7 REAL Reasons Why You’re Not Booking More Acting Jobs


– [Christine Horn] What’s up? I’m Christine Horn, professional
working Hollywood actress and life and career coach for actors. And listen, today I wanna share with you seven real reasons
why you’re not booking. Seven real reasons why you’re not further along in your career. And listen, even if you’re not an actor, this should hit home for you as well, because there’s such a parallel
between the actor’s life and all of our lives. So whether you’re an entrepreneur,
a small business owner, or you just hustlin’ at your nine to five, this resonates with you too. But I find that when
I’m talkin’ to people, when I’m coaching people, people say that they are stuck. Like I feel stuck, Christine, I can’t get further than I want to. Like I’ve been tryin’ I’m
tryin’, I’m just, I feel stuck. Have you ever heard yourself
say that, that you feel stuck? Well here the fact of the matter is, is that you’re not stuck. I believe that a lot of us
are not stuck, we’re stubborn. I say we’re stubborn because we know, we know really theoretically
what we should be doing. We just don’t do it. It’s like I know I wanna six pack, but I haven’t been doing all the things that I need to do to get that six pack. So I’m not stuck, I’m not out of ideas, don’t know what to do next. I’m stubborn, because
I’m choosing not to do that thing that I know I should be doing. And specifically for actors, and you can find out you can make this resonate for you as well, there’s seven reasons that you’re not as far along as you should be, and I wanna share those with you today. They’re really seven fears that stop you. Fear number one is fear of failure. You’re scared. You’re scared of failing. You say you want this career, but you don’t even have
the guts to step out and really do what it
takes, because it’s hard. Being in the entertainment industry is very very challenging. It’s not for the faint of heart. You gotta have tough
skin, because it is hard. And you show up everyday to
be judged, and you might fail. So that’s a reality. Number two is fear of judgment. I mean, it baffles me that people say they wanna be actors and entertainers, and you can’t deal with being judged. First of all, we’re all being
judged as we breathe everyday. I’m being judged right now. You’re being judged right now, whether you try or whether you don’t. So why not go for the
life that you actually say that you want and forget
about the judgment. And when it comes to your career, it’s part of your daily activity. When you do an audition,
when you do a self-tape, when you go to an open call, you have to be judged to see if you’re the right one for the job. But that’s another big fear that’s keeping you from
where you wanna be. Another one is fear of success. What will happen if I become successful? What will happen if I blow up overnight, if I win this Oscar, or
if I win this Tony Award? Some of you are so afraid of success you don’t know what to do. It paralyzes you. And because you have
that fear of being judged and of what family and friends will say. Will people look at me different? Will they think I’ve changed? That is stopping you. Fear number four, reason number four is fear of not being good enough. We wanna be perfect. We wanna be liked. But because we have such a
huge fear of being good enough, we never even get started. We never even do the level of work that we know we are capable of, because we think we’re not good enough. We’re comparing ourself to everybody else. Oh she’s better, she’s
prettier, he’s got more muscles, he’s been booking more jobs than me. So now you are putting all
this energy into someone else. You all in someone else’s lane and not focusing on your own package, your own gifts that you were given. So that fear of not being good enough just spills over into
everything that you do, and you never get any further
than you are right now. Another one, your next fear, fear number five is fear of competition, which is hilarious because first of all, you have to understand that the only competition you have is you. Yes, there are other actors going up for the same roles as you, but I don’t see the other
actress as competition, I see that we’re all
actors in the journey. Only one person can get the job, and that particular job just
might not have been yours. Your job is coming, or your job has come, and then you have to wait for
the next one to come around. Remember that we come
from an infinite source, and we get our gifts and our
blessings and our bookings from an infinite source. So what your girl got that job. That was her job, not yours. So what he got three call backs and you have zero this month. That’s his journey, not yours. You don’t know the work that
other people are putting in. Right? So you’re worried about competition. Yeah, you should stay sharp but be focusing on what you are doing. How can you improve daily? How can you get to your next level? Fear number six that a lot
of you are experiencing is fear of not having enough. This kinda connects to
the competition thing. A lot of us are walking
around with a lack mentality. That means we feel like
there’s not enough. Ooh if she gets that booking, it’s taking all away from all
of my future opportunities. We are in the entertainment industry where there is TV shows and movies being filmed every day all over the world. You cannot tell me that because one woman, one guy gets what you
perceived as your gig that there’s nothing else to go around. We live in an abundant
universe, again infinite. There are infinite
opportunities for potential. You have to remember that. It’s like being on the beach
and trying to get all the sand, try to take all the sand. Like no. There’s plenty of sand for everybody. There’s plenty of water for everybody. But you’re letting that stop you. You’re focusing on that not having enough. So if all you’re thinking
about is lack lack, what I don’t have. I don’t have enough, I don’t have enough, I don’t have enough. Guess what, you’re getting
more not enoughness. You’re gonna get more lack. You are a magnet. I teach this in my Hollywood
Bound Actors Facebook group. We are booking magnets. We are just magnets. So you have to be so careful
about what you put out, because you’re only gonna get
more of that coming to you. My final tip of what you
think might be stopping you, that fear, this last fear,
is fear of time running out. And I know, like this is Hollywood, this is the entertainment industry. We praise the young. Right, right? We feel like there’s
not gonna be any roles for us as we get older. Right? Oh, what happens when I turn 20, when I turn 40, when I turn 60? There’s gonna be work. Just remember, we need actors at all ages, because actors represent
us at all stages of life. So stop letting all that stop you. We have to stop acting stuck. We are not stuck, we’re stubborn. And we have to acknowledge
that these fears are preventing us from
living our fullest potential. So to run them down for you again. One, fear of failure. Two, fear of judgment. Three, fear of success. Four, fear of not being good enough. Five, fear of competition. Six, fear of not having enough. And then seven, fear of time running out. I want you to hear something from me. I have had an opportunity to have many great
things happen in my life, but there have been ebbs
and flows and ups and downs, and I haven’t given up. And I’m sharing this with you today, because I don’t want you to give up. You’re not stuck, but you
have to stop acting stuck. Who do you have to become
to get to your next level? Your first step to booking more, your first step to being a star, your first step into making
more money in your business, and having better relationships, and just being a better human
being is to stop acting stuck. Life is a journey. Life is your book. Each day that you wake up,
you get a new blank page. You get to choose what that story is. If you don’t like the way
that story is going, honey, turn the page and write a new story. Rip that page out, throw
it away, and start fresh. Each day offers you an
opportunity to live something new, create your life by design,
create your career by design. But first, you have to
get outta your own way. You gotta get outta your head. You’ve gotta stop blaming everybody for your lack of success, and understand that you
were meant for more, you can have more, you are worthy of every
gift that is inside of you. So stand in your power,
remember who you are, remember whose you are, and get to work.

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