5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Perugia, Italy with The Umbra Institute


For me, the biggest part about living here
was going to the same bars and the same cafes and establishing a friendship with people
around town. It sounds cliche, but Perugia truly lends
itself to slowing downa nd living each day to the fullest. Instead of spending all day
in front of a screen, students are actually spending more time out and about, exploring
a new corner of the city of just having coffee with new friends in the cafe across the street. For me, Perugia is the Italian culture. You
walk down the streets and you go into the bars and cafes and you hear the Italian language
everywhere you go. Without the language, you really don’t get a full experience of the
culture. If you just look at it at night, people just
flood in. And it just fills up, this entire piazza, with all these students. Going out,
meeting people, you’re constantly meeting new students from all over the world; Italy,
other countries in Europe… Perugia, you can see in a couple days. You
can see all the sights, you can see everything beautiful… but it’s the perfect place to
live. Especially for a student. So I know it was right. Perugia’s big enough where you’re always meeting
someone new, but it’s small enough where you do see this., I love Perugia. I would come back and live
here, it’s a great city. I love the diversity of it, because you do have a lot of university
students, and you have a lot of foreign university students apart from Americans. The Institute hosts tandem, which allows Umbra
students and real life Italians to get to know each other and practice their language
in an informal setting outside the classroom. Being in Perugia — and this is a big reason
why I chose Perugia — was the language acquisition, because I knew if I went to florence, while
it’s beautiful, I wouldn’t get that. Students who opt for Umbra’s Full Immersion
Italian Language and Culture program attend the Universita’ per Stranieri, or the University
for Foreigners. Alongside classmates from around the world, you take classes adapted
to your level on a variety of subjects, from Literature to Art History. Giuliano was my Italian professor and one
of the greatest professors I’ve had for anything and just a great guy overall. He helped me
in class, he’d go out and watch soccer games with me and just speak solely in Italian.
It’s just kind of an example of how open the faculty and staff are at Umbra to helping
their students and getting more in contact with you than at a larger university. Umbra helps you move beyond the tourist study
abroad experience so you can become an active member in the community you’re living in. I wanted to do an internship because I was…
because I wanted to get to know people. Not just even people people my age, I wanted to
get to know people in Italy. Every week at the Montessori school, we planned
lessons for the group. A couple of weeks ago we did a dance them and showed them some “traditional
American dances.” Once of the people who’s influenced me a lot
throughout my life in Italy has been Franco. He’s a local artist… his medium is hair…
a few of his works are before you currently. From the minute we meet you at the airport
in Rome, we’re familiar faces for you. And we’re always available to answer your questions,
or if you want to stop by and chat. The Umbra staff are awesome. They’re incredibly
helpful, they get questioned more than anyone would want to be questioned and they keep
a smile on all day and they’re always at their desks every time I come in. They definitely make a point to have fun with
the students… get to know them… kind of make friends. We all have a good tiem over
there. Student Services at Umbra really go the extra
mile to make sure that you have a safe and unforgettable semester. A few of the people I’m going to miss most
are on staff. And we joke that you all have a job title, but you do, like, everything.
Like, you can ask anyone for anything and they can probably do it. And even when I traveled, which was wonderful,
it didn’t match the days that I was just here. I love it here. And I didn’t know that I would
make such a good decision for myself based on a website, but it worked out perfectly.

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    i am glad that they all love perugia !!

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    Once in a lifetime experience !!

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    Amanda Knox. Go To Perugia at your peril!

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