4 TYPES Of Books You HAVE To Read


Improvement pill here I often get emails and comments from people asking about the books I recommend to read and it’s one thing to give you guys a reading list but I think it’s equally important to give you guys an idea of what sorts of books you should read so that you can explore different topics on your own which is why in today’s episode we’re gonna talk about what I consider to be the four most important types of books that you should check out so let’s jump right into it the first type of book you should read our health related book specifically books on diet see there are so many areas in our lives that we can improve on but I think it’s safe to say that one of the best places if not the best place to start is with your diet and your overall health this is because if your health is subpar you’ll often find yourself with low levels of energy and it’s gonna be extremely hard for you to make changes in your life when you can barely stay awake for more than half the day books about diet educate you on what certain foods do to your body and as you start to understand the science behind things like insulin leptin carbohydrates and fats you’ll find yourself consuming more of the right foods and less of the bad ones and if you’re able to make these changes you should see a drastic effect on your levels of energy and mood throughout the day which will trickle down to success in other areas of your life a good example of a book like this is the case against sugar by Gary Taubes which will reveal to you just how bad sugar is you should also look into books on sleep and fitness as they also play a pretty important role the second type of book you should read are ones about money now people don’t like to talk about money but money is something that each and every single one of us needs in order to survive in this modern day and age without it you will find yourself struggling on a day-to-day basis stressed out of your mind and certainly unhappy I personally like to think of money as a game imagine if you were playing Monopoly and you didn’t know the rules you didn’t know what to spend your money on you didn’t know how to use your pieces chances are you’d find yourself bankrupt and out of the game in just a couple of rounds that’s the approach most people take when it comes to money nowadays we’re all playing the game of money but the large majority of us haven’t even read the rule book it’s no wonder why most people struggle to get by when you read books about money how to generate more money how to invest passive income real estate and things like this you will start to understand the rules of the game this will make it significantly easier to get ahead because you’re playing against people who don’t even know what they’re doing some good examples of books on money are unshakable by Tony Robbins and Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki the third type of book you should look into our books on psychology specifically books on how our own mind and brain works see the thing is biological evolution how our brains have evolved over the course of millions of years happens at a much slower rate than the speed technology and society have been growing yet in modern times and because of this tons of mental health related issues are popping up left and right things like addiction ADHD anxiety depression and the like are issues that more and more people are facing because of all of these changes in order to make sure that we live a good life mentally we need to learn about how our brain works if we do not society and technology will make it into its slave books like the power of habit and smarter faster better both by Charles Duhigg will teach you how to optimize your brain so avoid addiction and become more productive while books like the performance cortex by zachsk Ron Braun will give you insight on the connection between our brains and our body the more you understand your brain the more control you will have over it the fourth and final genre that I think you should check out art biographies specifically autobiographies and memoirs you know how they say that you are the five people you surround yourself with well the reason this is actually true is because we often subconsciously copy the habits and the values of the people around us when you start reading biographies it’s kind of like having a really successful friend tell you their life story and by just the factor of Association just by listening to this story you will start to pick up on the successful habits that made them who they are because behind every successful person there’s a system of effective and powerful habits on top of that you’ll learn about their values what drove them to work so hard and accomplished so much these are often values that you’ve never heard of because the people that you’re surrounded with none of them have them once you hear about these values you’re gonna find yourself liking a couple of these and adopting them as your own it’s also important to note that you’ll learn about these authors mistakes these are often huge mistakes that set them back for years at a time but they will tell you all about these mistakes and what you can do to avoid them so you don’t have to personally suffer through them like they did good examples of books like this are shoo dog by the founder of Nike and pour your heart into it by the founder of Starbucks these are what I consider to be the four best genre so you should look into on your own in order to further your development of course there are other good genres out there but I think these four will have the biggest impact on your life in regards to self-improvement this episode was brought to you if the help of the guys at blankets now that you know what types of books you should read you need to start looking around for good options and plinkus is perfect for this blanket stakes the key teachings from thousands of books and then compresses them into 15-minute summaries that you can read or even listen to it’s an app that I’ve been using for quite a while now and it’s helped me out a lot see I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve my own life so I’m always on a hunt for new information but I simply don’t have the time every single week to read thousands of books Plagueis allows me to quickly learn about new topics and techniques and try them out go to WWE Scott for / Improvement pill or click on the link in the description box below to get access to the new promotion the first 100 viewers who click on this link will get an extended 1 week free trial when my favorite summaries on their app is actually their summary of the 7 Habits of Highly successful people these are 7 powerful habits that will drastically change your life if you can implement them so I highly recommend you guys to check it out besides that guys stay tuned

