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hey there it’s Bree and these are
five-star books that I read in a day there are going to be quite a few books on
here that I talked about quite a bit because these are my favorite books and
they’re my favorites for a reason and I absolutely plowed through them when I
started reading them the first one is the hating game by Sally Thorne to be
fair I had started this book and stopped it and then like a few months went by
and I picked it up again and I actually listened to this on audio and this was
before I listened to audio on like double speed or two and a half times
speed so I was listening to this at regular speed so I remember specifically
that I was home with my daughter that day I don’t know if she was sick or
something but I remember she was just the baby at the time and I had her like
in the carrier and I had the Hating game audiobook playing and I was like trying
to get her to take a nap because she wasn’t feeling well so I’m just like
walking around my house pacing listening to this book as she napped on me and
like hours went by and I was still listening to it and then I like stopped
listening to for a little bit like maybe during dinner and stuff but then at
night I started listening to it again and I ended up staying up like a whole
night until I finished it because I could not put it down
I was absolutely addicted to this book there’s a scene in it where our main
character Lucy gets really sick I remember listening to that scene and
thinking oh my gosh sally Thorne is such a good writer I actually feel kind of
sick reading this it turned out I was getting sick because I caught whatever
my kid had so I actually had a fever as I was reading about her having a fever
and I will never forget that and despite me feeling completely crappy and I had
complete lack of sleep the next day I still loved the book and I still have
very fond memories of reading the book and I have reread it since then many
many times the next book that I absolutely devoured in a day was pucked
by Helena hunting in this book I’ve talked about several times I love this
series this is one of my all-time favorite sports romance series this
first book and then I think it’s like the fifth or sixth book it’s called
pucked off that one is also my favorite book it’s a hockey romance and they’re
mostly rom-coms but there are some serious subjects that are touched in it
and that’s something that Helena hunting does really well I don’t know if it’s
Hellena or Helena she’s able to have these really
light-hearted romantic comedies but she’ll throw in some emotional things in
it and some pretty hard hitting stuff in her books and still be able to pull
both off without lessening either one in this book when I picked it up I remember
I had heard about it like in passing and I think some Facebook group that I
was in and I picked this book up and I read it this was an audio book as well
it was another one where I stayed up all night just listening to it because I
couldn’t stop I wanted to know what was gonna happen I’m just now realizing that
there are a lot of books on here that I read while I was sick because obviously
when I’m sick that’s all I do I’m such a baby
when I feel sick I refuse to get out of bed I like whine the whole time my
husband he’ll have like a screaming high fever and still want to get up and go to
work and get things done and there was one year that the flu was going around
in our family both of my kids got it my husband got it and then I ended up
getting it and I was sick for like a week and I just happened to get these
two books ball-peen hammer and Captain from Lauren rowe in the mail because I
happened to win one of her giveaways that I had entered in at shameless bookcon
it came in at the perfect time because I was just laid out in bed not wanting to
do anything but read and I ended up reading I think I read ball-peen hammer
first and then I read captain and I blew through these I think I read both of
these in one day because I just I did nothing else I was just laying a bed and
all I did was like sleep and read these books are so hilarious
the characters in this there are characters that you fall in love with
and they’re so funny and it was such a nice way to take my mind off the fact
that I felt like I was dying these two books are part of a series it’s her
Morgan brothers series I think there’s like two or three other books in the
series I’ve read them all they’re all fantastic but it follows each one of the
Morgan brothers and also a best friend of the Morgan brothers and this one is
the youngest brother Keane and it’s like a Magic Mike romance because he’s a male
stripper and then this one is I think he’s the second oldest and this one like
a insta-love to hate to love romance and Lauren Rowe
is so good about writing chemistry and writing like the insta-love she’s so
good at it even though I was delirious with fever I still loved these books I
did end up rereading both of these a few times and loved them just as much this
next book is part of like a companion series
that CD Reiss wrote the first book in this series was the first book I’ve ever
read by CD Reiss and I was completely blown away by her writing she’s right up
there with Sierra Simone as far as just a really good writer this book is called
white knight this is the second-chance romance about a very wealthy girl named
Katherine who falls in love with a boy who does not have a lot of money and
