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Mr Mean by Roger Hargreaves Mr Mean lived up to his name. He lived in what could have been a nice house,
but wasn’t. He never painted it, or mended the windows,
or repaired the roof. Inside it was the same. No carpets! No curtains! No pictures! No fires! And Mr Mean was so mean he made his furniture
out of old orange boxes, and then complained about the price of nails! Why, he was so mean, do you know what he gave
his brother for Christmas last year? A piece of coal! It wasn’t as if Mr Mean didn’t have any money. Oh no! He had lots of money, and he kept it all hidden
in a box which he kept in the kitchen. Every evening, he’d sit there counting it. It was the only thing Mr Mean liked doing. But would he spend it? Oh dear me, no. Not old Meany. Not if he could help it! One day, Mr Mean was sitting in his gloomy
kitchen having a gloomy meal. He only ever had one meal a day, and that day, he was having a cup of water and a piece of
bread which was three weeks old. Suddenly, he was interrupted by a knock at
the door. “Drat!” he said, because he didn’t like people. “Drat and bother!” He opened the door, and there, on his doorstep,
stood a wizard. A rather fat wizard. “Hello,” said the wizard. “I wonder if, by any chance, as it’s such
a warm day, You could possibly, if it’s not too much trouble, be so kind as to, if it’s not too inconvenient,
perhaps, as I’m very thirsty, provide me with, do you
think, a glass, if it’s not too much to ask, of water,
please?” He was a very wordy wizard. “No!” replied Mr Mean rudely, and shut the
door in his face. And went back into his kitchen to finish his
meagre meal. But there, standing in front of him, was the
wizard. “How did you get in?” gasped Mr Mean. “Well,” replied the wizard, “it was by, how
shall I put it, I just, well, you know, waved the old whatsitsname, magic wand don’t you
know, and, well, here I am, if you know what I mean!” “You must be very poor,” he remarked kindly,
looking around. “Oh, yes I am,” lied Mr Mean. “Then perhaps I can help you,” said the wizard,
pulling up a box to sit down on. The box didn’t move, so the wizard pulled
it harder, and this time it did move. In fact it tipped up and spilled all Mr Mean’s
money all over the floor. “Well well well,” exclaimed the wizard, eyeing all the money rolling all over the
kitchen floor. “Well well well well well well!” “It would appear to me,” he continued, “that you, sir, are an old Meany!” Mr Mean didn’t hear him. He was too busy scrabbling all over the floor
trying to pick up his money. “And meanies,” added the wizard, “need to
be taught a lesson!” So saying, he waved his magic wand. All the money turned into potatoes! Potatoes! Poor Mr Mean. “Oh! Oh dear! Oh dear me!” he wailed.” Please turn my money back into money. Oh please,
please, please,” he begged. “Perhaps,” replied the wizard. “But, on the other hand, taking all things
into account, by and large, things being what they are, on the face of it, perhaps not.” “However,” continued the wordy wizard, “if
you make me a solemn promise never to be mean again, then I will turn your money back into
money. But, “he added sternly, “if you are ever mean
again, then it’s, how can I put it, then it’s potatoes for you my lad. If not other vegetables
as well!” Then the wizard had the glass of water he’d
come for in the first place, except it was a cup of water because Mr Mean didn’t have
any glasses. Then, with another wave of his wand, he turned
the potatoes back into money, and another wave of his wand made himself disappear. “Stupid wizard,” muttered Mr Mean, picking
up all his money. The following day, Mr Mean decided to walk
to town. He never took the bus because that cost money! On the way, he met an old washerwoman carrying
an enormous bundle of washing. “Please kind sir,” she asked, “could you possibly
help me to carry this washing? It’s so heavy!” “No!” replied Mr Mean. “It’s your washing.
You carry it!” But, as soon as he’d said that, he felt a
tingling in his nose. Mr Mean’s nose turned into a carrot!! “Oh no!” he gasped. The old washerwoman chuckled. And then Mr Mean remembered the wizard’s words. “Yes! Yes!” he cried in a panic. “Of course
I’ll help you!” And he carried the huge bundle of washing
to where the old washerwoman wanted. And the carrot turned back into a nose, and
off he went. The old washerwoman chuckled again, and turned
back into the wizard. It had been him all along! On his way into town, Mr Mean passed by a
cottage garden. In the garden there was an old man chopping
wood. He saw Mr Mean going past and called out. “Excuse me,” he called. “Could you give an old man a bit of a hand
young fellow-me-lad?” “No!” replied Mr Mean. “It’s your wood. You chop it!” But, as soon as the words had passed his lips,
guess what happened? His ears turned into tomatoes!! “Oh no!” he gasped. The old man chuckled. And Mr Mean remembered the wizard’s words. “Yes! Yes!” he cried. “Of course I’ll give you a hand.” And he chopped and chopped until all the wood
was cut. And the tomatoes turned back into ears, and
off he went. The old man chuckled again, and turned back
into the wizard. He was teaching Mr Mean a lesson, just as
he’d promised. Eventually Mr Mean arrived in the town. There was a little boy crying because his
ball had got stuck on top of a wall. “Please sir,” cried the boy. “Please sir, could you reach my ball down
for me?” “No!” retorted Mr Mean, “It’s your ball. You…” Then he stopped. There was a funny tingling feeling in his
feet. “Yes! Yes” he said hurriedly. “Of course I will.” And he reached up and passed the ball to the
boy, and went on his way, looking anxiously at
his feet. The little boy stopped crying and turned into
the wizard. “I think,” he said to himself, “I think that Mr Mean, by and large, is beginning,
if I’m not very much mistaken, to not be quite so mean, and, I think, although I could be wrong, although I never
am, that he has, thank goodness, learned his lesson.” Today he’s nothing like so mean as he used
to be. And he doesn’t keep his money in a box in
the kitchen any more. He spent it all on having his house mended
and painted and made spick and span. And he’s turned into quite a generous sort
of a fellow. Goodness, he’s so generous, do you know what
he gave his brother last Christmas? Two pieces of coal!

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