5 Online Marketing Books You Need To Read As A Business Owner


hey guys Mike from here in today’s video I’ll be covering my top 5 picks of the best
online marketing books you should read as a business owner so stay tuned now
one thing to really understand is that in your business your business is really
only going to grow to the point that you do and I know for me that made a huge
difference in my business when I first joined the online marketing you know
internet marketing space I struggled for a long time right
it’s kind of an introverted video game nerd and didn’t have a ton of people
skills and I struggled for a long time in my business until I really started to
understand the concept of matching and modeling and finding people that had
what I want right so thankfully after reading a ton of different online
marketing books taking courses investing in myself really just learning the skill
set you know flash forward years later into the industry now you know I’m a top
affiliate and different businesses that I promote you can see me here winning an
award at one of the most recent events with one of the businesses I work with
you know I’ve been able to travel the world go to places like Mexico the
Bahamas Costa Rica with my girlfriend you know all kinds of great stuff feel
to work from home there’s a lot of different benefits you can definitely
achieve after mastering the skill sets of online marketing I know I’ve been
able to generate you know thousands of leads for my business grow it on
autopilot get sales and signups coming in to me you know on a passive basis but
that wasn’t anything you know super spectacular on my end because like I
said just an introverted video game nerd when I first saw the industry and so
it’s really more about learning the skill set in this you know going through
that stuff isn’t just to impress you right it’s more to just impress upon you
that if I can do it as a socially awkward introverted video game nerd when
I first joined the industry you can definitely learn these skill sets as
well and you know like I had said earlier one of the biggest things that
made the difference in my business was really matching and modeling finding
people that had what I wanted learning from them taking the time to
and myself and develop those skill sets is what really made the difference and
so that’s really where the foundation of this video comes from and learning these
top five online marketing books because a lot of these authors have amazing
results and they’ve really mastered the subject and I kind of look at it almost
like you know the matrix right where he plugs himself into the computer and he
learns like kungfu and all those different martial arts just overnight
it’s kind of the same concept with matching and modeling in that’s why
reading books is so important because you know top leaders in the industry
will take their years of knowledge and implement them you know the the mistakes
they’ve made you know the skill sets they’ve learned and they really condense
that in a couple hundred pages and so you can read these books you can go
through that information and save yourself years of struggle you know get
through your learning curve faster by reading top online marketing books like
these so the first book I’m gonna recommend to you is Jab Jab Jab right
hook by Gary Vaynerchuk now you know Gary’s one of the top social media
influencers out there I kind of started with his channel Wine Library TV back in
the day promoting wine and educating people about that and so one thing that
he really talks about in his book is the idea of not you know right hooking way
too much because what happens is people you know there’s three steps to building
your business online there’s building your audience engaging your audience and
then selling to your audio and said one thing that I definitely made the mistake
of and I think a lot of people out there make as well they only focus on selling
their audience right kind of come off as a spammer all you do is post your
company links you know buy my stuff maybe it’s your affiliate links right
and you’re just sending people directly to sales pages and that actually pushes
people away right it doesn’t get them to buy you know if you do that sure you
maybe get a sale here and there but the percentage is so so low and it’s gonna
keep you’re broke if you do that so one thing again that he kind of touches on
in this book as well is the idea of you need to jab first or basically you need
to provide content you need to lead with value first
and that’s gonna help you transform better results but when you actually
right hook right so when you actually ask for the sale when you try and get
people to buy if you’ve led with value first and you’ve done that on a
consistent basis you’re gonna get a lot better results when you actually try and
sell your business and sell your products and services so I think this is
a really good foundation book that every business owner should read especially if
you’re an online marketing and online entrepreneur because again most people
just focus on selling and it ends up pushing people away and we’re getting
you want to build your audience engage your audience and then finally sell to
your audience in that order all right so if you don’t
have an audience to speak to or talk to you know it doesn’t matter what kind of
content you put out there it doesn’t matter you know your sales process
because if there’s nobody there to see it doesn’t really matter right so this
book is really gonna help you get that foundation of what kind of content to
actually create to provide value to your audience so definitely pick up Jab Jab
Jab right hook by Gary Vaynerchuk the second book that I have is actually from
Russell Brunson it’s dot-com secrets and so what’s really cool with this book is
he’s gonna walk you through basically a formula you can follow of you know where
to find your ideal clients and customers what to talk about right so who they are
who you want to market to right and one concept I find a lot of people struggle
with in general in their business is that they they think that if they mark
it to everyone it’s really gonna lead to more sales but in reality when you
market to everyone you really market to no one and so you really need to hone in
and figure out who is your target market who is your audience so he’s gonna help
you do that in this book you’re also gonna find out you know where they
actually hang out right you know if you’ve ever heard the term or the idea
of fishing in the wrong pond that’s what a lot of people do as well when they’re
building their online business is that they’re just talking to the wrong people
right I look at it if you were a meat salesman or you sold steaks right and
again you’re trying to pitch and market to vegetarians like they’re never going
to buy they’re never gonna order your meat they’re never gonna buy steaks
right so again you need to fish in the right pond and so he’s going to talk
about that or your business what kind of bait to
actually put out there so what kind of you know lead magnets capture pages how
to start doing that and then again how to actually convert those people into
customers so setting up sales funnels different things like that to actually
grow your business SOCOM Secrets is another great foundation book that I
highly recommend you can actually I go to a link below the video here as well
there’s gonna be a way where you can get that book for free too so definitely
check that out but I highly recommend picking up this book as well another
book that’s also by Russell Brunson the third book I recommend is expert secrets
so this is gonna kind of take you know that dot-com secret idea and really take
it to the next level so you know facts telling story sell right so one thing
that this book does a really great job of is working you through crafting your
story and how to use it to effectively build your business you know again facts