they end up getting torn apart because of this and the boy has made a vow to
make something of himself for her going back and forth between when they were
like teenagers and just falling in love and then when they end up seeing each
other again and then the build-up is happening throughout the first two books
you see her sad all the time and you’re just kind of wondering in the background
of all these other stories that she’s in and then hearing her story and hearing
why she’s so sad all the time is just absolutely heartbreaking and it was just
so swoony I had so many butterflies reading this book and it was mostly
honestly the flashbacks and usually when books have flashbacks like that it’s
usually the present day that I’m more interested in but in this case I
actually really liked the flashbacks so these next two books is absolutely
insane but I ended up reading them both in the same day and they’re not in a
series or anything and the first one that I’ve read was archers voice and
I’ve talked about this quite a bit it is a romance between a girl who is passing
through this small town and then the town’s kind of outcast and he’s mute he
doesn’t speak and everyone kind of looks down on him and everyone thinks he’s
crazy but she and him have a very strong connection even though he’s kind of
fighting it he would much rather just be on his own and have nothing to do with
her but she’s pretty persistent and there is such an innocence about him and
he’s inexperienced and watching him fall in love with her and watching her
teach him and nurture him when she’s still healing too was just it was so
heartwarming and when I stopped reading this book it was already at night I
think it was already like 10 o’clock at night and when I finished that book and
I was like I have to read something else like I need to read something that I
know I’ll like so I immediately picked up the bride test
and I ended up staying up again all night until I finished this book and
this had a very similar male character not in every respect a little bit
standoffish at first he’s on the spectrum and this is an arranged
marriage romance and I loved both of the characters I talk about this book a lot
and a lot of people have this has been on a lot of favorites lists for good
reason but handed up blowing through this book I started at 10 and I just
stayed up until like 4:00 a.m. reading it this next book it’s actually part of
the duet I read both of the books all in one sitting and it’s not actually
surprising because they are both novellas and they’re really short and
actually listen to them on audiobook and that is the hearts in darkness duet by
Laura Kaye this is one of my all-time favorite romances it’s such a sweet
meet-cute and an epic insta-love that actually works and is completely
believable I think mostly because the chemistry is absolutely on fire it’s
about a girl and a guy who end up getting trapped in the elevator together
and they never see each other because the lights go off when they get trapped
people can’t get into them for hours and he has a lot of really bad anxiety that
is centered around small spaces and darkness so he is losing his mind so she
is kind of helping him talk through it there’s this anticipation of them seeing
each other but the anxiety rep and this is so on point and I started reading
this one and I had no idea it was a novella I don’t know I guess I just
wasn’t paying attention but I started listening to this on audio and I think
the audio book is only like three hours long or something and I remember started
cleaning or something and I went and worked out and I’m in the middle of my
workout and the audio book ended and I was like hold on wait wait a second so I
immediately had to download the next book and start listening to that and
ended up finishing at both of them all in one day next up is a book that made it
to my most unique romances list and that is my name is memory by Anne Brashares
it’s a story about two souls who keep finding each other throughout time but
something tragic always happens to keep them apart fair warning this has a
cliffhanger at the end which made me so mad because I hate cliffhangers
especially for her romances and this is a standalone there are no other books in
it but I still like this book enough to recommend it I read a really
really long time ago and my mom had given it to me and it was one of those
things where my mom gives me a lot of books but sometimes and most of the time
she’ll be like oh I really liked this one I didn’t like this one this one was
like this this one she just kind of handed to me and I don’t know what made
me pick it up I don’t even remember I don’t even think that I read the
synopsis because I tend not to I’m not really sure why because I don’t think
she was like oh this is really good I think I was just like I’ll read this and
so I did and I remember calling up my mom when I finished it I was like how
could you do this to me and she was like you read it already I’m like yes why
didn’t you tell me it was a cliffhanger at the end I’ll just I’ll never forget that
for that reason but this book yes 334 pages man I blew right through this this
next book is a book that I feel like I don’t talk about a lot it’s by becky
albertalli and adam Silveira and i love becky albertalli I haven’t read a book
by her yet that I dislike this book is what if it’s us and I’m so stupid
because what if it’s us and I knew this was from a dear evan Hanson song it’s a
