5 Ways to Sell Your Self Published Book


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  1. hervey copeland says:

    You have to be clever when you use social media. Use it such a way that people take notice of your product (even when you can’t leave a link).

    Here’s one way to do it; make a funny list containing ten reasons why people “shouldn’t” buy your product.
    Here’s mine :^)

    Top ten reasons why you “shouldn’t” buy Hervey Copeland’s ebook “No man’s land” on

    1. Only the free excerpt is in English, the rest is in Swahili
    2. The book contains a secret spell, and when you read it you’ll turn into a toad
    3. It contains nude pictures of Kermit the frog
    4. Amazon is really just a scam, click on the link and they’ll clean out your savings account
    5. It’s just a remake of Stephen King’s “It”
    6. It’s a dollar you could have spent on something useful, like shampoo
    7. If you type “Hervey Copeland” into the Amazon search window, you’ll be abducted by aliens
    8. If you buy it and read it, you’ll wish that you were abducted by aliens
    9. It’s much better for the environment to buy a real book made out of paper.
    10. Buy a proper book like “fifty shades of grey”.

  2. Reese Menard says:

    Great tips thank you for the insight. I would also recommend public speaking on your specific topic of course promoting your book. I have and currently do this as my subject matter is quite limited in terms of audience. here is where my book is available via Amazon.

  3. untypicalthea says:

    I have a book ranging from 190 – 210 pages and I am eleven. It's my dream to publish a book in such a young age because I don't think I'll have much time in the world because of my health. I WOULD LOVE TO PUBLISH A BOOK. What should I do?

  4. 1990 says:

    The online presence of self-published writers can put people off. They often come over as a pain in the arse.

  5. Frederick Noronha says:

    Thank you for this!

  6. Author Stacey Greene says:

    I did a kindle fire giveaway if you bought my book within a three day period then posted an amazon review. It was done in raffle syle and I sent it straight to the winner. My cost was just a kindle from Amazon. Stacey Greene – Stronger Than Broken – One couple's decision to move through an affair. @staceygreene47

  7. P Collins says:

    Thanks for the advise Julie. My wife Angel Rose just wrote and finished her book entitled "MEMOIRS OF A FORBIDDEN ROMANCE". She has both the paper back and tablet versions on Kindle Fire and IPad. All of our friends and family love the book, but we're not seeing any other sales outside of that.

  8. Miles Walker says:

    Thanks Julie this will help me focus on selling my new book Miles Walker's ARTXTRA

  9. Childrens books by Charles Elias says:

    Thank you Julie great info hopefully will help me sell my first book Charlie Works at The Grocery Store and 2nd Charlie's Spooky Halloween soon to be on

  10. The Writing King - Ghostwriter, author, podcaster says:

    Awesome video. Really helps with some basic data.

  11. Ryan Stodden says:

    Hey really nice video Julie thank you, Im wondering how you feel about made a lot of money selling books there

  12. Benjamin Smith says:

    hello Julia do you have an email we can contact you at, I'm with a art company called eyeodine and I would like to discuss some business aspects with you?

  13. Dougvidz says:

    He loved David vs Goliath

  14. Marjorie Gettys says:

    Thanks so much for sharing you have helped me tremendously.

  15. Renan Colombini says:

    Yes I did write a book to get rich, so what now?

  16. Say Thu says:

    Hi Julie B.,
    Thank you so much…you have given very useful guide to new author like me…tired of promoting book now…but thanks god ….you have saved me……thank you so much indeed.It's a great help.
    This is my first book :

  17. The Tin Box Trilogy says:

    Great input!

  18. david cool says:

    I need your help please to marketing two very excellent novels its erotica and Fiction in the same time but lovely really and this is the link bellow to find it on this is the link and name for the Novels bellow:
    Whore without a Country
    And also this one
    Rut mysterious love"
    If you want to contact me this is my Email: [email protected]
    I will give you a commission on every novel you sell

  19. Patrick says:

    My dream is to write a book,

    I am a 16 year old who's dream is to get a book published.

    my great grandad always wanted to write a book but he is to old to do so.

    i would like to give him his dream and me to write a book dedicated to him.

    i don't want to spoil what it is about but i really would like to do this for my great grandad as his last wish.

  20. john r. says:

    Thank, you for your video. I recently bought some books on self publishing, but it is far more interesting watching and listening to a live, interactive person explain and discuss book promoting than just reading it from a rather boring book. You've got "personality" which books simply don't have. I just started selling my book, "Tiny, Part-Time, High Profit Businesses that can make you Rich", on After listening to you, I realize that I have a lot to learn. But again, it is so much better listening and watching you discuss what you have found to be effective in promoting your book, compared to reading about that. Thank you. I'm now watching your other videos.

