7 Tips to Be Happy When You Don’t Have Any Money👌 (Simple Minimalist Lifestyle in 2020)


A simple minimalist lifestyle
made a difference in my life. In 2019, I moved from Ivanovo, Russia
to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The cost of living in Canada is higher
than in my home country. And it made me keen to save money. I’ve been practicing a simple minimalist
lifestyle and love the results so far. Hi, I’m Roman Mironov. Today, I’ll break down the benefits
of simple living. Before we get started, make sure
you subscribe to this channel. And if you’re on YouTube,
click the alert notification. Tip 1: Appreciate what you have. The idea is to get out of the rat race
of wanting more things. When I was a kid, I could get my hands on
about 5 video games per year. And I played them over and over again. But my kid today can play
5 different games in one hour. As soon as he gets bored, he switches
to a new game immediately. Playing one game made me appreciate it way
more than he appreciates his games today. And this is true with everything in our lives. The fewer things we have,
the more we appreciate them. Tip 2: Stop the scarcity mindset cycle. I have a scarcity mindset
because I grew up in the Soviet Union with its consumer goods shortages. As a result, I tend to buy
more stuff than I need. That’s because I have this fear
that someone else would buy it. For example, I used to buy
countless headphones. I would buy a pair and like it. And then I would buy a second pair
to use with my laptop and then a third one to use
with my iPod. I don’t do that anymore. That helped break the negative cycle
of scarcity in other areas as well. For example, when I buy groceries now, I don’t feel an urge to buy two items
at the price one if I need just one. Tip 3: Don’t let things own you. Buying and owning something big like a car
obviously takes a lot of time and effort. But even introducing small things into
your life can be time-consuming as well. For example, you buy a second laptop. You spend time choosing and buying it. Then it takes time to set up. And you end up with two laptops to maintain. Likewise, all things added
to your life come at a cost. Why not declutter your life for less stress? Louise Hay wrote: If you didn’t use a thing for six months, give it away, sell it, or trade it. Tip 4: Look for contentment within. Owning things is a source of pleasure. Take a car, for example. It takes a lot of time and effort
to own a car, right? But we still do it because of the
pleasure and comfort it gives us. That said, not owning a car makes me look
for alternative sources of pleasure. These could be: Yoga Meditation Enjoying conversations Playing with kids Listening to books and podcasts Draw contentment from
these simpler activities and your life will improve immensely. Tip 5: Buy used things. Buying used things also fits into
a simple minimalist lifestyle. I was guilty of impulsive shopping. I would look at a thing in a shop,
decide I wanted it, and buy it. That’s because shops make it
easy to buy from them: it doesn’t take much effort. But buying used things usually
requires more effort. You need to find a seller online
and arrange meeting them. That’s how buying used things rewires you
to be more thoughtful about buying. Which translates into owning less stuff. Tip 6: Resist the urge to buy
and the need itself might dissolve. When you keep waiting instead of
buying something that you need, the need to buy it might disappear. For example, you might want to buy
a particular paperback book. But then you find an audiobook version
at your library and listen to it instead. In this sense, patience and
postponing buying might pay off. Tip 7: Have a devil’s advocate. It’s easy to overdo a simple minimalist
lifestyle after you gain momentum. And it can drive you into a scarcity mindset. And the next thing you know, you are:
Wearing the same clothes every day. Not doing laundry. Not taking care of your hygiene. To avoid that, run your ideas by someone who will point out to you
that you’re overdoing it. A mentor, a coach, or a friend is a
good choice for a sanity check like this. If you need help living a simple life,
check out my life coaching services. My website is If you have any questions about a
minimalist lifestyle, leave a comment below. I’ll answer it. Thank you for watching. Make sure you like, comment, and subscribe.

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