lyric from a Dear Evan hansen song and I didn’t put two and two together
that they did that on purpose so as I was reading this book I was like
oh my gosh they’re quoting dear Evan Hanson and I was just losing my mind
over it and i was so excited about it but I also loved it because it was such a
sweet unique romance it’s about Arthur and Ben who they meet
at a post office and I think it one of them and it’s been a while since I’ve
read it but one of them is like dropping off a box at the post office of his
ex-boyfriends things and then they meet each other
but before they can exchange contact information one of them like I think
it’s ben like disappears and so then Arthur is looking for him and
continuously trying to find him actually reminds me a lot of Captain it’s just a
super-sweet romance and I really enjoyed my time reading this and the reason why
I read it all in one day was because I was doing it for a read-a-thon and I
actually started reading the physical book and then I saw that the audiobook
was free somewhere I don’t know if it’s on audible escape but I saw it for free
somewhere I don’t know if was my library or something then I switched over to
audio and was able to get through it a lot faster just because I could do it
while I was doing other things that needed to be done and it’s a pretty big
book so pretty proud of myself for reading this
one in one day this next book is another book that I mentioned in my favorite
unique romances video and this one is called some quiet place by a Kelsey
Sutton this is about a girl who can see personified emotions so the emotions are
look like people so like fear has this long trench coat and like white hair and
sorrow is a guy who’s just always crying and she sees them as they’re like
touching people and making them feel these things but she herself doesn’t
have any emotions and fear is kind of like he can’t give up the fact that she
can’t feel anything so he’s constantly trying to scare her and trying to make
her feel something but she just is completely emotionless but I read this a
long time ago I read it when I had just had my first daughter I remember I
started reading it in the bathtub and I was in the tub for so long that it had
gotten so cold and I was turning pruney but I could not stop reading this book
and I just remember you know she was a newborn baby so she’s getting up a lot
at night and I’m just staying up I should be sleeping because I’m barely
getting any sleep because I had a newborn but every time she gets up I’m
like feeding her and reading this book at the same time I feel like that’s a
common theme in this video it’s a lot of me staying up all night reading when I
really shouldn’t next is a book that completely took me by surprise it’s
the second book in a series I really didn’t have much intention of reading
because the first book was just okay and it’s a trope that I don’t usually like
and it also the premise of the story sounded like something I’d absolutely
hate and that is royally matched by Emma Chase and it’s very rare to me that I
read something that I think that I might not like I think I picked this
up because it was short and I was like I’ll give it a couple of pages and then
maybe I’ll give it to my sister nope I loved this one so the premise of this
one is it’s all based around a reality TV show where a prince is trying to find
princess or something it’s one of those like Bachelor reality TV shows
hate reality TV I don’t watch TV very much as it is and I especially don’t
like reality TV and I also am NOT a big fan of the Royal trope so I have no idea
why I picked this up but I did and I couldn’t stop reading I’m pretty sure I
read this one on Mother’s Day because of my only requests for mother’s day for
my husband I’m like don’t buy me anything just give me the day and let me
sit in my reading chair and not leave it all day unless I have to eat or go to
the bathroom and I’m like I don’t care if the kids come and like snuggle with
me and everything but I’m not getting up from this chair all day and that’s what
I asked for every year for Mother’s Day and this was the book that I picked up
and I just sat in my reading chair the entire day and read this entire book
this next book is another book that my mother gave to me and what’s interesting
is it’s an extremely popular book but I hadn’t really heard anything about it
until after I read it and then I realized they made it into a movie and I
was like oh hey interesting but it is everything everything by Nicola Yoon and
I read this all in one day and had no intention of reading it all in one day I
was really obviously it’s sucked me in but I think the biggest reason why I
read this in one day is because it reads so quickly so it follows a story of a
girl who has this chronic condition that makes her basically allergic to
everything so she has to stay indoors and can never leave and can’t really
have any visitors unless they’ve been completely sanitized and are not sick at
all because she has basically zero immune system and her mother is a doctor
and she’s the one who kind of monitors her but then a boy moves in next door
and she watches him through the window and then they start communicating
through the window and texting and everything this book her husband who
actually just recently wrote a novel I think it’s called frankly in love but
her husband does some of the illustrations in it and the reason why
it’s such a quick read is because there’s a lot of space like the leading