  21. franko smith says:

    I wanna writ a buke but I'n Nat 2 good At Writin n spellin.

  22. ward arraf says:

    Thank you !!

  23. Love Harder Marriage Coaching says:

    Thanks for the advice.

  24. Lady Baldrick says:

    I have a Facebook page, Twitter and work hard to promote my Lady Baldrick books available on Amazon. Great children's books with a positive message in each story.

  25. Next book place says:

    Hi, i have new Author book promotional services added. If you want to book your book , take a look at what i offer:

  26. NYN2K says:

    I have a book on amazon which i dnt think sold a copy, I'm in the Caribbean and I don't know how it works in terms of how far up the list my book is on but i'd love to get some help from you thanks.

  27. Ab. Hi. says:

    A couple of sites might be of interest: where authors can upload a book to get exposure, because you get a few days on the home page when you first upload, and you show up first in the genre under which you put your book…until it starts to move down the list as others upload their works. Drawback: the books are free. If you're willing to offer your book free for a limited time, this might work. Also, helps you to market your book for as little as $10.00 per month by displaying it to their visitors. Advantage: You don't get lost in a sea of authors, because they're limiting the number of books they promote in any one category.

  28. Marjorie Gettys says:

    Thanks so much for this presentation, it was the best one for me so far.

  29. Marilyn Rieder says:

    Hello I like your very much.i myself I am looking for a sponsor for my cookbook. Thank you very much

  30. Shamekia Jenkins says:

    I have several blogs, but they aren't related to the topic of my first novel. How can I use that audience to promote my book?

  31. OLA Tux Abitogun says:

    Great tips of selling books Julie. If you can't self publish successfully these days, no real publishers will publish you anyway.

  32. Rachel Longstaff says:

    Great list of ideas!

  33. super doopa says:

    Thank you for this video. I created my ebook Strangers in the Night. By Shreeta Shah. A short film script and thriller. Available on amazon kindle. Promoted via Twitter and book trailer. But getting more people on board is key. Talks is a fabulous idea. Hadn't thought of that.

  34. super doopa says:

    I am fighting cancer and have decided this week to use my ebook Strangers in the Night by Shreeta Shah which is on amazon kindle .. to help raise funds for alternative cancer treatment like high dose vitamin c.. the link to the book is.

    I need to figure out ways to promote this ebook. So thanks for your video to give me some ideas. And congratulations on your successful efforts on your own book.

  35. super doopa says:

    Here is a sample book trailer video of Strangers in the night

  36. super doopa says:

    Here is a useful video for any budding scriptwriters wishing to create the next big or small movie. It shows the best books to read to get started in this craft

  37. super doopa says:

    Twitter can be useful but is very time consuming and in the end not necessarily the most fruitful way to spend your time. Book trailers are worthwhile to peak interest in the story. My ebook was created a long time ago. Over 6 years ago. And I have recently only revisited it this week as the idea popped into my head that I could do some fundraising for health treatment that I need. But promotion is always the hardest part. But thanks once again for your video.

  38. Jasmeet Kaur says:

    How hilarious would it be if Malcolm Gladwell himself, somehow, stumbles upon this video!

  39. Prithee Lux says:

    Hi, can you please help to market my book please?

  40. Carlyn Beccia says:

    Great video! And thank you for saying book signings suck because they truly do and most authors won't admit it. I will do one or two with each book launch but only to make friends with the CRMs at Barnes & Noble and independents. (Their job is tough too!) And the most frustrating part is I am CONSTANTLY going to friends' book signings, buying their books, showing my support and the favor never seems to be reciprocated. I am on my 10th book now so it could be that friends don't understand that I struggle as much as they do. I try not to take it personally but it is one of the reasons why I hate book signings.

  41. Joshua Manderico says:

    First time I watched your video Julie and I am just simply blown away with your ideas 😊 Thumbs up!

  42. Millie Z. says:

    How is it that most self-published kindle Authors who give tips… ONLY sell books about being a self-publisher?
    None of these authors have original stories to sell, only recycled advice.

  43. Benjamin Levy says:

    Great video!

  44. Anton Sears says:

    Great advice thank you 😊

  45. Lionelson Norbert says:

    I've recently finished writing a book called 'The Ocean Hearth'. It's available in kindle for FREE from 10-14 November 2017. If you're up for it, it would really help if you would have yourself a free one and give a review if you like it!

