4 Week Countdown to a Vegan Low FODMAP Christmas / Low FODMAP Tips for Christmas


Hi I’m Michelle the irritable vegan I’m here
to share my vegan low fodmap journey and hopefully take some of the BS out of IBS
now today or rather the day that this video goes live the 27th of November is
the start of the four week countdown to Christmas so what I wanted to do is
share some hints and tips that I’ve learned over the last two years to help
you have a vegan low fodmap Christmas that’s hopefully gonna reduce the stress
and the flare-ups that can often occur at this time of year so to avoid this
video being weeks long I’m gonna go quite quickly through my hints for the
next four weeks but if anybody out there is looking for a written more
comprehensive version of this you’ll find a full six week countdown to
Christmas in Got Guts Feast Without FODMAPs
and I’ll leave the links to that down below so let’s jump right in and get
started on week four so four weeks out is gonna be you’re prepping and clearing
week now for anybody that hasn’t already you really need to be finalising your
plans for the key dates not just for Christmas Day but for Christmas Eve
Boxing Day Winter Solstice and Yule if you honour them now everyone is gonna
have their own traditions and schedules at this time of year but however
whatever you’re celebrating you really need to know where you’re going to be
what you’re going to be doing who you’re going to be with and if possible what
you’re gonna be eating because all these things are really gonna shape and
influence the type of planning and prep work that you really need to be doing
over the next few weeks is it your turn this year to host the family feast are
you gonna be a guest at somebody else’s table or are you gonna spend so long
traveling and visiting family and friends that you really don’t know if
you’re coming or going so most of the tips I’m gonna share are gonna assume
that at some point you’re gonna be cooking a seasonal meal or side dishes
now whether that’s as a host or to take with you to a family meal or
get-together but before we can do any of that you need to put together menu ideas
and inspiration to help you decide on the ingredients and write your shopping
list for everything that you’re gonna need the most effective way of writing
your shopping list is to begin by taking stock everything you already have in
your cupboards this includes essential things such as herbs and spices and all
those open packets and odds and ends that are shoved towards the back of the
cupboard and whilst you in there now is a fantastic time to clear out and freshen
up your pantry or your cupboards giveaway throw away or use up anything
that’s been lurking in the back all year bring them to the front and it will
really help you see exactly what needs to be replaced and more importantly what
to avoid buying in the future because you’re never going to use it and if you
plan on doing any bulk cooking over the next few weeks then you really need to
extend this to your freezer by making space so that you can prep cook and
freeze ahead of time which is a massive time and stress saver the closer you get
to Christmas so for the next few weeks in our house we’re going to be eating
some pretty random freezer meals as we use up all of the odds and ends of
partially open partially used boxes from the freezer
but looking on the bright side it means that we’re clearing out space for all of
those exciting tasty things to come and now’s the time to dig out check and
clean any equipment that you may need over the coming weeks that you don’t use
very often you could even include things in this such as serving dishes snack
bowls cocktail shakers baking trays anything else that you only use
periodically and you might need to either give it a really good clean check
it’s still in working order and make sure you’ve got enough of everything to
be able to prepare and serve the food that you need in the quantities that
you’ve decided on and if you do realize that you don’t have everything you need
then by doing this now you’re giving yourself plenty of time to borrow what
you might need or to shop around for the best prices rather than having
to dash out in a panic the day before you need it and pay a premium or end up
panic buying something that you’re probably never gonna use again and just
like that we’re on to week 3 which is gonna be your prepping and freezing week
now obviously this really depends on what your plans are but even if you’re
not going to be the host this season if you’re gonna spend a lot of time
socialising rushing round traveling and just generally a lot of time out of the
house which is to be expected at this time of year then it could be a really
good idea this week to prep and freeze ahead some really simple meals that you
can just throw in the microwave when you’re dashing around or that you could
even potentially take to other people’s homes when you’re a guest
you could also extend this to having a little travel kit of snacks and treats maybe
even breakfast on the go just so that you know you’re always gonna have
something suitable to hand and this is really gonna help avoid skipping meals
becoming hangry or just relying on trying to grab something while you’re out and
about that may not be suitable or turning up empty-handed to somebody’s
home and realising that there’s nothing suitable for you to eat so this week
I’ll be looking at eating things such as soups stews curries and chilies the
types of recipes where it’s really easy to just throw a little bit extra into