so the space between the sentences is pretty big and then the margins are
pretty wide but also there’s little sketches throughout the book you can see
that that kind of correspond to things so it has things like that so it’s a
very quick read for that reason and it’s not very long to begin with and I
unexpectedly finished this book at home all in one day this next book I
absolutely plowed through and the reason why is because it’s very short it’s also
a book of poetry and it’s a book of poetry by my all-time favorite spoken
word poet her name is Sarah Kay and she wrote the most beautiful poem that I
I got it as a children’s book and I read it to my girls all the time it’s called
B if you’ve never heard it before I’ve never seen her performance I will link
it down below please watch it you will love it but I just love her style of
poetry away she words things and describes feelings I’m like oh my gosh
like you know exactly what feeling she’s talking about and she says it in the
most simplistic unique way I so appreciate authors who don’t need
to use big words or super fancy language or SAT words or anything like that I
think it’s more impressive to me when you can describe an incredibly
complicated feeling or theory or thought in a very simplistic way and that’s what
she does I will read absolutely anything Sarah Kay writes any of her poetry I
love it so much and I especially love her spoken word poetry so these next few
books before I talk about them I have to explain something first
so my two sisters and I we all love both of these series that I’m about to talk
about next however my oldest sister and I are super crazy fangirls like we get
obsessive over books obsessive teeny bopper we’re way too old to be doing some
of the things we do kind of obsessive over books especially the fact that
these YA books and many many many many years ago when we first read Twilight I
became obsessed with it I had both of my sisters read it they became obsessed
with it it’s had just come out and so we were waiting very impatiently for
Breaking Dawn and my sister and I okay keep in mind I’m like in my 20s and
she’s in her late 20s and we end up going to one of the Barnes & Noble
midnight release parties that they had for Breaking Dawn ugh so we’re like the
oldest ones there first of all I still have the prom picture of us like they
took prom pictures there and they had like this whole night like yeah I think
you got there at like 8:00 and then they had different stations where you could
do all different things that are associated with the series and then
midnight you got the book so midnight comes around and this was before I
discovered I really discovered audiobooks I have listened to a couple
of audio books before but I listened to them on like CD in my car I Drive back
home and I get home maybe like 12:15 12:20 and I start reading Breaking Dawn
and I don’t stop Breaking Dawn is a big freaking book it’s like this big I don’t
know how many pages it is has to be like 500 600 pages I don’t know but it’s a
huge freaking book and I stayed up all night reading it and I’ll never forget
it I called up my sister and I was like I
finished it this was you know the sister who’s not as obsessive as me and she
hadn’t gotten the book yet and she’s like oh my god don’t tell me anything
you’re crazy I can’t believe you stayed up all night and then I called my other
sister and I was like I finished it and she’s like I’m almost done we just like
got together after that and we had to talk about it and everything but holy
crap I never felt more like a zombie except
for after reading the next book that I’m about to talk about so my sister on a
whim she listened to the audiobook for a court of thorns and roses and the reason
why she did was because Jennifer Ikeda was narrating it and Jennifer Ikeda
is our favorite audiobook narrator which she doesn’t narrate audiobooks
anymore and it kills my soul she narrates a discovery of witches and we
are obsessed with her and she only started reading this book because of
Jennifer Ikeda because Jennifer Ikeda narrated audiobook so she had been
telling me to read this book for a long time this was before a court of wings
and ruin came out so she had read this book and then she went on to read the
second book and obviously the second book completely blew her away as it does
with most people who were obsessed with this series it’s usually the second book
that they loved the most but she had been telling me to read this
book forever and I remember when she first told me I was like okay
it doesn’t really sound like my thing but whatever so I started listening to
it and it’s like in the beginning of it it’s talking about Feyre and how she’s
like in the woods hunting and I was like this was really boring and I stopped
reading it and I moved on with my life if she was a good sister she would have
like force-fed it to me and made me read it but she didn’t and so I will never
forgive her for that she had no one to talk to about this series it was killing
her that I hadn’t read it yet I feel like she probably
did tell me to read it many times but I kept saying no it sounds boring whatever
and she just finally gave up well just on a whim again
I decided to start listening to this series and I remember as I’m reading
this book I’m listening to it texting her as I’m going along and I’m like oh
my god this just happened she’s like girl you don’t even know she was really
good at not warning me whatsoever about what was gonna happen so then we move on