telling stories sell where one thing that’s awesome is that you can use
stories to basically overcome concerns overcome objections overcome limiting
beliefs and you know help your ideal clients and customers reach their
desired goals and you can do that really with your own story right so like for me
I helped a lot of home business owners network marketers internet marketers
online entrepreneurs you know get more leads in sales grow their business more
effectively and why I can do that is because when I first started like I said
you know as an introverted video game nerd socially awkward struggled for a
long time until I figured out how to generate leads until I found how to grow
my business successfully online so I can take people through that journey and
what I learned to help them get better results faster and so that’s kind of
what it teaches you how to do in this book is to use your story use your
knowledge as an expert and create a profitable business through that so
again I highly recommend you know checking out expert secrets to help you
grow your business and really learn the skill sets of marketing yourself and
using your story to grow your business there’s also a link below this video to
where you can get that one for free as well so definitely check that out
the fourth book that I recommend is launched by Jeff Walker now this book is
awesome it’s really cool especially if you’re
gonna be doing like info products or online courses or training materials you
can really use this for anything though it’s crazy in the book you gotta go
through an example of a guy that you know sold board games right so is it you
can kind of really apply it to anything but what he teaches you is how to set up
a successful product launch for your business so again whatever it is that
you sell whatever it is that you promote you can really follow his product launch
formula to take your business to the next level so what’s awesome with this
it really helps you turn your marketing efforts into an event right so think of
it like a movie premiere right you know these premieres are super huge there’s
tons of hype that goes around it you know billions of dollars invested into
these movies and you know everybody goes and sees them right so you get
blockbuster movies every single year because they turn it into an event and
so he basically teaches you how to do this in your business how to teach you
know a product launch of yours maybe it’s an e-book and info course a
physical product whatever it might be he walks you through step by step how to
set up a successful launch and get amazing results in your business so I
definitely recommend picking up launch by Jeff Walker it’s another great online
marketing book you should definitely check out as a business owner I’m the
fifth book that I want to talk about that I recommend is blue ocean strategy
now again I mentioned it a little bit before but one common mistake that I
find a lot of people make in internet marketing online marketing is basically
that they market to everyone and when you do that in reality it’s marketing to
no one right you know a lot of times I’ll have conversations with people I’m
like you know who’s your target market who are you trying to reach and they’re
like well everybody would love my products you know everybody wants more
energy and wants to lose weight everybody wants a healthier alternative
to their coffee everybody wants to see them on travel everybody wants to pay
less for insurance right whatever your business is so you don’t understand this
happens in a lot of industries and you know a lot of people are super excited
when they just get started in their business and that’s awesome but again
you know everybody maybe could use your products that could benefit from it but
not everybody is an ideal perfect client for you right so that’s one thing you
really understand you need to understand and that you want to market to that
specific niche that specific target audience so Blue Ocean Strategy really
talks about this and really helps you focus in on actually finding your blue
ocean as they call it in the book right so most people what they do is they sit
and hanging out in a red ocean right so imagine there’s sharks everywhere it’s a
feeding frenzy right and so it gets really bloody and so that kind of
creates like a red ocean right and so that’s really that highly competitive
market that highly competitive broad niche where there’s a lot of action
there’s a lot of you know feeding frenzy going on really high competition in that
red ocean and so what you want to do is move from that red ocean to a blue ocean
where there isn’t really any competition right you can be that big shark in that
part of that ocean where nobody’s really there yet so it really teaches you how
to hone in on that specific niche that you want to market to something where
it’s not just everybody right where it’s not super broad so this can help you
hone in your target market find your ideal clients and customers and again
build that successful online business and so again what’s really cool like I
said when you implement you know all these books together they kind of
actually feed into each other as well which is awesome
so when you master these concepts of leading with value you know building
your audience engaging your audience and selling to your audience and again you
implement the strategies you find in these books you can really take your
business to the next level like I said really help me take my business to the
next level start generating more leads growing my business on autopilot and
again I struggled for a number of years in the industry until I started to learn
concept like these so again matching and modeling is definitely essential to
building and growing a successful business especially in online marketing
and internet marketing so definitely take advantage of checking out these
books I’ll have links in the video description below this as well where you
can access these books too to make sure that you can get the right ones in your
hands that really take your business to the next level so you guys hopefully got
some benefit and value out of this video if you did feel free to comment and
share and definitely subscribe to my channel as well you get more tips
training to help you build a profitable business from home and then also if you
are growing a business online through social media
maybe internet marketing I know if you’re anything like me one thing I
really struggled with in the beginning was actually generating quality leads
for my business right I started talking to my friends and family and people that
I knew but that didn’t go that great right I didn’t have a huge network to
tap into wasn’t really a personal influence when I got started by any
means right so I got a lot of nose I didn’t get much results and I kind of
always felt like I never really had anybody to talk to well until I learned
that skillset of lead generation I struggled for a long time and so I
actually put together a free lead generation bootcamp to help teach you
the skillsets that I’ve learned over the years that have helped me grow my
business generate thousands of leads you know become a top affiliate and more and
so it’s totally free you can actually access it there’s a link below this
video or you can head on over to coach Mike McDonald com forward slash 5-day
coaching again that’s coach Mike McDonald com forward slash 5-day
coaching or like I said there’s a link below this video as well where you can
attend my upcoming lead generation bootcamp for absolutely free so if you’d
like to access that just click the link below this video
like I said there’ll be links to the books I recommended in this video as
well below in that description as well but once again guys thanks so much for
tuning in and we’ll talk to you more soon

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