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  1. Infinty ! says:

    All these are practical. Plus i love the art style.


    thank u.. it's very helpful..
    plz mention some book's name, at least one book from each category…

  3. omar 1234 says:

    Wow . thanks a lot for sharing
    For the last one I think that listening to them or watching them in videos should be better for us cause voice and image is more impacting than black words written on a white paper
    Love most of your videos
    Keep on sir

  4. Juan Manuel Calvo Rupay says:

    1:48 That bug jajajaj

  5. cyanogenmoded says:

    Amazing drawings :3

  6. Chris Geoghegan says:

    Good video. Another type of book you should read are books on mindfulness and spirituality

  7. Michele Zampillo says:

    I completely agree <3

  8. Camille says:

    I thought this was Kesh’s video at first and then I heard your voice and wondered wow this really looks like a Kesh video and his drawing/ writing style are very similar. But then I went to the description and it is Kesh!

  9. Lava Yuki says:

    For Diet, I found the books "The Food Medic" and "The Doctor’s Kitchen" to be really good. Haven't read much in terms of the others, but the Financial diet blog and youtube channel is pretty useful for finance

  10. Nabeel Khan says:

    I watch many of your videos. But I love this one specially

  11. daily improvement says:

    Advice for u: Put Affialiate links for that books in the description. I already bought 2 books u mentioned without supporting you.

  12. Jeikei says:

    Thank you 🙂

  13. Alvyn Chin says:

    The art in the video looking like Kesh's. Just wondering, is it him?

  14. sm s says:

    How about literature.. You know the books that stimulate your brain. Diderot once said "When you stop reading books, you cease to think". And he definetly wasn't referred to the books you mention…

  15. Fleskimiso says:

    I'll keep in my mind….

  16. Túllio Oliveira says:

    IP is the best!!!

  17. Kfir Levy says:

    I understand the importance of the books you mentioned, but you never mention novels, fantasy and so on. It's hard for me to believe that they are clearly less relevant from the books that you mention in this video.
    What do you think about it?

    Also, It's much easier and enjoyable for me to read novels/fantasy/etc. That's also why I'm asking…

  18. Andrew Ward says:

    Thumbs down for Gary Taubes I'm afraid, the anti-sugar/low-carb movement is based on a lot of hokey and over-simplified science. Try How Not To Die and Proteinaholic. Whole Food Plant Based!

  19. FightClubStellingen says:

    How about belles-lettres? Not valuable?

  20. wazha muzila says:

    U are tuned my struggles everytime i feel stuck u upload a video i need thank you so much!!

  21. Practical Inspiration says:

    A little surprised there's no mention of fiction, which is useful in helping engage your creativity and imagination

  22. el_rey94 says:

    what about mindfulness?

  23. KCroseover says:

    But i think the most important genre of books is the ones that makes you realize the meaningful things in the world why you exist and how to feel the satisfaction in your life. The exaples of books to this genre is the monk who sold his ferrari, the power of now, the way of the superier man etc.

  24. Scott says:

    Hey improvement pill, Is there a book or something I could do you'd recommend to improve my energy through nutrition. I exercise regularly and sleep fine but still feel low energy!

  25. Johannes says:

    5. Type are just fiction, gotta keep yourself creative too and happy

  26. Alfie Fallejo says:

    Thanks for creating these kinds of video mate. I appreciate them and I am learning a whole lot.

