7 Signs She Has A Crush On You


Tripp Kramer here from I know this is a big question. We’re going to get it answered today, but
it’s not going to be the typical BS that you probably hear across other various blogs or
channels. We’re talking about the signs that she’s interested
in you, that she has a crush on you. These are not some dilly dally maybe signs. There are a couple of words still questionable,
but most of these signs are guaranteed that she likes you. There’s a big lesson in all of these signs. The lesson is to really know for sure if she
likes you, you need to get some of those strong signs. I know guys look for some of those more subtle
signs. That is not a sign, that’s a maybe. I want you to know for sure, let’s get into
it in no specific order. Let’s talk about number one. Number one is she asked you personal questions. This is one of those maybe ones. It’s not a 100%, you could still be in the
friend zone here, but it’s definitely more of a good sign if you’re talking to a girl,
especially in an initial interaction. If you know if girls interested in you, she’s
asking you personal quench questions. She wants to get to know you better. Not some of those whatever questions like,
what you do for a living? Are you having fun here? Whatever you guys are up to, whatever it is. It’s more about personal questions. What’s an example of this? This is her asking you something about your
family. She’s asking, maybe if you like your job,
it’s not just about , what do you do for a living, it’s about, do you like it? Do you enjoy it? She’s trying to get to know how you feel
about things, what you think about things, more things that are on a personal level. She’s asking those questions. That’s a good sign. Here’s a big one, but still not 100%. I have to throw it in there because it’s a
good chance if she’s asking to see you. Here’s the thing, if she’s asking to see you,
and you guys hang out and it’s very platonic, and there’s nothing sexual, you guys don’t
touch each other, nothing happens, there’s no kissing, then you’re in the friend zone. But if she asks to see you, and she’s setting
it up in the context of a date, or maybe you guys have already been on a few dates, and
she asks to see you again, this is a very good sign. A lot of guys, especially clients that I work
with, they’ll get a girl interested in them. They’ll be going on dates, all will be working
out and the guy still isn’t sure if she likes him or not. I’m like, dude, she’s asking you to hang out. She’s asking you, that’s a very good sign,
especially when she’s the one who’s taking the action. Here’s another one. This is a small one. This is a baby one. Don’t worry, the other ones coming up, the
big boy ones. The small one is she laughs at things that
you’re saying. Not laughing at you, but laughing as if you’re
funny when you didn’t make a joke. This will happen when someone likes you. They feel happy, interested and giddy when
they’re around you. What’s going to happen is they’re gonna laugh
when they are around you. Here’s the biggest one. You asking her on a date. Being clear that it’s a date, even maybe saying
the word “date.” Or saying, I want to take you out, or let’s
grab a drink. Something you wouldn’t necessarily do with
a friend. Of course, you might get a drink with a friend,
but if you’re asking to get a drink alone on a Friday night in the context of a date,
if she agrees to this, she likes you. If you guys go on a date, and you asked her
to go on more dates, or to hang out, she likes you. Understand that girl is interested in you
when she’s taking the time to see you. Similar to the one I said before based off
of her asking you, but this is you asking her and her agreeing. This is the biggest test. I always tell guys, the biggest testing over
girls interested in you, is you asking her out and her saying yes. There’s still a few more. In order to know if a girl likes you, what
do you got to do? You got to break the touch barrier. You got to get past the friend stuff and into
the more sexual barrier. That’s going to start with kissing. If you kiss a girl and she kisses you back,
she’s interested in you. I know this sounds obvious like duh, of course. What I’m saying is, these are the signs to
look for. I want you to look for those signs. When you get them, duh she likes you, look
for those. Not anything else, not these other things
that I said I’ve seen on blogs and stuff like, she’s twirling her hair, maybe that’s a sign
that she’s nervous. That’s a possibility. Let’s get these strong signs. Here’s one, she texts you to ask how your
day is. Women rarely do that. You’re either already in the friend zone,
you’ve tried to maybe kiss her, or you try to take her on a date, and she asks you that
question. No, she’s not interested because you’ve already
tried to take it to the date level. If you haven’t, you better start to do that. If you guys have already taken it into the
date and sexual context and she’s asking you how your day is, you can be sure that she
likes you. Why? Because she’s interested. She’s interested in knowing about you. Women will rarely take the time to do that,
or even show that interest if they don’t have the interest. Look out for that. Here’s another one, she leaves her friends
to talk to you or hang out with you. This is going to be more in the context of
a party, social situation, a bar, or a club. If you’re talking to a girl, and she’s waving
your friends away, maybe not that literal, maybe your friends come over, and she doesn’t
leave with their friends and her friends leave, that means she’s interested in spending time
with you and talking to you. Out of all these, you can probably see a very
common theme here. What’s happening is she’s taking the time
to see you. She’s taking the time to be sexual with you. She’s taking the time out of her day to connect
and communicate with you. All those are the biggest signs. That’s the biggest thing. A lot of guys, they don’t know what to do
when they see the signs, they’re not sure how to avoid the friend zone, or get out of
the friend zone if they’re getting these signs, they’re not sure if the girl actually likes
him or not. What you need to do next right now is go to
the description and go to to get my program so you can learn what to
do if you think a girl is interested in you, or the very least, how to get a girl interested
in you so you can get some of these signs and how to get women attracted to you. Like I said, you do see these signs. Go to to learn more about
that online course, that program that you can take and watch in the comfort of your
own home, to learn how to get to this point. Go check that out. I’ll see on the next video.

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