    'The Ocean Hearth' is a dark fantasy story of rebellion, revolving around Eli Rivergrove, a man whose one desire is to bring victory to the uprising against the corrupt King Velron Allistair, even it meant to ally with the nocturnal race of Starbornes.

  46. Devamalya De says:

  47. Isaac Hernandez says:


  48. Marko Stojanovic says:

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  49. Ten Cent Poetry says:

    Great video. Thank you for being honest about book signings. I've been researching all day and wondering. . . .why do authors DO THIS? I'm going to explore other routes!

  50. Morgan Tracy J says:

    I loved this!! Thank you!!

  51. Denis Viatico says:

    Such a great video! Thank you so much!

  52. G D JONES says:

    My book the future assassin as been on kindle since September. So far I've sold 3 copies. So I'm basically selling one every month.

  53. Matt Stygian says:

    Can you sell your own self published book at book stores?

  54. Andrew A Green says:

    Hi a new experiment so no idea if this will work. Rather than just spam links I’m ‘drip feeding’ my book Margaret’s Story on Twitter. It’s a biography in verse so lends itself to release in short chunks. If you want to check out how this is working andrewagreenuk on Twitter.

  55. Christine Hamilton says:

    Thanks for posting! Very helpful. I'm looking forward to more videos. Subscribed!

  56. Akbar X says:

    I believe in self publishing from my website, I'm not giving Amazon shit!!!

  57. Hakan AYDIN says:

    I am the author of URAS: THE FIRST JOURNEY. And i am very grateful for the video.

  58. Marcielle Brandler says:

    Great advice.

  59. W.M. Aslam - Author says:

    Thank you for these tips. I've just self-published a health and wellbeing book. I'm promoting non-stop! Back to work for me!

  60. Kitty Kat says:

    I think all of us aspiring authors and writers should form a facebook and twitter group and work together there! 😀

  61. Kathy G. Mills says:

    Subscribed! My funny, easy-to-read and informative book, "Market Mojo: A Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market" is available on Amazon.

  62. Heartbreak Art says:

    Malcolm Gladwell can kiss my scrotum

  63. Jacques Viljoen - Paralyzed Journey says:

    Awesome Advice. Thank You Julie. (I thought I'll arrange book signings – not anymore) 😉

  64. Kayann Wright says:

    My book as been on Amazon 2 months now, the name of my book is "Set Apart For His Glory" the book is about my life what I have been through and my walk with God.

  65. Book Launchers says:

    Book Launchers helps entrepreneurs and professionals self-publish non-fiction books that grow their business. You own 100% of the content, have total creative control, and keep all the royalties. Our publishing team is YOUR publishing team.

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  66. Kenya Horne says:

    Thank you so much!!!. I am currently looking into what do to lauch my novel & these are some great tips. I will be sure to try them all.

  67. Johnny Ray Turner says:

    Thank you Julie, this was a wonderful video. I am a new author that just published on Amazon and Kindle. Your information has been very helpful to better prepare my book for publication. I watched your live feed today and this is my favorite video so far. Do you read/review fiction? The link to mine is,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=detail I used this video to set up better descriptions, author page, and key words/metadata. Please if you can look at the page and tell me what your thoughts are and if you would change anything. I am also on Facebook The page is 200 followers strong and growing every day. Happy for what I have and looking forward to more videos and live feeds from Book Launchers.

  68. HandT Design Media says:

    great info

  69. HardlyOriginal Jim says:

    To anyone who can spare a few seconds of their time:

    I have written two books in the last year, one is about depression and the other on how to quit smoking.
    Regardless of what they are about, and whether the subjects are of interest to you.
    Could some of you please take a look at my book-pages on amazon and tell me what would prevent you from buying one of my books.

    My ads have gotten around 60.000 views, while only 65 people have clicked on them and just one book got sold.

    I hope you can spare a few seconds to help me out
    Your help will be appreciated immensely!

  70. Kindnesstravels says:

    Kindness. I promote kindness and it works. The books are equipped with a pay it forward message. I also sell large volumes at a huge ( I mean really huge) discount. People can buy the books at wholesale and sell them at retail. There's no copyright on kindness. Connect. Collaborate and create more book sales with kindness!

  71. Mark James says:

    Thanks for the tips Julie. I just published my joke/pun/humorous-observation book called 'A Mind in Overdrive' on Amazon. I'm not much good at marketing. Any feedback about how it's presented and how I could promote it, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch

  72. Leonard Rich says:

    Here is my short story horror book Pathways into Darkness:

  73. Themilio xperience says:

    Hey thanks so much. I hist self Published my Spoken Word Poetry book and am elated to share it with the world. Thank you for this information!