the pot to create some extra portions and that might sound like a bit too much
like hard work for this time of year but I can guarantee you the closer we get to
Christmas as time starts running away with you you’re gonna be really grateful
for having those extra meals on standby in the freezer and whilst you’re making
those meals this week make sure that you’re saving the peels and the trimmings from
your vegetables I like to save them in a sealable box inside the fridge and then
at the end of the week you’re going to have everything you need to make your
own vegan low fodmap stock which you can then pop in the
freezer and use on Christmas Day and for those of you that are going to be
hosting your own feast this year this week is the perfect time to get ahead
with that prep there are so many elements and ingredients to a
traditional roast dinner that can be cooked prepped and frozen ahead of time
things such as vegetable stock gravy roast potatoes yorkshire puddings breadcrumbs stuffing cookies and other baked goods can all be completely cooked
and frozen ahead just ready to thaw other ingredients such as pastry or
dough can be frozen at the prep stage ready to then use in your recipe on the
day so if you haven’t already then by week three you really need to be
stocking up on all those non-perishable items with decent best before dates so
things such as nuts grains oils condiments canned goods and dried goods
even things such as alcohol and mixers can all be bought ahead of time now this
not only helps to spread the cost out but it can also really cut down on the
time and stress of doing a massive full shop right at the manic peak shopping
hours just before Christmas then before you realise it we’re two weeks out and
this is gonna be the calm before the storm week get as much done this week as
you can especially all those little fiddly jobs that often get forgotten
about or left till the last minute and they always end up taking much longer
than you expected things such as gathering together the good glassware
the cocktail shakers the tableware and the decor making sure that everything
is clean dusted off and ready for use and this especially applies if you’re
planning on DIY making any elements of the decor or any last-minute gifts
it’s a good time to sort out your drinks cabinet if you have one and bring all
the open partially used bottles to the front and if you’re anything like
me you’ll probably need to give them a dusting off and again to spread the
cost and stress we can be stocking up on all those usually forgotten essentials
things such as batteries matches candles bin bags and of course plenty of toilet
roll you can also begin by buying any perishables with a decent shelf life so
things such as tofu plant milk butters and cheeses coconut yogurt olives and
antipastis oatcakes crackers and any gluten-free bread products and as I’m
not one for usually braving the Boxing Day shopping frenzy I always like to
make sure that I’ve actually got enough items in stock to last me at least a
couple of days after Christmas when usually my default setting is to
hibernate in my little nest in my jimjams awwwww and would you believe it now we’re
only one week out and typically for me it is about this time that I start
actually feeling festive so I do like to go with that Christmassy mood and do
some of the fun things such as compiling a playlist on Spotify of all my
Christmassy cheerful songs that I’m going to listen to whilst I cook I also
like doing things like selecting the outfit that I’m gonna wear and gathering
together all the little bits of decor and things like napkins and tablecloths
getting everything cleaned ironed and hung so it’s all ready to go now it’s also a
great time to gather together your festive IBS SOS kit this might look
slightly different for everybody but mine’s going to include things like a
microwavable wheat bag peppermint pulse oil ginger tea some
over-the-counter remedies and medications and even moist toilet tissue
keep all of this together in one place so if the worst does happen you’re not
frantically searching around at 2:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve trying to find
some blessed relief and if you’re going to be doing a lot of traveling away from
home then I’d even go so far as to suggest
making a travel version of this kit you can always just leave it in the car and
nobody will be any the wiser if you don’t need it now around the three day
out mark is when I’m going to be stocking up on any last-minute items and
I’ll also be doing my fresh food shop now as somebody that typically shops
once a week for groceries I’ve got no issues with buying my fresh
produce three days in advance and I’d much rather be doing that than panic
buying the day before but that’s a personal choice and it’s all up to you
but I do really hate this idea that we’re sold that we all need to be
rushing out on Christmas Eve to buy fresh fruit and vegetables because I
don’t know about you but there’s not many people I know that shop day after
day after day for fresh produce so that produce as long as you’ve got enough
storage space in your fridge is gonna be perfectly fine for three days at a
minimum two days out is a time to finish off any last-minute baking and get those
drinks chilled if you don’t have room in the fridge then at this time of year
here in the UK they’re probably going to be fine left in the garage or outside
it’s also the time to double check your shopping list and your to-do lists to
catch anything that you may have overlooked or forgotten about and with