  27. Johnny Hsieh says:

    Tony and Robert? Both men are proven shams and only made money by selling self helps.

  28. feebleh! says:

    Love the illustrations and the video!

  29. Sawako says:

    Should I push yourself into reading these books as a 14 years old teenager even if I don't like reading?

  30. Cloudless Vision says:

    Awesome video and can someone please recommend some useful books on money? besides the one already mentioned in the video

  31. kurabachew eshete says:

    I didn't liked it. I LOVED IT.

  32. Shivam Choudhary says:

    The new way of video 😍😍

  33. Amin Boulabaim says:

    haha there's a little bug in 1:46 in the left

  34. Takuhiro Maeda says:

    Don't neglect fiction though!

  35. Blending in says:

    great vids
    doing your own sketches is awesome and cool to watch

  36. Buzz Yah says:

    Such a mean artist! Lol have u thought of actually creating a cartoon show? Lol …maybe u should! Haha or create an audio book? Plzzzz lmao and show ur face dammit! Lol ok bye😆👍😊

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    How did you make this video?Did you use any app or you drew those with your own hand?

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    If only I could read well 🙁

  40. Abdel Mhamdi says:

    Hey sir thank you for the great video as usual, I just have a little request out of the topic if possible, I just want to know the name of the Program that you work with to create this style of voiceable videos? I would really appreciate it sir

  41. Kitchissime says:

    1) Paganism;
    2) history-geography;
    3) big classics of literature;
    4) more or less obscure Works about ideologically relevant docrines;
    also 5) about how to practically live a simple life.

    Just my 5 cents. Yeah I guess I'm not very american (not at all even) and therefore not into this… mysticism of money-making of sorts

  42. sumit Thakurani says:

    Hy improvement pill which software you use in this video

  43. ElyssaAnderson says:

    "The Martian" taught me how to live entirely off of potatoes and multivitamins, which will be useful during the zombie apocalypse. "Harry Potter" taught me the value of diving into things head first and letting smarter and more competent friends clean up my messes. "Marley and Me" taught me that pets die, so f*ck 'em. "Who Moved My Cheese" taught me that you can make literally any pile of b*llsh*t an international bestseller with a little luck and a $300,000 ivy league degree. "Barnes and Noble", the bookstore chain, taught me that you can still have a bookstore in 2018, provided it is also a coffee shop, toy store, office supply warehouse, extremely specific electronics boutique, and clothing gallery.

  44. Emilio Martínez says:

    I found The Power of Habit pretty boring… just a bunch of anecdotes, but not a lot of actual advice

  45. Nicolas Cotugno says:

    Is a pitty that your videos is in english only. I love your work

  46. Optimal Living Network says:

    These are the 4 types of books that I have read in the past many years. Knowledge on health and overcoming health struggles is most important I think. I overcame chronic illness, it used to control every aspect of my life, but now that it is dealt with I can finally focus on building wealth.

  47. Yeasin Hossain says:

    Listing in the description those books you mentioned would be helpful.

  48. SuperWhiteyepatchwolf says:

    That bug on the paper at 1:47 .

  49. Jurgen Kranenburg says:

    you are amazing

  50. Brandon Licona says:

    Great video 👍🏻

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    amazing sketch out there! Kudos to the artist and the content writer!:)

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    Thank you!

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    Hey what animation software did you use here?

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    You forgot spirituality

  55. Mohammed saif says:

    Autobiography – wings of fire apj abul kalam

  56. ManlinessMaximized says:

    Amazing video. So true.
    Those are my favorite types of books as well. Total Recall by Arnold is still one of my favorite books. Books on fear and pushing yourself socially are what I have loved the most. They changed my life.

    Thanks for the amazing video!

  57. White Rose says:

    Educate yourself, then Go and talk to ppl who have highly education than you… To the poor minded people in this world.