to this lovely book and this is a beast of a book I listen to the audiobook the
audiobook is very long and I wasn’t listening to it on two time speed I was
listening to it on one time speed so I start listening to it and I’m texting
her throughout and oh my gosh I want to kill myself for not hanging onto those
text messages because they were the most hilarious series of text messages
because I am losing my mind as I’m reading this book she is just being very
like tight-lipped about it she’s not saying anything and I’m like oh my god
this and oh my god that and times tickin I have to work the next day and it’s
like 9 o’clock and I’m like oh my god so this just happened she’s like stop
reading now because if you go on you’re not gonna be able to stop and there’s
still quite a bit more of this book she’s like don’t keep reading and I was
like I can’t stop and so kept reading obviously didn’t listen to her and so I
ended up listening to it and I didn’t sleep at all I had to work the next day
and I didn’t sleep at all I listened to this until 6 o’clock in the morning
which is the time I had to get up and get ready and go to work and I am a
shell of who I used to be like I’m delirious from lack of sleep I’m
delirious from this book I am just I felt like I was working and I don’t even
know what I did that day I was probably not productive at all but I was an
absolute zombie and I remember it like she works not too far from me so we met
up for lunch and I like pull up in the parking lot of her work and I had to
text her when I was there and so I texted her eyes like I’m here but my
soul is not there’s just me so overdramatic and so we ended up like
meeting up and all we did for lunch that day is just talk about this book I never
fully recovered and so that’s that now moving on to the next book in the series
which is a court of wings and ruin after a court of mist and fury my sister and
I were waiting with bated breath for this book when this book finally came
out my sister and I purposely planned a night we were gonna stay up all night
and just read together and we were gonna just read the entire book so we took the
day off work the next day because I think it came out on Tuesday so we took
Wednesday off of work and I go to her house and she had this little like loft
area that had like a bunch of comfy pillows she got like a bunch of yummy
food and everything and my copy didn’t come in yet
so we only had her copy and the audio book wasn’t out yet so we had to take
turns reading it and so we decided well let’s just read it out loud to each
other like about to confess something that people are gonna think that we’re
crazy and we are and we’ve done much worse things than this so we read this
book and we did not take breaks we went back and forth chapter by chapter
reading it to each other like to the point where if one of us had to go to
the bathroom the other one would sit outside the door and like yell can read
and yell to the other person and we had to keep changing scenery because we were
getting tired but we could not stop reading this so we had these candles
that were for a certain character that doesn’t show up until a little bit later
in the book and it’s the character that we love the most and so we’re like we’re
not gonna like this till he shows up and so we kept like almost lighting it
because we kept thinking okay this might be where he comes and then wouldn’t come
and then we’d have to like light it again and we started reading this at I
got to her house after work at like 7:00 p.m. and we didn’t finish it until 2
p.m. 2 p.m. the next day not 2 a.m. 2 p.m. the next day it was an insane
experience but it’s something I will never ever forget and last but not least
when a court of frost and Starlight came out this is a nice short book my sister
and I like we can read this like in a few hours like we this one’s gonna be no
problem because we stayed up and read a court of wings and ruin with no problem
and we both had a copy of this book but we had such a good time reading it to
each other the last time that we were like you know what we’re gonna do that
again and so she was at she’s in a new house
this time and again we took the next day off of work and I go to her
house in the evening and we like have dinner and everything and then we go up
into her little loft area again and she has like this fun mood lighting and
everything in there and we start reading this one and we stay up until this time
we finished this sometime in the middle of the night and I ended up staying over
her house again like so many great experiences and I’m so glad that I have
someone I’m so close to in my family who is just as obsessive as I am who will do
crazy things like this and when I tell you that that’s not the craziest thing
we have done in the name of books I mean it I probably may never tell those
stories cuz it’s embarrassing it’s funny like I’ll have you having a conversation
with somebody and it’ll be like oh yeah I really like that series I’m like oh my
god me too and so my sister and I did this and they’ll be like oh that’s weird
that’s like too much and I’m like oh sorry I need to remember not to tell
people some of the crazy weird fangirl stuff I’ve done with my sister but
anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know down below if you have
read any books in the day and what those books were and what the whole situation
was around it I’d love to hear it I think they’re just such fun stories and
as always happy reading