one day to go the priority is making sure that you defrost anything that
you’ve prepared in advance and with that extra room that you’ve created in the
freezer it’s the perfect time to chill some ice cubes I’ll peel chop and prep
pretty much all of my root vegetables except for the potatoes which do blacken
quickly so I always tend to do those on the day I store them between damp
kitchen paper or damp clean tea towels in sealable containers in the fridge and
they’re just as fresh as if I’d prepped them on the day if I’m planning on using
any homemade marinades or sauces I’ll get those made a day ahead and I’ll just
store them in clean glass jars in the fridge and I also like to take care of
any really fiddly prep work things such as shelling and finely chopping nuts
segmenting oranges or cleaning out pumpkins and just to make sure that I
actually sleep that night I always do a big old brain dump onto paper now for me
this looks like a Christmas cook off timeline so I’m going to start with the
time that I intend to serve the meal and then work backwards through the whole
day so I’ll add in all the different cooking times for everything else and
I’ll end up down with a timeline of exactly what I need to be doing when and
if you do this for yourself please make sure that you leave plenty of wiggle
room in there for relaxing and spending time with your guests also make sure
that you allow yourself plenty of time to freshen up and get dressed
either before your guests arrive or before you sit down to eat wherever
possible I’ll try to eat a really simple tummy friendly meal the night before
maybe take a candle lit bath make time for relaxing watching a movie reading a
book whatever it is that chills you out and try and get an early night so that I
wake up the next morning refreshed and ready to go and finally dadadadadadadaaaaa [fanfare singsong & bells ringing] we’ve made it to the big day now one of the new traditions that my husband and I
have started is that we really like to get up early in the morning and go out
into nature for a really nice walk with the dog now this might sound like the
last thing you feel like doing but honestly it really really does set you
up for the day the chances are everybody else you come across is feeling festive
and cheery and it really does help to blow away the cobwebs makes you feel
invigorated makes you feel refreshed makes you feel relaxed and then you’re
ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you if this is something you’ve never
considered doing before I really can’t recommend it enough it’s a fantastic
stress reliever mood booster and it really does set the day off right
then if possible eat a standard low fodmap breakfast preferably something
that you’ve eaten many times before that you know is gonna fill you up without
flaring you up and I know at this time of year it can be really tempting to just
reach for the Prosecco and the chocolates and just go all out but you
really will thank yourself for it later if you just take a little bit of care
and attention for your gut now and then you can enjoy yourself
much better later on to keep your stress to a minimum aim to stick to that
timeline that you set for yourself but don’t sweat the small stuff forget
anything that’s forgotten and just work with what you’ve got to hand once the
cooking’s underway accept help in any form that it comes whether it’s to wash up
or make you a brew or simply just to stir the pot and whilst you are cooking
try to avoid picking testing tasting and sampling everything on the go before
the feast is ready it’s a surefire way to flare yourself up and risk stacking
your FODMAPs and finally crank up that festive playlist and fill the food with
as much fun and love as you can muster it really does make all the difference
phew [deep exhale] congratulations you’ve made it you’ve just survived a vegan low fodmap
Christmas and no doubt learn a lot along the way however wherever you’re going to
be celebrating this year make sure you have fun you relax and most
importantly you take good care of yourself and if you really do feel like
it’s a lot to get your head around and you could do with some help and
inspiration from a fellow IBS sufferer then I really encourage you to check out
Got Guts Feast Without FODMAPs I really have poured my heart and soul
into this to help vegan low fodmappers just like you and I get through
everything that this season has to offer I’ll leave links to some previews to
that in the description box below as always thank you so much for being
here especially at this busy time of year I’ll speak to you soon byeee [Festive Music] we’re getting to that time of year again where family feasts parties social events and
holidays are rapidly approaching this year give you gut the gift it deserves
with Got Guts Feast Without FODMAPs it’s your one-stop autumn and winter
survival guide for all things vegan low fodmap from delicious recipes and menu
planning to seasonal stacking and tips and tricks from fellow IBS sufferers
Feast Without FODMAPs really does include everything you might
need to see you through the best and the worst of the upcoming season take time
out from the shopping and stress to invest in yourself and make sure that
this year you thrive rather than simply survive for the same price as a couple
of spiced lattes you could be on your way to a flare-up free festive season you’ll
find the link to purchase in the description box below [Festive music ends] [Fireworks shooting and exploding, fire crackling]

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