  58. mohammad ariyanrad says:

    I like your new theme.but make it more colorful 😍

  59. Get The Picture? says:

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    First of all thank you improvement pill. I have request that plz do on more variety of topics. Your videos have helped me a lot n im impatient for every next video

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    Love The Animation😍

  62. G A says:

    You draw well

  63. Jake JK Personal says:

    What an insightful video, Rich. Will definitely start checking out the genres you spoke of. If I can share a bonus genre (realised how important it was recently when I finished my last HP Book): Fiction! I’ve only started reading a few years back, starting with self-help books (7 habits you mentioned was my first & turned my life around btw); I then started fiction books – Harry Potter series last year; when I finished the last book recently, I realised something: I lost productivity; I no longer look forward to mindful breaks in between work/studying, kinda dreaded picking up another self help book (I usually read before I sleep), and yeah productivity started to drop;

    And things got back on track when I got my first Game of Thrones book awhile back 😉 (other factors play a part definitely but I’m pretty sure fiction contributed to it)

    Looking forward to more content, Rich.

  64. Hắc Hồ Ly says:

    do you stop working on FB?

  65. Max Almonte says:

    The ant around the desk wanted to be in the video 🤣

  66. Hasnain Sami Mohammed says:


  67. Aazim Wani says:

    Have you watched “Limitless”

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    awesome work bro!!

  71. SK Vargas says:


  72. Túllio Oliveira says:

    IP, you are my hero!

  73. Pafo says:

    I feel somewhat proud to be interested in these types of books, before even watching the video. I won't read a book unless it gives me something back. I want to improve after reading something and after watching this video, I must be doing something right.

  74. rahul raj says:

    I have a question , recently I am thinking about reading – 'The power of your subconscious mind' by Joseph Murphy should I read it . Has anyone read it? can you tell me how is it ?

  75. whatever 32034 says:

    Boy u are very talented in drawing I.P.

  76. James Wolanyk · Memento Mori Satori says:

    Love it. Agreed on the recommendation of needing more fiction, however. All aspects of reading are supplementary and crucial to optimizing your default thinking.

  77. Wahab Iftikhar says:

    could u do a video on how to become limitless. the idea is taken from the movie limitless

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    1:11 so, you've been watching Dragon Ball Z

  79. Rikai says:

    Improvement Pill, I once loved you, but as time goes by you seem to have developed delusions of grandeur. You sent me an email contaning "Want To Talk To Me On The Phone For Almost Free?!?!?!!" – Dude, this is unacceptable.

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  81. Hggh Bjjwnjw says:

    Hey improvement pill do you think you can make a recomendations list for people who do similar psycology stuff?

  82. Matt Daniel Daep says:


  83. Biscottone 33 says:

    1)Health (diet,sleep,fitness)
    Es:Case against sugar/Gary Tavbes
    Rich dad poor dad/Kiyosaki
    Es: The Power of habit & smarter faster better/ Duhigg
    The performance cortex/ Shonbrun

  84. Berty Tova says:

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    Hi, great video as always! Whats your opinion on books of fiction, such as Orwell 1984?

  86. Leonardo Garcia says:

    It's funny that you recommend blinkist at the end of the video and in another video you don't recommend summaries because those are the ideas of others and not yours… It doesn't seem to me very coherent. Love the animation, by the way.

  87. LAVA says:

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  88. Akash Sharma says:

    Hahahha can anyone tell me which pen is he using for the sketches

  89. Shelby Wright says:

    Also make sure you read the best books specific to what you do! I read music production and business books, so do the same for whatever your field is 🙂

  90. Adnan Raksha says:

    Does anyone knew that was Kesh?

  91. sivasankaran s says:

    The stylebof thisvideo is obviously inspired from the channel kesh

  92. RayMondoART says:

    OMG the artist is Kesh!! 🤩no wonder it looked familiar

  93. chitra guha says:

    The power of habit has the amount of substance that can be covered in an essay. It's a super repetitive book. Please just read the summary

  94. Wannabe Artist says:


  95. S K says:

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