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  1. Ripley's Reads says:

    I read Everything Everything in 4 hours and loved it!! I really want to read What If It’s Us too and Royally Mad sounds super intriguing- almost like the Selection series!!

  2. Growyoung says:

    "Maybe I'll give it to my sister–NOPE" 😂😂😂 #relatable
    I just love books that are so engaging they make you stay up all night against better judgement ❤

  3. Christy Baldwin says:

    OMG I love this! My sister and I went to the midnight Breaking Dawn party at B&N. She was in her early 20's and I was in my mid 20's and we were surrounded by teenagers but we didn't care. It was such a fun time and a great memory!

  4. heabooktubes says:

    The stories with your sister were cute. Can’t love the acotar series more. Just adore it.

  5. KiKi Rowland says:

    I have stayed up all night reading so many books that I couldn't even begin to name them all. 🤦🏻‍♀️ The first one I remember doing that with was Valley of the Dolls by Jaqueline Susann many, many years ago when I was 15 or 16. My mother had read it when she was in her late 20's and loved it and recommended it to me. I remember being so surprised that she recommended it because of the very adult themes (though I was already sneak reading them), but loved that she felt I was mature enough to handle it. We spent hours talking about it the next day and totally bonded over it. It will always be a favorite of mine for that reason alone.

    Btw, I have read and enjoyed a lot of the books you've mentioned in this video, but love that you always manage to introduce me to a couple that I've not heard of like A Court of Thorns and Roses.

  6. meltotheany says:

    *opens up goodreads* ❤xx

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    I just discovered your channel the other day and I LOVE your energy! I can’t wait to read some of these books sometime soon 🤩

  8. Shawna Taylor says:

    I'm going to put Pucked in my cart!
    2 other 5 star reads to check out are
    1)the hook up by Kristen Callihan
    2)the deal by Elle Kennedy
    You'll thank me 🙂

  9. Shawna Taylor says:

    Oh, and i tried buying you the last book i recommended from your Amazon wish list but it sent it to my phone because i didn't have your email

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