  74. Sarah M. Jordan says:

    Thanks for the great tips. You had me laughing out loud when you scooted over to reveal the "book store signings suck" on your wall behind you 🤣👏

  75. Homeschool Happens says:

    Hello! Great video. What do you recommend self publishers use as their “publishing house name” for the LCCN application?

  76. R. Simpson says:

    Try translating to Chinese; 800,000,000 online readers

  77. Teacher 2 Mommy says:

    How do you get invites to speak or do radio!?

  78. Dee's World says:

    Brilliant video. I am a new follower and find your channel very interesting. This helped me a lot. I have just started my channel on youtube which I feel might help with sharing my books! Looking forward to watching more of your videos.

  79. 720 Zone says:

    6:10 – Hilarious – Thank for this video. Still super helpful 5 years later.

  80. Mahlik Thomas says:

    Im making a Book"Lovely Dark Night🌙 its a Short Horror/Drama Book in this is why im looking at this book I'll sell mine for $9.99 lol my book

  81. John Mackay says:

    If you as the author are responsible for driving traffic to buy your book via marketing and promotion I can see no reason whatsoever to list the book on Amazon–you might as well be driving them to your own website and keeping 95% of revenue. If Amazon had an algorithm that was rotating books in categories into view then it might make sense. You are literally paying Amazon 30-70% of all revenue to host your book on their site which you can host on Google Sites for FREE. On top of that they charge you another 5% income tax even if you are a non-resident for taxation purposes and charge you data transfer fees for downloads as well. If that wasn't enough, if you can't buy Kindle books on an iPhone and if you come from another country then be prepared to be told the ebook you're after doesn't exist or that you have go log in from a country specific Amazon site–too much stuffing around for purchasers. Would be good to see a video of how you sell without relying on a middleman like Amazon or another book distributor.


    Great Video a like from me

  83. Amitabha Kassap says:

    I liked your humour. Also, what you said pointwise, was very helpful. Thanks 👍

  84. Mayada Mohammed says:

    i have amotivational book

  85. Orchid Ruby says:

    This is good advice, my book I am promoting is called 'Dramas of the Heart' by Orchid Ruby a poetry collection

  86. Reuben Stern says:

    I think this strategy would work for non fiction…. not so much with fiction. But I'm no expert.

  87. Wil Ts says:

    But I wrote a book specifically to get rich

  88. Mike T. says:

    KDP (Createspace) offers advertising. They will put your book online, right in front of the big names and if you get a click, you get charged. You pick your budget on how much you want to pay per click. It helps get you a little attention and a few sales but you have to continuously put out books to ultimately gain an audience that way. I'm a new author but I have enough sense to know it will take patience and time. I'm on my 3rd book now.

  89. instagram influencers says:

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  90. MagicianAnthony says:

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  91. WhyteStar Media says:

    Please watch the main video on my channel. I am almost done with my book, i need help selling. I just want to sell 50,000 books at $20ea. If i take the 50k books and divide them into 5 languages it will leave me with 10k books per language. Then i take each language and break it down to 4 formats. By doing so i will have 2.5k books in each format. Now i have more markets to sell in. Instead of selling 50k books in 1 market i can sell 2.5k books in 20 markets at $20ea. Cool $1Million. I need help printing my book in formats like braille for the blind and large print for legally blind. Thus opening more markets and still selling 50k books for $20ea.

  92. Long Beach. Bradly dalmatian says:

    I have a small service business for 28 years I would like to start a podcast and sell the secrets and starting this business that I have learned in 28 years. I've made every mistake there is over the years I feel like I have a lot to share an offer to others I just don't know where to start. If anyone out there has any suggestions email Many [email protected]

  93. Donna Hall8117 says:

    I'm getting ready to do a book signing at my church with a lot of family. #MrsDonna


    Thank you so much. My dream book will be launched soon. The one of the best birthday gifts ever that I could give to myself in August.

  95. yshk viswanatham says:

    No use no help do service in every time they will required it self .

  96. Batman 429 says:

    My book has been put since last summer. It sold 3 copies. I made a website, gave free copies away and wrote and article for a website to promote my book. Nothing moved the needle for me. I gave up. What a total waste of time.

  97. Shavonda Robinson says:

    My book writing career has led too an film agent out of hollywood
    Who loves my book and it is shopping around for a production deal for me.

  98. Michael Metz says:

    I have thought about doing a scavenger hunt that would start at our local library.

  99. Success, Motivation & Inspiration says:

    AWESOME suggestions!!!

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