, I’m not going to worry about him anymore!” Childhood friends too How was it in your family? They are alcoholics .. You got hit for a yes, for a no … You could ask to drink … But water … We did not have the right to orangeade … Even if you pick up blows … the family will always be like your blood, you will always go to them. I wonder what will become of my little brothers … And you want children? Children … In such a situation … No… There is a lot of love and a lot of support .. How nice ! And we hope it will cheer you up. Yes I will read it And we also wanted to offer you something else … There is 500 € Aaah but yes of course … If, look .. Subscribers have subscribed … to get people out of the street. Sometimes people have written a word. Others offered money .. And still others both. They wanted to send you courage … Thank you so much ! It is a pleasure I’m already thinking about Tyson … And then a little to me … and to my friend! We try to do our best. Hi Alex! Hello ! I like the theater I have seen for 3 years .. I like coloring I have been told that I can not stink enough to be on the street! I had a wardrobe before being on the street! The clothes I have on me until my underpants, I was given them. My tobacco is the cigarette butts in the ashtrays. In any bad past of your life, there is always something positive. There are 1290 subscriber words! So there are so many people who think of you! They also raised 500 € for you! You are serious ? Thank you… I do not know what to say… Thank you… Courage! Every person thinks of you! Thank you for your patience ! Apparently you were waiting for us Are you doing the round here? Are you sleeping here in the neighborhood? I have a tent that is not far .. You were in your tent then? That’s it… You do not need help, then? It’s hard … Yeah, sometimes we need help … There must be a follow-up … With appointments where we go … We must also find a good AS A good social worker, do you mean? There are some who really do that with the heart, who are really social. There are others … they are civil servants … Would this book please you and give you more morale for the future? Is it nice, when you’re in the street, to receive words of support? Well … anyway, yeah … Especially when you see the age of subscribers who are sometimes super young .. They become aware of what life is like on the street. Would you accept a second gift? Are you sure ? …. Are you sure of that? So here, for you … We have 500 € To help you in life: to get your fill or do what you want with this money I give them to you. What do you plan to do with this money? Give it to my mother because she is the only one I trust … This money can also help you to make your papers? Yes that’s it. I sleep on the floor, on the floor … As of today, it’s been two weeks (that I’m homeless) … Are you a “new homeless person”? There you have it I do not want to go into the dive cycle … and not to be able to get out … Did you sail before? I made great boat trips between Normandy and Greece. There have been ups and downs in my life … … but falling as low, no. If it’s to live in these conditions, I do not see the interest … I have always worked … I do not want to be an assisted company. I want to get by myself I have always been alone … In work or other … But right now it’s true that … An ear (listening) is extremely good .. Do not take this as assistantship … But they (the contributors) also want to offer you a 2nd gift … You have to take it with a lot of love … Really. They all contributed … It is with great pleasure that they offer it to you! It’s okay ? (…) Thank you… How are you Gilles? I am absolutely certain that you will get away! I was expecting everything, but not that! I told you it was good people! You have the same value as any other human being! That’s why I want to help others once I’m out! It’s first you! What are you feeling ? A feeling, somewhere, of shame … I give it to you symbolically It’s not about assistantship, it’s about love! Really. Thank you for accepting…

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    Bravo pour ses expériences 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    Merci encore une fois pour cette vidéo plein d'amour.
    Je souhaite à tous ces SDF de pouvoir trouver un toit où dormir car avec l'arrivée du froid ca va être compliqué.

    Bon courage a tous

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    C'est la que j'ai compris qu'il était mort, je me suis renseigné et c'était écrit dans un journal local.
    Cela m'a marquer a jamais alors si vous avez le pouvoir de les aider….merci 🙂

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    Merci ! Merci pour eux, pour nous. Car nous aussi en regardant ces vidéos on se rend compte à quel point on a de la chance d’avoir ce qu’on a. On a tous des situations différentes, on est tous plus ou moins bien financièrement. Mais en réalité ce qui compte réellement c’est l’amour qu’on a et la santé qui va bien. Le reste n’est que matériel.

    Gros ❤️ sur vous !! Et MERCI encore de nous faire réaliser la chance qu’on a et qu’eux n’ont pas !

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  88. Ethan. F says:

    Le retour !! Super vidéo comme d'hab.

  89. M3l 2.0 says:

    J’adore vos vidéo et je trouve sa extrêmement généreux de votre part. Mais personnellement les vidéo où vous donnez de l’argent sont ennuyeuses à la fin.

  90. StevenAyce says:

    C vraiment formidable ceux que vous faite d'aider les SDF sont peut-être dans la rue met c des gens comme nous qui on travail dur ou etait a larme et du jour en lendemain il on tout perdu leur seul moyens qui leur reste c d'être dans la rue met il ne faut jamais laisser tomber toujours ceux battre dans la vie tu et le meilleure continue tu en une personne en or avec un grand cœur surtout de reste parler avec eux pour leur remonter le moral pour pas quil ceux sant rejeté par la société et délaisser par les gens c grâce à des personne comme toi qui leur redonne le sourire merci ❤❤☺️☺️

  91. Money TomBer says:

    Would react sa me fait chos au cœur se que tu fait jemerais que tu fasse passer un mots au SDF si on pas d’argent on peut allez dans des associations

  92. Money TomBer says:

    On a tout nous et on veux toujours mieux alors que ya des gens qui crèvent de faim

  93. Kevin Marques says:

    Bravo 🎊

  94. Rafael Meirov says:

    Waw bravo a toi 👏👏👏👏

  95. coco mincrfte Martinez says:

    Sa serait bien si vous ferai une expérience social que un homme abandonne son bébé en public sit vous êtes d'accord n'hésitez pas a lâché un pous bleu

  96. Alida & Gregory says:

    Très beau geste vous êtes les meilleurs on vous aimes

  97. Tetedimort TV says:

    Franchement ces vraiment très généreux se que tu fais pour moi personne mérite d'être mal heureux 😁

  98. Magalie Cinémathèque Gnidzaz says:

    Mais faut retrouver les f** qui ont des pouces rouge

  99. The Para says:


  100. Adelina MELLANO says:

    Merci Grace à toi j ai réussit à me rendre compte à qu’elle point nous a coter d eux nous sommes riches. Je te remercie de faire c est vidéo car maintenant j ai vraiment envie de faire de mon mieux pour rendre c est personnes heureuses .

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